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Chapter 627: 627
"So, the Chasing demon sect has thrived in the Coral archipelago . No wonder Chasing Demon wants to reunite the other demon sects, they owned half of the Papral nation in the past . However…"

Gillian said after Noah gave her a brief explanation of the situation .

It wasn't a secret that Chasing Demon was the Patriarch of the Hive, but the human cultivators of the world weren't aware of the matters that concerned the heroic ranks .

Even someone living in a city built to gather information couldn't know about them, it was possible that Slyfall's governor wasn't aware of it too .

"They are weak and scattered now . Yet, the Hive will grow, and the demon sects can return to their past glory under its banner . Also, the remaining techniques and diagrams in each of them might give birth to new unorthodox techniques . We are natural allies, just migrate to the archipelago, and the Hive will handle the rest . "

Noah concluded her phrase .

He knew that it would be hard to find any surviving heroic cultivator in the remains of the demon sects, most of them didn't end up in a territory where they could contain their losses after all .

Yet, the techniques and diagrams of those sects could be instrumental if coupled with Chasing Demon's knowledge and Divine Demon's inheritance .

Improving the teachings available to the human cultivators would give birth to more powerful heroic assets, reuniting the demon sects was simply an investment to stabilize the foundation of the Hive further .

Also, Noah guessed that Chasing Demon was a bit emotional about that topic .

"We will obviously migrate, no one would refuse such a selfless backing . I don't know how to reach the archipelago though, we don't have any-"

"I'll escort you . There will be ships waiting for you after a few months of travel, I just need you to tell me everything that you know about the exile of the demon sects . "

Noah interrupted her phrase once again .

All her worries seemed pointless in his mind .

After all, he was there, it would take a powerful heroic cultivator to hinder his path, and no nation was willing to offend the Hive over a few human cultivators .

However, he needed to gather as much information as he could before choosing his next target .

Elder Julia and the other elders had collected every information that they could find while Noah was inside the chrysalis, but, even then, most of that knowledge was dated .

Noah was sure about the Charming demon sect because he had personally encountered it, but there were only rumors about the others .

"As you wish, Demon Prince . "

Gillian showed a captivating smile as she sat on the bed behind her and began to explain everything she knew without even covering herself .

The clash between the orthodox and unorthodox sects of the Papral nation had happened around a thousand years ago, a few centuries after the two rank 6 existences of that country became gods and ascended in the Immortal Lands .

The highest powers left in the country at that time were rank 5 cultivators, but there was some sort of balance in the assets of both orthodox and unorthodox sects .

However, Ravaging Demon was a rank 5 cultivator, and his betrayal shifted the balance of those two sides in favor of the orthodox sects .

That, together with the intel provided by Ravaging Demon, led the demon sects to their exile .

"Charming Demon and Devouring Demon fought against the forces of the Council to let the other demon sects escape . Charming Demon died, and the entirety of the Devouring demon sect was destroyed, you can take it off your list . A rank 4 cultivator succeeded Charming Demon and managed to bring the remains of my sect here . Yet, she had been injured in the battle, and she was only able to survive for a few decades before passing the leadership of the sect to a human cultivator . "

Gillian explained as she tried to tempt Noah, but he simply ignored her gestures .

'So, Great Elder Diana must have reached the sixth rank in the last millennia . I wonder what is Ravaging Demon's rank . '

Noah thought as all those pieces of information entered his mind .

The history of that world had never interested him when he was a human cultivator .

However, he was in a realm where cultivators could easily live for centuries, there was a high chance that he would meet some of the famous names that had left a mark in the history of the Mortal Lands .

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"There has never been another Charming Demon after that point, no one managed to reach the heroic ranks . Most of our techniques had been lost in the escape, and we were refugees, no organization would sell anything to us . Yet, we endured and passed down our story . As the previous Matriarch used to say: Hope for fools, anger for demons . "

Gillian then ended her explanation by pointing out the direction taken by the other demon sects during the escape .

Of course, those pieces of information were one thousand years old and had been passed down through six matriarchs, there was a limit to how accurate they were .

Yet, Noah still collected them and sorted them with the clues gathered by the rank 5 elders of the Hive .

He was already set on his next destination, but he had to escort the remains of the Charming demon sect to the ships of the archipelago before moving again .

Gillian seemed a bit disappointed that Noah wasn't giving any kind of attention to her body, but she didn't dare to push him .

Noah was simply on another level right now, she didn't have any power over him .

In the end, she gave up on tempting him and ordered the members of her sect to pack up and prepare to migrate .

Meanwhile, Noah flew back in the sky and sent a mental message to the Hive .

He could reach the appointed location in less than a week, but the remains of the Charming demon sect were mostly rank 1 and 2 cultivators, only Gillian was in the third rank .

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They would need to walk along the coastline for a couple of months before reaching the spot with the ships of the Hive .

Drew observed the scene with a curious gaze .

He didn't care about the destruction of the tavern .

Still, Gillian and her sect paid a substantial amount of taxes due to the nature of her organization .

Seeing the waitresses packing up their belongings made him understand that he would lose that income from now on .

A bit of anger surged inside him, and he was about to complain when two vertical pupils landed on his body .

Drew felt an innate fear under that gaze, all his anger was dispersed and replaced by an intense survival instinct .

He could only slowly turn his head to face the young-looking cultivator that was sending hidden threats through his eyes to say a few words .

"Enjoy your travel!"