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Chapter 632: 632
'Improving my other centers of power will allow me to hunt stronger creatures . Hunting stronger beings will make my body improve faster . It's a cycle that will abruptly stop in the sixth rank due to the absence of powerful prey, but there isn't much that I can do about that . '

Noah thought as the needs of his body became evident in his mind .

The drawbacks of being a hybrid were beginning to appear, but Noah didn't feel any regret in learning them .

Being able to face rank 5 beasts as a rank 4 cultivator in the gaseous stage was enough to make Noah disregard all the hindrances that waited for him in the future .

After all, that feat was shocking!

Noah would never purposely choose a weaker body-nourishing method because it had easier requirements, he would never forsake the powers that made him superior to the other cultivators .

'I can only solve one problem at the time, and, right now, my most pressing issue is the weakness of my other centers of power . I can express a battle prowess that matches solid stage cultivators for a limited period, I can only rely on my body after both my dantian and Liquid dantian are emptied . '

Worrying about matters so far in the future was pointless, Noah's focus had to be on his solving the weaknesses of his current state .

His mind was improving steadily, and his Liquid dantian somewhat compensated for his lack of a suitable "Breath", but the core of the issue remained .

The gaseous "Breath" was too weak for the standards of his body!

'Creating darkness that belongs only to me . Is it doable? I have yet to create spells, how can I possibly create an element?'

Noah asked himself as he waited for his body to recover .

His individuality seemed to push him to a state where he could match or imitate Heaven and Earth .

However, he lacked the primary energy needed to create a world, he wasn't able to exude something similar to the "Breath" .

'That should be my path though . Otherwise, I can just wait for my individuality to start affecting the "Breath" inside my dantian and work from there . I wonder what I will become . '

The new shape of his Demonic form made it clear that his mental energy could affect his spells, but that wasn't an expression of his individuality, it was only the natural consequence of his bloodline .

He wasn't a human, so it made sense that his centers of power underwent some changes .

Even his dantian was far sturdy than before, Noah had long stopped restraining his cultivation technique when he understood that no amount of stress seemed to affect that organ .

'Almost nine years have passed since my Heaven Tribulation, the breakthrough to the liquid stage should be fairly close . '

Noah let his mind wander after that thought .

He didn't mind waiting a few weeks to heal his body completely, he didn't need to hurry in his search after all .

The demon sects had been exiled a thousand years ago, delaying his mission for a bit wouldn't affect the status of their remains .

Noah left the Ox Woodland when his body and centers of power returned to their peak and flew toward the territories of the Shandal Empire .

The clues gathered by the elders pointed him deep inside the area of influence of the most powerful nation in the Mortal Lands, he wouldn't dare to approach it when wounded .

Noah slowly flew above the countless camps of slaves that filled the areas around the Empire .

The area of influence of that nation was mostly made by defeated nations that had been enslaved and forced to work under its rule .

Chinking sounds continuously resounded from the areas under him as hundreds of slaves excavated the terrain to gather the Vostum needed to sustain the incredible number of cultivators of the Empire .

Noah noticed how the density of "Breath" in the environment kept on diminishing as he ventured deeper into the domain of the Empire .

'Human cultivators generally can't affect the environment, but the Empire has so many of them that the "Breath" is becoming scarce . This is the price to pay for being at the top of the Mortal Lands . '

Noah thought as he flew past those camps .

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The soldiers in charge of those encampments were only human cultivators, they couldn't notice his presence unless he wished for it to happen .

He was still outside of the actual territory of the enemy nation, but his awareness was at its peak nonetheless .

Then, he sensed that someone worthy of his attention was finally coming to greet him .

A heroic cultivator wearing the red robes of the Empire appeared in Noah's vision, and he simply waited in the air for the former to reach him .

"I'm Icy Cascade of the Western Force of the Wardens . It is my job to keep the western border of the Empire safe, so you can understand my surprise in seeing the Demon Prince of the Hive flying in this region . "

The heroic cultivator that greeted Noah was a tall woman with short black hair and a scar that diagonally marked her face .

She wore a stern expression, but traces of fear could be seen in her dark eyes .

It was clear that Noah's presence there was unexpected and that she wasn't comfortable in front of him .

Icy Cascade was a rank 4 cultivator in the gaseous stage with a rank 4 body in the upper tier .

Also, she was an experienced warrior, she had earned her prestigious position in the Wardens through war merits .

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However, Noah gave birth to an intense fear inside her, the natural aura that surrounded his body made her feel like a simple prey .

Noah took out his token when he heard her words, and Icy Cascade slightly relaxed when she understood that he didn't have malicious intentions .

"The higher-ups of our nations have fought together during the crisis of the winged beasts, and you have tried to help Eager Titan . The Empire will respect Chasing Demon's will and your good intentions . "

Icy Cascade said while performing a welcoming gesture .

The agreement that enforced peace between the four nations had worn off after the crisis, but no force wanted to start another conflict too soon .

Also, Noah's situation was quite peculiar due to the wrongdoings of the escorts of the Empire in the natural paradise on the western coast of the new continent .

Icy Cascade didn't mind treating him as a guest due to that event and Chasing Demon's vouch, especially since Noah's intentions could set the foundations for favorable trades .

Noah went straight to the point when the two of them began to fly together deeper into that region .

Icy Cascade needed to send a few mental messages before she could pinpoint the location of the slaves that he had mentioned .

Of course, she wasn't doing that for free, there was a tacit understanding between Noah and her that her services would require a cost when the matter was over .