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Chapter 624
Noah spent almost one year to reap the benefits that his new body could offer .

He had stayed on the hot and rocky wasteland around the lava lake for most of that period, he didn't know any other place that could be so illuminated and silent .

That period of seclusion was needed to become used to his new strength and to bring the necessary improvements to his techniques .

He would need to travel a lot and venture in enemy territories to complete his next mission, he wouldn't dare to approach that task unprepared .

One year after the breakthrough of his body, he felt that he had completed such preparations .

His martial arts and cultivation technique had been improved, and he had translated the diagrams of some of the spells that he was interested in modifying or that were valuable to his combat style .

The Mental tremor spell and the Ghostly claws spell were a must in his view .

They were his only mental attacks, and he felt the need to prioritize such a reliable offensive method .

Also, he had translated the Black hole spell and the Dark blast spell due to their high utility and apparent compatibility .

Noah could already imagine how the energy absorbed by his defensive spell could fuel the other one, they even had similar shapes!

However, he had decided to leave the translation of the Ethereal form spell and the Death area spell for the future .

The first spell couldn't be used right now due to the power of his new body, he simply couldn't force it to turn ethereal since that diagram was made for humans .

Noah was still unsure what to do about it, his best defense was his skin after all .

On the other hand, the Death area spell was simply too weak .

Its effects were somewhat useful in specific situations, but they were too easy to counter .

Noah wouldn't translate it unless he thought about some modifications that could make it useful .

In the end, he had even forged an item that could exploit the power of his body in ways that a secret art couldn't .

His dantian had absorbed "Breath" autonomously, and his mind had been under extreme pressure through all that period due to his many projects .

His centers of power had improved steadily, especially his sea of consciousness .

That gave Noah some confidence in managing his intense instincts, he was sure that he could safely return to the human society .

Also, his centers of power would eventually catch up with his body .

The energy needed by a rank 5 hybrid to advance was simply absurd, Noah barely felt anything when he ate peak rank 4 beasts .

'Let's try it one last time . '

Noah thought as he stood up from his spot in the rocky wasteland .

His focus went on the clot that lingered on the surface of his heart, it resembled a small jelly sphere that could move according to his will .

The clot divided itself into many small strands that spread through his body and reached for his muscles .

Noah activated his usual secret technique when all the strands reached their set positions .

His muscles began to release energy as the nutrients inside them were consumed, and the strands next to them quickly absorbed it .

The dark-red strands began to shine as "Breath" accumulated inside them, the power behind that energy could match the "Breath" of a rank 4 cultivator near the peak of the solid stage .

Then, when Noah felt that the strands were reaching their limits, he stopped the secret art and gathered those shining threads back on his heart .

The dark-red clot was now shining, and Noah couldn't help but nod in satisfaction at that sight .

'The Liquid dantian works as intended, I just need to eat a few rank 4 magical beasts' corpses to make up for the energy lost to fill it . I'm ready to leave now . '

Noah thought and set off in the direction of the invisible domes .

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Liquid dantian was the name that he had given to his new inscribed item after he perfected its functioning .

Noah would be able to use the "Breath" that made his rank 5 body thanks to the Liquid dantian, and fueling his attacks with that energy could push them far beyond the limits of his other centers of power .

"The Patriarch is busy deploying the copying technique in the area before the snowy plain . You would have to settle for my goodbyes . "

Elder Julia appeared in the air and said that when she noticed Noah flying over the dome in the Azure plain .

"I need something that confirms that I don't have mean intentions, my fame would just make them treat me as a threat . "

Noah said after performing a bow toward the rank 5 elder that had appeared next to him .

He would use the teleportation matrix in the forest of White woods to return to the old continent, but he first needed something that prevented the three big nations from attacking him .

After all, he wasn't exactly a peaceful cultivator, the three big nations would never allow his presence inside their domains unless Chasing Demon vouched for him .

The pact that enforced peace on the new continent had long stopped being in function, the four countries were maintaining a peaceful behavior simply because it was more profitable to act in that way .

However, the old continent was different, few territories could be crossed without entering one of the areas of influence of the three big nations .

"The Patriarch has given me this diplomatic token before going on the southern coast, you can use it to explain your task to the enemy forces . "

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Elder Julia threw a token depicting a giant, purple octopus that protected a series of islands with its tentacles .

Peaceful emotions and the word "Recruiter" appeared in his mind when he swept the token with his mental energy, it was clear that it was an inscribed item .

"Remember that your task is to find and gather the demon sects that had been exiled from the Papral nation, not to start a war over them . Don't cause too much trouble and try to wear something that isn't burned or torn . "

Elder Julia added when Noah took the token, and she handed him a series of sleeveless but luxurious robes that had the emblem of the Hive embroidered on their back .

Noah stored everything in his space-ring and left for the teleportation matrix in the forest after performing another bow toward the elder .

The truth was that he was quite eager to travel, he wanted to see the old continent with his new eyes .

Also, the political situation in the new continent was too suffocating, Noah couldn't act as he wanted due to the severe repercussions that his actions could have on the Hive .

He couldn't pursue his individuality in that state, not with so many social chains binding him .

'My first target must be the city of Slyfall, it's the only certain information in my possession after all . '

Noah thought as he descended through the white crowns and the forest and landed on the teleportation matrix .