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Chapter 593: 593
Noah didn't limit himself to speak about his life, he even told June about the mindset that he had when he went through certain events .

He talked about how his addiction to cultivation started when he saw Thomas Balvan defeating the dragon that had attacked Balvan mansion, and revealed that his interest in the magical beasts' field had probably begun that day .

He told her about Lily, about how he had chosen to cultivate instead of attempting to escape with her, and how that decision had ultimately led to her death .

He spoke about William, about the first time that he had taken a human life, about his encounter with a rank 5 creature when his dantian had yet to form .

June had long stopped drinking her wine, Noah's adventures were simply too incredible .

A noble family that tried to suppress him, his mother punished in his place, Balor's betrayal, Rhys' ploy, she could barely believe that a kid less than fifteen years old had survived all of that .

Then, his story arrived at his life in the academy .

Noah told her that Thaddeus had instantly understood his real identity, but wanted to use him to do the dirty work of the Royals .

He spoke about his dream during the test of his attitude, about the stars in the black sky, about his ambition .

\"I dreamt about an endless battle back then . Powerful enemies kept on coming, and I would spend hours to defeat them . Yet, even stronger enemies appeared after every victory . You want to reach for the sky, but I strive for an endless battlefield . We are similar but also completely different . \"

June revealed the contents of her dream, and Noah couldn't help but comment on that .

\"Like a true battle maniac . A pity that you've met someone that you'll never beat . \"

Noah revealed a smile when he gave voice to those words, bickering with June was as fun as he remembered .

\"The Demon Prince has kidnapped a noblewoman to escape, I wonder what your followers in the academy would think about it…\"

June smirked when she reminded him about the girls that had started to call him \"dark prince\" after his battle with Manuel .

Noah's story then reached the point of his departure .

\"Part of me wanted to remain in the academy, but-\"

\"But you had too much on stake, and you will never forsake your ambition for friendship or, well, other things . I get it . \"

June interrupted Noah when he tried to apologize for his sudden departure, but she wasn't able to express herself completely .

They had just returned to the status of friends, she didn't know how her relationship with Noah would evolve .

Yet, Noah had already made his mind on that topic and didn't miss her hesitation .

His story continued after that .

Noah told her about the hunters' guild, the events of the Bare Dungeon, the city of Slyfall, Odrea nation, the Coral archipelago, his enrollment in an underground organization, Divine Demon's inheritance, and the exploration of the new continent .

Of course, Noah didn't reveal the specifics behind his centers of power, but he hinted something, and June didn't mind him keeping those things a secret .

Also, he kept hidden the contents of the inheritance and the behavior of the Hive in the new continent .

They both knew that there was a slim chance that their relationship would be revealed, and they had both agreed not to disclose anything that the Utra nation could use against the other .

Noah even spoke about the matriarch of the Charming demon sect and Nina .

Honesty was everything with June, she would never accept him if he kept on hiding his true self .

June didn't seem to mind his past women too much, she was inexperienced in that field, but she wasn't a young girl anymore .

She understood that they didn't have any kind of relationship in that period, so there was no reason to feel jealous .

She was obviously a bit annoyed, but Noah was right next to her now, and he was doing what he hadn't been able to do twenty years ago .

\"I guess we both went through a lot . \"

Noah ended his story while leaving his cup on the ground .

\"Hmph! I kept on fighting in the Royal Inheritance and managing the western border, while you went around messing with the big nations . You even had the time to stay with other women . \"

June complained, but Noah didn't waste that chance to point out something .

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\"Other? Do you mind being more specific?\"

June blushed when she heard those words and stood up to distance herself from Noah's sly smile .

Noah sighed before standing up too .

He had lowered his barriers, but June was still resisting her feelings .

\"You know, I wouldn't be able to talk to you like this if it wasn't for those other women . It's also thanks to Nina that I can see myself with another person . \"

Noah spoke while pulling June's robe .

June let Noah hug her from behind but kept her head lowered, she had yet to get used to that type of physical contact .

\"You became close to me because you needed to find an heir for Eccentric Thunder back then . Isn't this the same, but for different reasons?\"

June asked .

Noah had told her that his body-nourishing method made him similar to a magical beast .

He had skipped the fusion part, but he had explained to her that she gave birth to sensations that he found hard to control .

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\"I'm fairly sure that I feel this way because it's you . Yet, the decision is yours . I will understand if you refuse me . \"

Noah answered, he was being as honest as he could in that situation .

There was nothing else that he could do, he had revealed his feelings, now it was up to June .

June raised her head and stared at Noah that was hugging her from behind .

Noah could see the hesitation and fear hidden behind her eyes, but there was some determination in the words that followed that gaze .

\"It's hard for me to remain alone if you keep on creating good memories . \"

She then turned and put her arms behind Noah's neck .

Noah found himself surprised by her actions once again when he realized that June had closed her eyes and was reaching for his lips .

Noah didn't think anymore at that point, he was already immersed in a long kiss before he could feel his mind again .

June lowered her gaze when the kiss ended, but her arms were still clinging on Noah's neck, she was choosing her next words very carefully .

\"I don't want to live in regret again, so let's create amazing memories this time . \"

She wore a warm smile when she spoke, and Noah could only limit himself enough to nod before diving toward her lips again .