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Chapter 639: 639
Noah dived toward the terrain as soon as he made sure that the area was safe .

The lines stretched for a while, they created a large formation that covered an area a few hundred meters large .

Noah knew that such a formation could be considered big according to usual standards, but he didn't have much knowledge about that field .

He had seen many teleportation matrixes and the shining lines of the copying formation in Chasing Demon's old training area, but he had never studied that inscription method .

Yet, June had given him a brief explanation .

Generally speaking, formations worked as large diagrams that only required "Breath" to function once set .

Their effects originated from the precious materials and meanings that the formation master put inside the lines when the formation was created .

Inscriptions added meanings and effects to certain items through the same process, but the will used was far denser compared to other inscription methods .

Runes were condensed meanings that took specific forms, and that could produce the intended effects only when a large number of them were used .

Instead, formations used faint meanings, precious materials, and vast arrays to work .

Those were the three leading schools when it came to inscriptions, and all three of them had variegated branches .

The Elemental forging method was a branch of the first category that used incredibly strong wills to fuse precious materials and make them surpass their natural limits .

June's Perfect circuit was a branch of the third category that used her centers of power as cores and her body as a precious material .

Countless branches had appeared through history, but only so many of them had managed to survive the discoveries and achievements that happened through the years .

For example, Divine Demon's inscription method was a branch that made use of both Attunement method and formations and could be considered quite innovative even in the current era .

Of course, Noah knew only the general description of each category, but he had never studied them since the Elemental forging method was a perfect match for his peculiar situation .

He had only learnt from June that formations required a long period of study due to the nature of the materials and lines used to create them .

Each material would express a different effect depending on the meaning applied and the form of the lines .

Formation masters could only learn to predict those effects by testing every material in different ways and adding that knowledge to their studies, it was a vast field filled with long periods of collection of data .

June was better off compared to most students of the formations' filed since she inherited Eccentric Thunder's accumulated knowledge in the matter .

Yet, she would have to perform those tests once her path led her in areas that Eccentric Thunder didn't explore .

'The materials used to trace these lines appear quite consumed . How old is this formation?'

Noah thought as he analyzed the lines of the array inside the mystical fog .

The lines of the formation were still intact, and no trace of erosion could be seen on its surface .

However, the materials inside them were old and rotten, Noah could even smell traces of mold from it .

'I can recognize some similarity with the teleportation matrixes that I've seen, but there are also a lot of differences . I wonder if it works . '

Noah could only compare that array to the others that he had encountered through his life, but there was a limit to how much he could understand .

'A teleportation matrix would explain the complete lack of clues concerning the Flying demon sect and Dreaming demons sect . Might as well try it . '

Noah took a few hundred Credits from his space-ring and threw them inside the formation .

The formation autonomously absorbed the "Breath" contained inside those shining crystals, and some light began to be radiated by its lines .

However, the light soon vanished, and the Credits turned into dust when the "Breath" inside them was depleted .

'It works, but the energy wasn't enough to activate it . '

Noah thought as he observed the process .

It was needless to say that the formation interested him .

It was something that had remained hidden in the depths of a danger zone for who knows how long, that array wasn't mentioned even when he studied the records concerning the mystical fog .

Noah flew again in the air and decided to finish his exploration of the danger zone .

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He would focus on the formation only after he made sure that no clues about the two demon sects could be found inside the fog .

The exploration turned out to be fruitless, he didn't even find other rank 5 creatures in the lower tier to hunt .

He didn't expect to find traces left by the demon sects after discovering the formation, but he still wanted to finish his exploration .

The mystical fog seemed suitable to become his hunting area in the future, and he wanted to have a clear understanding of it before focusing on other matters .

In the end, he returned to the spot where he found the array after sending a few mental messages with his inscribed notebook .

The messages had been sent to the rank 5 elders of the Hive, but even their knowledge carried no trace of that array .

'This formation might be as old as the mystical fog, even Chasing Demon knew nothing about it . '

Noah guessed when he heard the elders' answers .

Ordinary cultivators had no reason to explore the mystical fog, and those in the heroic ranks wouldn't venture in an area that couldn't provide them any benefit .

Not all danger zones could be turned into sources of income, the desert on the southwestern coast was an example of that .

Also, the mystical fog was easily crossable in the Efrana nation, there was no need to venture through its deepest parts to reach the opposite area of influence .

'Let's see where it goes . '

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Noah began to throw Credits inside the formation as soon as he took that decision .

The array absorbed the "Breath" inside the Credits, and its lines began to shine as more and more energy filled their surface .

The power radiated by the lines soon surpassed the human ranks and reached for the heroic ones, but the formation kept on absorbing "Breath" nonetheless .

Noah continued to throw Credits until all the lines began to exude a white light, and their functioning appeared to have reached some sort of harmony .

The formation was active and stable .

Noah didn't dare to step inside it blindly and summoned Havok to test it .

The Night falcon came out of Noah's sleeveless arm and left a trail of corrosive black smoke as it flew inside the light .

The formation flickered at that point, and Noah lost control of his Blood companion .

Havok's body was destroyed when that control was severed, but it soon reformed over his shoulder as if nothing had happened .

Noah kept his eyes closed as he focused on the foggy images that his Blood companion had shared with his mind during the teleportation .

A vast, dark-blue sky had filled Havoc's vision for an instant .