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Chapter 644: 644
Dreaming Demon had been able to foresee the destruction of the two demon sects, but she couldn't see what would have happened if they entered the separate dimension .

"So, you trusted her words and stayed in this dimension for a thousand years . Why didn't you just leave? Why did you even consume your body to feed those weaklings?"

Noah asked .

He couldn't understand why such a mighty existence would force himself to remain in that place over a divination .

"You learn to trust your lover with your life after you spend decades with her . "

Flying Demon's answer was short, but it explained the reason behind his complete trust in her predictions .

"Why the feeding then? And why didn't you just leave with her after so many centuries?"

Noah continued to ask questions, that situation simply didn't make sense in his mind .

Flying Demon released a weak sigh and flew away from the hall to return in the outside world when he heard Noah's words .

Noah followed him and was confused when he saw the elder stopping in the air above the castles and staring at the two moons in the sky .

"Invading Heaven and Earth's will has a cost, even for rank 5 existences . Dreaming Demon can use her power to pay it, but she can't recover with her own energies . It's as if the world curses her when she performs her divinations . "

Flying Demon then slowly lifted a finger, and strange energy began to gather in the air above the houses where the commoners and rank 1 cultivators lived .

"Her energy can only be replenished by cultivators that train in her same methods . I spent these years passing down her techniques to the same humans that I kept alive . "

The energy condensed and flew toward the castle where Dreaming Demon was sleeping .

Noah followed it with his gaze and activated the Divine deduction technique to analyze it .

The energy seemed some sort of mental energy, only far thinner .

Yet, it was clear that it came from the minds of the sleeping rank 1 cultivators inside the houses .

"Her energy has been replenished during all those years, but she still won't wake up . I think her consciousness has atrophied after sleeping for so many centuries . "

Flying Demon appeared on the verge of falling apart when he said those words, the condition of his lover hurt him deeply .

However, Noah still had some doubts .

"Why didn't you just take her outside?"

Noah asked .

He could guess that most of the resources of the demon sects had been lost during the escape, and they didn't have pills or potions that could improve their situation .

Yet, there was a whole world outside of that dimension that had them!

"Exiting this separate dimension is not easy . This place is as large as the continent . It would be hard to find the exit . "

"You had one thousand years to explore it . "

Noah commented on Flying Demon's excuse .

His answer didn't make sense, he was a rank 5 cultivator after all!

It would take him less than a decade to explore the entirety of the dimension and find the teleportation matrix that linked that place to the outside world .

Also, since the scenery there was always the same, it would take even less to find the exit .

"Demon Prince of the Chasing Demon sect, my words alone can't explain the dangers of this place . Wait two days, and you will have your answers . "

Flying Demon returned inside his castle at that point, leaving a confused Noah in the air .

Yet, two days were nothing for a heroic cultivator, and Noah simply spent them letting his mind ponder about the situation and his individuality .

He had already decided that he would simply leave those two elders to their fate and hand the matter to the Hive once he resurfaced .

Exploring a separate dimension as large as the old continent was quite appealing, and Noah wouldn't waste that chance to be in the company of two ruined cultivators .

However, when two days passed, something strange happened inside the dimension .

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The moons suddenly stopped their motion, and "Breath" began to come out from their surface .

The moons were just a creation of the dimension, but Noah recognized the "Breath" that came out from the moon closest to his position since it was identical to that found inside the mystical fog!

The "Breath" though didn't reach the terrain but accumulated in the sky where it condensed into black clouds .

Orange sparks filled the surface of the clouds that covered the entirety of the central area of the dimension .

The memories of the Cursed dragons appeared inside Noah's mind at that sight .

The scene was remarkably similar to what he had seen in his dreams .

However, the might of that Heaven Tribulation didn't match that in his dreams .

The black clouds began to release lightning bolts that crashed on the ground and destroyed large chunks of the endless prairie .

Nevertheless, the dimension depleted the "Breath" inside its fabric to quickly reform that terrain .

A cycle of destruction and reconstruction followed the arrival of the black clouds, and Noah analyzed everything with the utmost attention .

The barrage of lightning was as large as the area of influence of the empire, it occupied one-third of the dimension, separating it into two safe zones and a dangerous one .

The Tribulation lasted until all the "Breath" inside the clouds was depleted and dispersed immediately after .

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Noah noticed how the "Breath" in the air had slightly diminished after that process .

It was evident that the separate dimension had used its reserves of energy to fix the damages caused by the lightning bolts .

"What have you discovered in these years?"

Noah asked without moving his gaze from the horizon, but Flying Demon knew that the question was directed to him .

He flew outside of his castle again at that point and reached Noah, who was standing in the air above it .

"There is a similar Tribulation every week, and the power of the lightning bolts in the central areas reaches the sixth rank . This side of the dimension doesn't have the exit, and I've only managed to explore less than half of the central area before being injured by the Tribulation . We are trapped . "

Flying Demon's words entered Noah's mind, but he wasn't affected by the helplessness that they carried .

The Tribulation was scary, but there were ways to escape from that situation .

'I can create an exit through sheer power, but I think that Flying Demon has already tried it . Wait for the "Breath" inside the dimension to be depleted? That would take too much time . Yet, I might be able to cross it with the help of the two elders . '

Noah began to analyze his possibilities, but Flying Demon interrupted his thoughts with a few words .

"Darkness is our only hope… Demon Prince, your element is darkness, right?"