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Chapter 64

Assea moved at full speed alongside the wall .

Noah inside it was only looking at the path in front of him, nothing else was worth his attention .

Some of the snakes in the pack started to hiss in his direction as if it was some kind of entertainment .

Then, when he had crossed a bit less than fifty meters, the first blow arrived .

What Noah initially felt was an incredible pressure that flung him into the wall .

Then, the pain came .

Assea's body was the first line of defense and was shredded into pieces almost immediately!

Noah forced its body to reconstruct but it only delayed the impact on his body for a moment as Assea was wrecked again in just an instant .

He slammed into the wall and many cuts appeared on his skin but, before he suffered any serious injury, he summoned Assea a third time to endure the rest of the attack .

Its body was destroyed till only a silhouette remained but the first blow was successfully blocked!

A huge amount of mental energy was expended because Noah had to withstand the pain Assea felt having its body destroyed three times .

However, as soon as the pain stopped, Noah started to run again, no hesitation was present in his actions .

His eyes were still fixed on the road and he left a trail of blood due to the injuries .

He didn't dare to use the "Breath" to stop the bleeding because all of it was being used for Assea's healing .

The pack of beasts yet had noticed his disguise and began to hiss madly at the sight of the small human hidden in the snake's body .

As if to shut down their noise, the King snorted lightly sending another stream of air in the area in front of it .

Noah had moved for only thirty more meters before the second blow came .

He was once again slammed into the wall and more wounds appeared on his body every time Assea's figure collapsed .

Nevertheless, he held on .

His body was completely red due to the massive blood loss and was excoriated in many parts, but the vitality of a peak rank 2 body gave him the strength to keep running even in that condition .

Noah movements were slower than before but he still managed to cross the last twenty meters entering the mouth of the cavity .

The snakes behind him hissed even more crazily seeing that he had succeeded in reaching the escape route and began to move in its direction as to follow his example .

The King woke up and roared to stop the riot of its pack and a shock wave hit Noah that had just entered the passage .

He hadn't relaxed yet so Assea's body was still covering him .

Its body crumbled at the impact and its figure inside Noah's sea of consciousness cracked .

Noah felt a tremendous pain in his head before getting hit by the roar .

He could not resist even if he tried and his body was sent flying along the passage .

Blood came out from his mouth, ears, and eyes but all he could do was protecting his head to avoid any fatal damage .

He slammed repeatedly on the walls in front of him but the strength of the roar continued to push him forward and he was impotent in front of its might .

Then, he crashed again but this time the rocks of the wall were soft enough for him to dig in them .

His body created a small hole through the stones and finally stopped .

No noise came out of the hole as Noah had fainted due to the last collision .

Two days passed before Noah opened his eyes .

His sight was cloudy and a constant buzz invaded his ears .

It took him a while to remember the situation he was in and a bright smile appeared on his face when he understood that he had survived .

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Then he laughed loudly but had to stop quickly because a wave of pain hit him as he moved .

'I don't want to see a snake anymore in my life . '

After he thought that, he fainted again .




One month later, in an area near Twilboia Cliff .

A field full of shining flowers spanned for two hundred meters .

This place was called Iano field due to the rare flowers that grew there .

The Iano flowers had no use to the cultivators but were very appreciated by couples since they had the ability to gather sunlight making their own figure shine .

At night, they resembled the starry giving a romantic vibe to the scenery .

A small-size noble family called Wilford possessed this field and used it as a small form of income, selling the right to spend the night in that place to anyone that could afford it .

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A guard of the Wilford family was yawning lazily near the fence that determined the entrance to the field and a line of peasants and rich people was waiting for their moment to get inside .

As the line moved on, the guard raised the price of the ingress arousing the anger of the costumers .

However, any time someone tried to complain, he would proudly show his chest where the emblem of his family was and say arrogantly:

"Are you saying that me, an honored guard of the Wilford family, would dare to profit on lowly commoners?"

This was a line he practiced a lot to shut down the complaints about his attitude, after all a small-size family was still a noble family .

This time though, something unexpected happened as soon as he said that .

A slash made of wind shot out from the ground below of the Iano flowers .

A small opening formed showing an intricate passage below the field, illuminated by the shining roots of the flowers .

Noah came out of the opening uncaring of his surroundings .

'To think that the light in the passage was caused by these roots . '

He was almost naked, only some strips of clothes remained on his lower body .

He looked around him and found the guard with his mouth open looking in his direction .

Noah raised the saber in his hand to point at him and spoke in a calm voice .

"Hey you, where is this place?'