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Chapter 642: 642
The words conveyed through the consciousness of the existence inside the castle carried intense tinges of pride .

However, Noah had survived in his long journeys as a lone cultivator because he didn't leave anything to chance .

He was only able to make out the power of the entity inside the castle, but he didn't know anything about his real intentions or situation .

To put it simply, he didn't trust him .

The consciousnesses of the two heroic cultivators didn't send other messages .

Noah remained silent as he observed the reactions of the man inside the castle, and the latter waited for some sort of answer that never arrived .

In the end, the rank 5 cultivator put an end to that silence .

"Who are you, silent one?"

"The Demon Prince of the Chasing demon sect . "


Flying Demon couldn't help but gave a real voice to his surprise when he heard Noah's answer .

His gasp resounded in the area and startled the commoners and rank 1 cultivators living around the castle .

Those men and women came out of their habitations wearing confused expressions .

However, they soon kowtowed toward the castles and began to chant what seemed to be a prayer .

"Praised be the ancient one, for his blood is prosperity . "

"Praised be the ancient one, for his blood is hope . "

"Praised be the ancient one, for his blood is life . "

The kowtowed men and women repeated those lines in unison .

Noah didn't let any detail of that scene escape his eyes and ears .

He saw how those humans appeared used to that procedure, they had an innate synergy that couldn't be achieved in a matter of months .

The prayer though didn't have any hidden effects, it was a simple ritual that those people were used to perform .

Of course, Noah didn't ignore the meaning behind the words of the prayer .

'Blood of the ancient one… Is he feeding them with his blood to make them survive in this wasteland?'

Noah instantly linked the two clues in his mind .

Heroic cultivators were existences far above those in the human ranks, an incredible amount of power filled their entire beings .

'It should be possible, at least theoretically . The blood of a rank 5 cultivator would need to go through many processes and purifications to provide the nourishments that humans need to survive, but it should be possible . '

Noah had even activated the Divine deduction technique to analyze every aspect of that situation in the shortest period .

After all, there was a rank 5 cultivator in front of him .

Nothing had to be left to chance when against such a powerful existence .

The prayer lasted for a few hours, but, when those men and women saw no reactions from the castle, they returned to their habitations to rest .

Noah had remained silent for the whole time, he didn't mind waiting to learn more about that situation .

Yet, he decided to ask a few questions with his consciousness when the crowd under him dispersed .

"Did you keep these people alive with your blood?"

He wasn't worried that his consciousness would be tracked if he kept on releasing mental waves .

The Dark cover spell hid the entirety of his presence, and Flying Demon hadn't been able to pinpoint his location .

That shouldn't happen against someone in the fifth rank, but Noah guessed that there had to be some restrictions on that powerful existence .

Otherwise, why would he just talk instead of coming out to face him?

"Yes . "

"Why? It would be a miracle if one of them reached the second rank . "

Noah questioned Flying Demon again as soon as the latter answered .

"Because they are the future of the Flying demon sect and Dreaming demon sect . Tell me, how is Rufus? He was only at the peak of the fourth rank back then, but he as an heir now . "

Flying Demon's words surprised Noah .

He had heard Chasing Demon's real name only when he listened to Divine Demon's message .

Those words made him start to believe the entity inside the castle, but he still didn't move when he answered .

"Chasing Demon has reached the sixth rank and has tasked me to gather the remains of the demon sects . Our organization is called Hive and would be more than willing to offer protection and support to beings of your caliber . "

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Flying Demon consciousness flickered when Noah's words reached him, and he went silent for a while before resuming to talk .

"Did he avenge Charming Demon?"

"No, not yet . "

"What about the other demon sects?"

"Only ghosts and human cultivators remain, you are the first heroic cultivator that I found during my task . "

Flying Demon hesitated a bit before replying to that statement .

"I am a ghost too, Demon Prince of the Chasing demon sect . Come inside, let's talk face to face . "

Noah heard that offer but didn't move .

He would never go inside the lair of a rank 5 cultivator that he didn't trust, that act went against all his survival instincts .

Flying Demon didn't take much to understand Noah's personality, he had been one of the leaders of the unorthodox organizations of the Papral nation after all .

"You don't trust me, do you?"

"No . "

Noah answered the cultivator's question without showing any hesitation .

He knew fear, he had experienced the feeling of being powerless against an entity far more potent than him .

That was why he couldn't take the first step toward Flying Demon, he would never risk putting himself in one of those helpless situations .

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"My Master would like you . "

Flying Demon said, and an earthquake filled the area when that phrase ended .

The humans came out of their habitation again to pray, but Noah's attention was on the castle .

The large rocks that made the castle began to float and separate from the main structure, creating a large opening on the surface of the building .

Then, a large wooden throne came out from that opening and flew in the sky above those structures .

Noah saw a skeletal man with disheveled white hair and a long white beard sitting on the floating throne .

Countless needles were stabbed on his half-naked, pale body, which seemed not to have even a trace of muscle tissue left .

Inscriptions covered the surface of those needles, and small drops of blood accumulated on their tips .

Noah couldn't help but think that such a mighty cultivator was nothing more than a half-dead man .

"Don't look down on me . My body is drained, and my dantian is a mess, but I can still do wonders with my sea of consciousness . Follow me now, junior, you have to pay your greetings to Dreaming Demon . "

Flying Demon used his rough voice to say those words, and Noah was somewhat able to understand how weakened that rank 5 cultivator was .

His cultivation level wasn't low, Noah guessed that he was on par with Elder Julia, who seemed to be the strongest among the elders .

Yet, he was so weakened that a simple attack could make his body crumble .

Noah decided to follow him at that point .