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Chapter 594: 594
\"No other women after I leave . \"

\"It might be hard, but I can do that . \"

June elbowed Noah's ribs when she heard his answer, but she soon forgot about it when she felt his hand caressing her hair .

They were laid on the terrain of the underground room, and the azure light radiated by the rocky ground of the new continent illuminated their naked bodies .

June was using Noah's shoulder as a pillow and had her left arm stretched on his torso, ready to hit him whenever he pretended not to take her seriously .

She had understood by then that she was unable to wound Noah with her physical strength, so she simply used her full power to poke him .

Of course, she didn't do that to hurt him but to simply hear the laugh that he made afterward .

\"And no death . Try not to die while you do something crazy like overthrowing a country or mocking the rulers of one of the three big nations . \"

June spoke again while changing her position to lay her head over Noah's chest .

They both knew that June couldn't remain in the Hive if they managed to return to the territories under its control .

No excuses could justify her change of factions, and the Elbas family could just use that chance to declare war to the Hive .

Also, June had her dreams too .

She still wanted to become the matriarch of her family and use the help of the Royals to obtain resources, she couldn't just abandon the position that she had gained in twenty years of work .

Noah could understand her decision better than anyone .

They weren't strong enough to have a relationship out in the open .

Noah was the greatest humiliation in the history of the Elbas family, and June was one of the talents that it was nourishing, the consequences of their relationship could involve the forces behind them and endanger their lives .

\"The same goes for you, no death . I want to meet you again . \"

Noah expressed his feelings without any shame, and June revealed a warm smile when she heard those words .

\"I guess I can have other men since you didn't say anything about that . \"

June couldn't suppress her laugh when she felt Noah's body becoming tense for a moment after she said that .

She turned her face to meet a pair of reptilian eyes that stared at her while radiating incredible greed .

\"June, don't joke about that . Magical beasts are possessive creatures, you shouldn't push their limits . \"

Noah was serious when he said that .

He had felt a wave of anger filling his body when he heard that joke, he believed that even his hunger couldn't reach the intensity of that feeling .

'The instincts of the Cursed dragons must have been slightly modified since I'm a hybrid, they have become more human . '

Noah thought that when he analyzed his anger, but June suddenly kissed him and made him leave the matter for the moment .

They had remained in that area for a week already, doing nothing but talk, joke, and sleep together .

It had been June's first time a week ago, and her body was still injured, but she quickly became used to that practice .

She was a heroic cultivator after all, a mighty being like her couldn't possibly have issues during sex .

On the other side, Noah found the matter a bit more troublesome .

It was his first time with his new body, and he never seemed to have enough .

Yet, he had to hold back to let June rest, there was the risk of reopening her injuries if he pushed her limits more than that .

Of course, he didn't mind holding back since he was able to enjoy that precious time with June .

\"Stop using your similarities with those creatures to justify your actions . You are you, you can be jealous even if your body-nourishing method didn't imitate magical beasts . \"

June spoke when their lips separated .

Noah found himself agreeing with her every time .

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He had spent years attuning to his magical beast's side when he trained in the wilderness but, now, he felt that he was doing the same with his human's one .

He had realized that there was something that he lacked since his conversation with Elder Julia, and June was helping him on that part by just being with him .

'These peaceful feelings are indeed nice, but…'

Noah thought before his gaze went toward the southern wall of the underground room .

He knew that they were still in the middle of an invasion, and the lack of information didn't really help their situation .

'I don't mind punching a tunnel for thousands of kilometers, and we should be deep enough to avoid being noticed from the surface . Yet, I don't know the fauna and flora of the underground world . I guess we can only be cautious . '

Noah sighed when he thought that .

The underground world of the piece of Immortal Land was unexplored, the pack of winged beasts wouldn't have taken the forces of the four nations by surprise otherwise .

Yet, the surface was too dangerous, and he was still in the territories of the Papral nation according to his calculations, he couldn't just reappear after only a week .

His act of kidnapping June could be treated as something for his survival only if Chasing Demon was the one to interact with the forces of the Utra nation .

The Elbas family would just force its truth on the matter if Noah were to meet the Royals by himself .

\"Already thinking of leaving me?\"

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June's voice resounded in the area, she had noticed that Noah was analyzing the southern wall .

A smile appeared on Noah's face, and he straightened his position while lifting June in his lap .

June would simply allow him to move her, she limited herself to find the most comfortable position over Noah .

After a week spent in that way, she had begun to learn even Noah's small habits .

She knew that he would speak a few words to her ear, kiss her neck, and then carefully lay her on the ground to continue from there .

\"I told you that we would have waited for your body to recover before moving . Also, you can stay in the territories of the Hive for a while, the Royals can wait . \"

June closed her eyes when she heard those words, and she felt even happier when she felt Noah's lips on her neck .

Predicting his behavior made her feel closer to him, she felt as if the distance between the two of them kept on shortening with every second that they spent together .

Three more weeks had to pass before June returned to her peak .

Noah gave her some of his spare robes since hers were filled with her blood .

Then, after one month spent in that room, Noah and June began their travel toward the territories of the Hive .