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Chapter 615: 615
Noah's thoughts were strange and messy during that period .

He knew that he was sleeping inside a dark chrysalis created by part of the accumulated \"Breath\" inside his body and that all his tissues were undergoing substantial modifications .

However, his mind kept on becoming dark from time to time, and he had no control over its behavior .

'The hibernation doesn't work well with the other centers of power, but I feel that my body is autonomously trying to reach a higher form of harmony . '

Noah thought during one of his conscious moments .

Those modifications were painless, he could only feel a warm sensation that spread through his skin before reaching for his interiors .

His dantian kept on improving during that period, he couldn't stop his cultivation technique after all .

Yet, he couldn't train his mental sphere in that state, he could barely remain conscious after all .

Noah experienced strange visions whenever his mind became dark .

They resembled dreams that made him feel intense emotions, and the clarity of those images was linked to the feelings that they carried .

Noah saw a large pack of dragons flying under him .

Dozens of powerful beasts flew unhindered in the sky and browsed the land under them as they looked for some prey .

Noah felt pride in knowing that those dragons were following his commands, he knew that he had tamed each one of them even if he couldn't remember how or when he did that .

He saw his roars being echoed by the specimens in his pack, he saw how they released pale-gray pillars of flame in his honor .

That dream ended at some point, and Noah saw those images vanish from his mind .

However, the pride that they carried flowed in his mind and became part of him .

Other dreams occupied his thoughts during his period of hibernation .

Noah saw the dragons of his pack fighting against an enemy species of dragons for the control of a mountain peak that he didn't recognize .

Red and pale-gray flames filled his vision, the battle between the two packs was messy and merciless .

Yet, he didn't move .

He felt the quiet arrogance that originated from his awareness of being a member of the most potent species of dragons, he felt the unbound confidence in the power of his flames .

The leader of the enemy pack eventually appeared, and Noah attacked without hesitation .

His reptilian maws spread and released a pillar of white flames that clashed with the red ones of his opponent, and something inside him told him that he had won that conflict .

The images of the battle vanished at that point, and Noah could feel that arrogance becoming part of him .

'Maybe, the Cursed dragon species would have had a chance of giving birth to a Bloodline Inheritance if its fertility wasn't reduced so much . '

Noah thought during one of his conscious moments .

He had understood what he was experiencing, he had lost his mind in similar dreams in the past after all .

It was evident that Heaven and Earth had given birth to powerful emotions when they punished the Cursed dragon species .

Still, the reduced reproductive capacity had prevented the appearance of a Bloodline Inheritance .

Those intense emotions had to be passed down to many specimens and then reunited in a single individual for something so rare to appear .

That process needed to be repeated through the years, or the intensity of the emotions carried by the species wouldn't reach the required density .

Of course, that was simply impossible due to the poor state of the Cursed dragons .

The population of that species had declined since Heaven and Earth punished it, and the strong emotions that their bloodline carried didn't have the chance to become denser .

Nevertheless, Noah had fused with one of the remaining specimens and was experiencing those emotions during his breakthrough .

Absorbing those feelings wasn't improving his sea of consciousness, it was only making him experience the events that had been forever imprinted in the bloodline of that species .

Noah began to dream again, and he could immediately understand that the next images carried the most intense emotions of the bloodline of the Cursed dragons .

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A dark sky appeared in his vision, and the crackling of thunders resounded everywhere around him .

Hundreds of huge black dragons released pillars of snow-white flames that reached for the sky and pierced the barrage of black clouds that were obscuring the sunlight .

A large part of the clouds dispersed after those attacks, but they seemed to cover the entirety of the sky, Noah wasn't able to see their end!

Also, lightning bolts kept on being released from their surface .

Noah saw the underlings that had accompanied him through many battles being pierced by the powerful attacks of the massive Heaven Tribulation .

The scales of those dragons couldn't do anything against Heaven's might, the specimens of that mighty pack could only fall lifelessly on the ground below every time a lightning bolt hit them .

At that point, Noah felt fear for the first time in his life .

He was a dragon, the kind of magical beast that dominated the food chain .

His potential was limitless, his flames kept on reaching new levels of power, and they had even just surpassed the limits of the heroic ranks .

Yet, the world intervened when that happened, and all his arrogance and pride were put against something that he couldn't overcome .

Battle intent surged inside him, and he didn't hesitate to unleash the new power that he had just obtained .

The world became dark when he spread his maws, any form of light around him disappeared when he launched the flames that had no equals in the heroic ranks .

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More than half of the black clouds had vanished when the light returned in that area, but the remaining ones focused their lightning bolts on him .

Noah felt his body being pierced, his bones shatter, and his internal organs explode when the sparks spread through him .

Life began to abandon him, but he remained conscious enough to witness the fate of the surviving specimens of his pack .

He saw how the lightning bolts crashed on his underlings, shattering their wings and gravely injuring their interiors .

He saw how the remains of his pack fell uncontrollably toward the ground, he saw their desperation when they understood that the sky had been taken away from them .

It was then that boundless anger filled his dying body .

He felt angry that he had lost, but he also felt upset that the black clouds had chosen to punish his kind rather than exterminate it .

The images vanished at that point, and Noah opened his real eyes .

That anger still filled his body, and he raised his head toward the sky to vent his feelings .

A roar resounded in the underground area, and a pillar of white flames soon came out of his mouth and pierced the terrain above him .

Any magical beast that heard that cry was immediately able to realize that a new rank 5 creature had appeared in that territory .