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Published at 11th of April 2020 07:50:04 AM

Chapter 595: 595
Noah took down the hard, rocky terrain of the underground area with his bare hands .

June followed closely behind him, she wielded her spear tightly in her hands, ready to stab anything unusual that came out during their advance .

Of course, Noah had told her not to intervene unless the situation became really dangerous .

He didn't want the two of them to release \"Breath\" in that unknown area, which would only reveal their position to any being inhabiting the underground .

Also, he could take care of any beast and plant below the fifth rank with his body alone, he was a hybrid in the upper tier of the fourth rank after all .

June agreed to his terms, but she still preferred to have her weapons next to her .

Noah used his consciousness to keep track of his direction .

Their advance was slow, and they had to take breaks every few weeks, but they didn't meet anything out of the ordinary in the first part of their travel .

June and Noah did their best to enjoy those breaks, sometimes they even stopped for a few days in the same area .

However, they always resumed their journey in the end .

Many scenarios appeared inside Noah's mind while he continued to excavate .

He could predict the behavior of the magical beasts better than anyone else, but there were too many uncertainties in that situation and a lot of things that he couldn't be sure of .

The appearance of a new ruler in the magical beasts' system was a revolutionary event, especially when those new rulers could cover an area as large as the new continent .

The environment would be modified entirely, and those changes would affect both the surface and the underground .

'Those winged beasts have come from the ground, which means that we are in their old domain now . There is a chance that another pack has claimed this now empty area since more than two months have passed . '

Noah thought while continuing to punch through the rocky wall .

An exchange between domains was inevitable since the winged beasts had appeared .

Different creatures would choose to hide underground now that the surface was a hunting area, it was just a matter of what depths they were able to reach .

Noah knew that most creatures wouldn't be able to arrive in his position .

He was an anomaly in the magical beasts' world, he could use his instincts to improve the already amazing capabilities of his mind .

However, magical beasts didn't have that freedom, their instincts simply ruled their actions .

He knew that the octopus-type creatures that inhabited the murky lake would never attempt to dive underground, it was simply against their nature .

So, he was reasonably sure that he and June could only meet certain species at that depth .

'The insect-type creatures in the natural paradise were a possibility, but we are almost under the mountain area, they aren't a threat; The snakes inhabiting the mountains could try to excavate, but they shouldn't be able to reach our depth; the octopuses, Poisonous frogs, and Saber-toothed tigers are not a threat; The sandworms though…'

Noah reviewed the species of magical beasts that inhabited the western coastline and found that only the sandworms living in the desert could completely migrate underground .

'Yet, they are on the other side of the coastline, there is a high chance that we won't even reach their new territory . '

Noah concluded in his mind, leaving only the magical plants and the beasts that had migrated during the invasion as a variable .

\"We should almost be on the other side of the waterfall . \"

Noah warned June who took a battle position .

Noah pierced the walls in front of him for some time and sighed in relief when he saw that nothing out of the ordinary was happening .

The way he saw it, it would be perfect if he could just create a tunnel without disturbing anyone's environment .

Fighting in that situation would only bring trouble to them .

Yet, something did change at some point .

Noah punched a wall but was surprised to discover that there wasn't ground anymore on the other side of that spot .

He nodded toward June to signal that the situation would be different from that point onward and tore down the remains of the rocks that blocked the passage .

The wall crumbled and revealed an ample open space filled with gray objects hanging from the ceiling .

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Dense and transparent drops of a smelly liquid fell from those objects and reached the terrain far below, it was clear that they had been broken only recently .

Noah was immediately able to understand the purpose of those objects .

\"The winged beasts have instinctively created these sacs when they have gone dormant . They are quite evolved . \"

Noah whispered so that his words would vanish after reaching June .

\"How do we proceed?\"

June asked .

She was leaving all the decision making to Noah, she knew that her survival instinct couldn't match his .

\"Let's maintain this altitude . There might be snake-type magical beasts at the bottom of this area, and it's better if I keep on having rocks that I can break in front of me . Wasting time to find the proper altitude again might be fatal . \"

Noah explained and took the first step inside the large underground area .

\"Breath\" appeared under his feet as soon as he stepped on the air, but he tried to keep its quantity to the minimum possible .

June did the same as she followed behind him .

The depths of the area appeared in their field of view, Noah could clearly see that the floor of that place was at a few kilometers under him .

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'Only a rank 5 beast could excavate it . Was it one of the winged beasts? Or did the pack simply choose this preexisting place as the area where to go dormant?'

Questions filled Noah's mind .

There were too many variables, and he couldn't create a fixed picture, he could just keep on adding everything that he noticed to his hypotheses .

Their journey was uneventful for the first hours .

They could finally pick up some speed since Noah wasn't busy excavating, but they still didn't hurry their pace .

Noah was sure that the snakes inhabiting the mountains on the surface would have used the paths created by the winged beasts to escape .

After all, he was in the area where they were sleeping, meaning that their flight toward the surface had left open passages through the azure rocks .

Noah was rarely wrong when it came to the magical beasts' field .

\"You got this, right?\"

\"Of course . \"

June asked when she sensed that a huge figure was falling from the ceiling of the underground area .

Noah was soon able to make out the shape of a snake that had opened its maws when it saw the two humans walking on the space under it .

Yet, when it was about to reach June, a sharp hand ripped off its upper maw and its brain with it .