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Published at 16th of April 2020 07:20:04 AM

Chapter 607: 607
The weaker cultivators couldn't possibly watch the battle between the existences at the peak of the heroic ranks .

Not even peak rank 5 cultivators could survive the shockwaves released in that battle, meaning that all the heroic assets of the four countries had remained in their territories while the powerhouses fought .

Those assets knew that their leader had engaged a fight against the rulers of the pack of winged beasts, they would have noticed the battle even if no one warned them .

Flashes of multicolored lights had filled the sky above the center of the continent, and earthquakes had spread till the coastline for the whole duration of that battle, it was impossible to miss them .

However, those heroic cultivators had been warned because they were aware that the remaining specimens of the pack would submit to their instincts once their leaders were defeated .

Any expert in the magical beasts' field could predict that outcome and identify the new target of those now wild creatures .

The four nations weren't surprised when they saw the wave of winged figures assaulting the beasts that had migrated toward the coastlines in the past months, and their heroic cultivators immediately acted to put an end to that crisis .

Battles happened everywhere along the coastlines, the cultivators of the four countries had long decided to remove every trace of that species from the Mortal Lands .

Intelligent magical beasts were too dangerous, the humans couldn't risk letting any of them survive for fear that a similar crisis could happen again at some point in the future .

Also, the remaining winged beasts had just been freed from the control of their leaders, meaning that they would take a while to control their instincts .

The heroic assets on the piece of Immortal Lands couldn't waste that chance, they had to exterminate that species before their specimens understood that escaping was their only path to survival .

Noah was sitting on top of one of the tallest buildings inside the invisible dome when the reckless assault of the winged beasts started .

He had stayed there since Chasing Demon left to join the other powerhouses, and June had been by his side the whole time .

He knew that he couldn't witness the fight of the powerhouses, but he still wanted to stare at the flashes of light in the distance to experience a trace of the power held by those rank 6 entities .

June felt in the same way .

Newly advanced rank 4 cultivators needed to experience the world hidden behind the heroic ranks to get used to their new state, and June wasn't an exception .

However, when she saw the incoming tide of winged beasts, she heaved a sigh and lay on Noah's lap .

There was a mix of concern and helplessness in her expression when she looked at Noah's eager gaze .

\"I'll be fine, you know that I can't miss this chance . \"

Noah said when he lowered his eyes to stare at the concerned lover on his lap .

June knew that the remaining winged beasts would attack the coastlines thanks to Noah, but he had also revealed to her that he had a plan to exploit that situation .

The plan was quite reckless and would most likely reveal Noah's return to the Hive, but she could understand how appealing that situation was for someone with such a peculiar body-nourishing method .

\"The feelings that we have for each other can't hinder our path to power if we want to preserve them . Go and be sure to come back, but don't forget that you owe me a spar . \"

June said before closing her eyes when she saw Noah's lips reaching for her .

The duo exchanged a long kiss uncaring of the cries of the winged beasts that invaded the environment outside the invisible dome .

\"Don't keep me waiting . \"

June murmured when their lips separated and revealed a smirk when she left Noah's embrace to enter the building under them .

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Noah followed her figure with his eyes .

He couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction when he looked at her, there was a particular understanding between the two of them that he couldn't express with simple words .

'I tell her that I'm probably going to reveal my status to the other nations and she asks for a spar in exchange . I guess only a battle maniac can make me feel like this . '

Noah smiled when he thought that, but his expression became cold when he turned his attention toward the chaos that had enveloped the territories around the invisible dome in those short minutes .

The dome had protected June and Noah from the two cries of the quasi-rank 7 leader, but it didn't hinder their vision of the outside world .

All the heroic assets of the Hive had left that protected area when the remaining winged beasts began to attack, their mission was to exterminate that species after all .

However, Noah didn't immediately join the battles on those territories, he had his own agenda about that matter .

Battles that featured rank 5 beasts didn't occur so often, especially not with the same intensity as those happening in that situation .

The death of the leaders had unleashed the remaining specimens of the pack of winged beasts on the fauna that filled the coastlines, and the heroic assets of the four nations were tasked to join that battlefield .

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Noah knew that countless corpses and body parts would accumulate on that rare occasion, and he couldn't just waste that chance to assist his companions .

The powerhouses of the four nations would soon return to the territories of their organizations and put an end to that reckless assault anyway, meaning that Noah's help wouldn't affect the outcome of the battles that much .

Yet, the situation could become extremely beneficial to him if he managed to retrieve pieces of powerful creatures while his companions fought .

'I might be able to reach the fifth rank in one go . '

Noah thought when he stood up .

His hunger had exploded when he sensed the many dead magical beasts that were filling the surface of the territories near the dome, but he decided to wait .

He could hunt rank 4 creatures by himself, but there was a high chance to seize rank 5 body parts in that situation!

Then, he sensed a mighty cry of pain coming from the north, and he knew that his moment had arrived .

Black flames surrounded his figure, and he disappeared from the roof of the building to teleport on the battlefield .