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Chapter 600: 600
Noah and June felt the walls of their mental spheres tremble again .

Thousands of magical beasts were fusing their attacks into few dense vibrations, it was needless to say that they surpassed the might of the two weakened rank 5 creatures from before .

June felt forced to close her eyes again to focus on her sea of consciousness .

Her mind had just stabilized only to be targeted by an even stronger attack, she felt as if cracks would form on its walls in a matter of seconds .

On the other side, Noah could resist the vibrations for the moment, but his situation was equally ugly .

Charging at the army around him wouldn't solve the issue, the mental attack wouldn't stop even if he killed hundreds of them in the short period in which his mind could hold .

He was about to take out Chasing Demon's talisman when a strange feeling appeared inside him .

Thousands of magical beasts were sieging him and June, but they weren't particularly strong if taken singularly .

There were beasts in the upper tier, but they were little more than flies in his eyes due to his battle prowess .

They could only overcome him because of the difference in numbers .

'Do I need to use the talisman against mere pawns?'

Noah thought as that feeling grew in intensity .

He knew that the rank 3 and 4 winged creatures were simply following orders echoed through their horns, they were nothing more than pawns used by the rank 6 beasts of the pack to gather food .

However, he was a hybrid in the upper tier, the only one of his kind .

His species had the potential to stand above any other magical beast, but the leaders of the winged beasts didn't even send a rank 5 creature to deal with him, they only sent pawns after him .

It was as if his enemies thought that he would be just a weak and defenseless human .

It was as if those creatures were purposely mocking his pride .

Anger surged inside Noah at that moment .

He knew that his power couldn't save him in that situation, but he still felt the need to express his superiority toward the army around him .

Of course, he didn't express it through his words .

Noah lifted his head and roared, backing his cry with all the pride that his status as a hybrid contained .

Flames came out of his mouth and accompanied his roar, Noah created a pillar of pale-gray flames that landed on the army around him .

He wasn't really attacking them, he was just making a point .

They could siege him and overpower him, but he had to be treated with the respect owed to a beast that had no equals in the fourth rank!

A dark halo surrounded the bright flames as they landed on the army, it seemed as if the light in the environment was their natural enemy .

Noah knew that his ability had improved, but it still couldn't reach the power of the rank 5 Cursed dragon inside the Granite abyss .

Also, he wasn't really analyzing his attack at that moment, his focus was on transmitting his emotions through his roar .

The pale pillar crashed on the winged beasts and disrupted their ranks, forcing many of them to interrupt their attack to retreat .

It was needless to say that the creatures in the third rank died as soon as the flames neared them, while the weaker ones in the fourth rank suffered substantial injuries if they survived them .

Noah turned to spread his flames toward all his enemies, making sure to avoid June in the process .

The air around him softened after a while, it seemed that Noah's action had momentarily interrupted the joint mental attack with his roar .

The winged beasts around him took a few steps back at that point .

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Noah had killed countless rank 3 creatures with that attack and injured many of those in the fourth rank, but the power of the army didn't change by much .

His flames weren't dense, he had spread them to focus a large area, meaning that part of their power had been dispersed in the process .

However, he could see in their eyes that they now had the right mindset .

He could sense their fear, their hesitation in facing something that had the power to be their leader .

'I feel better now . '

Noah thought after he vented his anger .

A helpless smile appeared on his face when he saw that the army was preparing another joint mental attack, he knew that he had to rely on his items from that point onward .

Elder Julia had given him many protective items before the meeting with the other envoys, but stalling wasn't the best approach in that situation .

More magical beasts would simply gather there, there was no point in gaining time .

It would be better to destroy that army and charge toward the forest of White woods, he was quite sure that he would be able to reach it before another army formed .

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June had just managed to stabilize her mind and open her eyes when she felt Noah pulling her toward him .

She was about to question him about the situation around them when she saw a talisman that radiated a purple light held tightly in his left hand .

\"I don't know what this thing does, but it should take care of these beasts . Stay close just in case . \"

Noah's soft voice reached her ears, and she didn't hesitate to wrap her arms around his torso .

The talisman radiated a powerful aura, it seemed that an immense power was contained in that small inscribed item .

Noah wrapped his right arm around June's shoulders and prepared himself to crush the talisman .

However, at that point, a rough voice resounded above him and dispersed the vibrations that had begun to accumulate again around them .

\"Why would you use my talisman when I'm here?\"

Noah recognized that voice and immediately turned to stare at the powerful figure that had just appeared above them .

He saw a burly man with sharp features and red eyes staring at him with a satisfied smile .

Chasing Demon had appeared in the sky over the azure plain!