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Chapter 643: 643
Noah decided to follow Flying Demon when he understood how weakened he was .

He didn't have the confidence in beating him with his power, but he still had items that could protect him and Chasing Demon's talisman .

Flying Demon couldn't kill him in one attack even if he wanted to, his body alone would be enough to prevent that outcome .

The duo flew toward the other castle where the same event from before happened .

The large rocks that made the surface of that structure began to float and opened a passage to the insides of that inscribed habitation .

Flying Demon directly flew through that passage, but Noah inspected that area for a bit before deciding to follow him inside .

A large hall illuminated by the soft light radiated by a few candles could be seen on the other side of the opening, and a few inscriptions covered the floor of that area .

Noah couldn't sense any threat coming from those inscriptions since they were mostly meant to protect something placed at the center of the hall .

His instincts didn't sense any threat, so he decided to follow the elder seated on the wooden throne .

The hall didn't have anything peculiar except for a large bed placed in its center and surrounded by defensive inscriptions .

A woman was sleeping on the bed, and Noah was surprised to realize that she was another rank 5 cultivator .

"I must warn you . "

Flying Demon stopped his tracks and began to speak when Noah laid his eyes on the woman .

"Try anything funny, and I will use all my remaining power to destroy every trace of your existence . "

Killing intent accompanied Flying Demon's words, and Noah felt the fear that it generated inside him .

Noah could sense that the ruined elder still had enough power to launch one last full-powered attack and that he was more than willing to use it to protect the sleeping woman .

"Is she Dreaming Demon?"

Noah asked without showing any reaction to that loud threat .

"Yes, and she is the only reason why our sects have survived during the exile . "

Flying Demon answered before continuing to float toward the bed .

The defensive inscriptions around Dreaming Demon stopped shining when he flew over them, and Noah understood that the elder was opening a path for him .

Noah silently followed him at that point, and Dreaming Demon's features became more evident when he reached a spot right above her .

She was a beautiful middle-aged woman with extraordinarily long and straight black hair .

A pure skin, her small nose, and a pair of slim eyebrows gave her face a harmonious appearance, but it was evident that her sleep wasn't natural .

She would breathe only every few minutes, and a minimal amount of "Breath" and mental energy dispersed in the air every time that happened .

'She is constantly weakening in this state . I'm surprised that she is still in the fifth rank . '

Noah thought when he analyzed her cultivation level .

Dreaming Demon seemed a bit stronger than Elder Julia even after who knows how many years in that state .


Noah asked that simple question, but Flying Demon understood that he wanted a complete explanation of the situation .

"Our sects have been chased out of the Papral nation during Ravaging Demon's betrayal, but I guess you are already aware of that . "

Noah didn't answer and let Flying Demon explain .

After all, he was already a rank 5 cultivator during the exile, his story would be far more detailed compared to the other sources that Noah had questioned .

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"Master and Divine Elder Tabitha left their inheritances in the Mortal Lands when they ascended . Master was a demon to his very core, and he wanted the cultivators of demon sects to find and prove themselves worthy of his heritage . Yet, the orthodox sects' focus is on their organizations as a whole rather than on the personal power of their members . "

Noah agreed with those words .

Orthodox organizations generally had weaker human assets due to the kind of nurturing that they provided to their members .

However, they made up for that weakness with the higher number of cultivators under their domain .

Also, that nurturing didn't prevent the appearance of exceptional individuals .

Orthodox organizations could give birth to powerful heroic assets since cultivators could obtain a strong individuality even in a peaceful environment, it was simply rarer .

"The Ravaging demon sect secretly joined the Council and obtained part of Divine Elder Tabitha's inheritance in exchange for information about the demon sects and their leaders . Ravaging Demon reached the fifth rank in that period, and the Council prepared specific countermeasures for each of us . Our defeat was unavoidable . "

Noah didn't show any reaction, but he could somewhat understand Ravaging Demon .

He had found an opportunity to reach the fifth rank and sacrificed all his allies to claim it .

That act required a lot of determination and planning, especially with the threat of a divine being in the Immortal Lands .

The truth was that Noah had already considered exploiting the weakened state of those two rank 5 elders to obtain their dantians, but the task didn't seem feasible .

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Also, a large part of him thought that it wasn't worth it .

Adding two rank 5 elders to the ranks of the Hive would directly improve his situation, and he didn't necessarily need those nourishments .

Noah didn't believe that to be the best approach, even if those two dantians were to push his body in the middle tier .

After all, he could obtain the same results while hunting magical beasts, but nothing could compare to increasing the number of rank 5 heroic assets of the Hive .

"Dreaming Demon is a genius and a pioneer in her field . Her techniques allow her to interfere with the Heaven and Earth's will in the world and divine specific aspects or even future events . She managed to divine this separate dimension with her abilities, but the effort has forced her in this state . "

Noah couldn't help but think about Ruth when he heard those words .

Yet, he knew that Dreaming Demons' feats were far more amazing since she was forcing Heaven and Earth to reveal something .

"She said that every other path would lead to our destruction, but there was hope for our survival inside this dimension . I still remember her words from a thousand years ago . "

A warm smile formed on Flying Demon's skeletal face at that point, and Noah's eyes widened when his words resounded inside the hall .

"I can see the Council crushing us and the Shandal Empire enslaving us at the end of each of those roads . Yet, it seems that even Heaven and Earth can't predict what would happen if we enter the formation . There is only darkness on the other side, and darkness is our only hope . "