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Chapter 645: 645
It wasn't hard to understand the aptitude of heroic cultivators .

Their figures naturally exuded an aura in line with their element, and a short inspection was enough to understand the aptitude of those powerful entities .

Noah had a dark halo continually surrounding him, and Flying Demon could immediately guess his element due to that feature .

"The future is a mystery filled with uncertainties . I don't want the weight of your hope . "

Noah replied to Flying Demon .

Even Heaven and Earth had failed to predict his future, there was no chance that a rank 5 cultivator could succeed where they had failed .

Instead, her divination proved something else .

'She hadn't been able to predict the events inside this separate dimension, but she could see the destruction of the two demon sects on the other paths . This place should have something similar to my innate mistake . It is a world that doesn't belong to Heaven and Earth . '

Noah began to formulate hypotheses, but he soon turned toward Flying Demon .

The broken rank 5 cultivator had remained in that place for a thousand years, his understanding of the dimension had to be profound .

"Tell me everything you've discovered over the years . I can't carry your hope, but I might be able to grant it . "

Noah said, and Flying Demon took a long look at the young-looking cultivator next to him .

Intense green eyes could be seen under his half-closed eyelids, there was life hidden under that skeletal body .

His body was on the verge of falling apart, and his dantian had been injured when he explored the central areas of the dimension, but his sea of consciousness was fine .

There wasn't much that could be hidden from a rank 5 mage, especially since Noah's mind was still in the fourth rank .

However, Flying Demon felt that he couldn't grasp the entirety of Noah's being, it was as if he had a violent form of protection that naturally covered his figure .

The rank 5 elder didn't know if he could trust Noah and couldn't understand it from his inspection .

Yet, he could realize in an instant that the Demon Prince of the Chasing demon sect was amazing .

That realization made him begin to speak .

The separate dimension cut off any form of communication with the outside world .

That was a feature often seen in similar places, but the presence of the Heaven Tribulation showed that there was some connection with the landmass above .

"In my long years spent here, I've concluded that the creator of this dimension wanted to replicate the Mortal Lands . I don't know the reasons behind that gesture nor what the creator wanted to obtain with it . Still, I know that Heaven and Earth didn't like it . "

Flying Demon explained the conclusions that he had reached in the past centuries, and Noah attentively listened to him .

"This dimension is as large as the continent, but it wasn't created in only one process . Its borders aren't stable nor fixed, which I believe isn't random . The creator has probably slowly enlarged it through the years and aimed to cover the entirety of the Mortal Lands with it . "

Noah could only nod at those words .

He didn't know much about separate dimensions, so he could only trust the words of the elders .

Of course, the idea that someone had attempted to replicate the Mortal Lands surpassed any definition of defiance .

After all, that was a feat worthy of a god!

"This is only my supposition . Still, I think that the mountain chain on the south and the mystical fog in the north have been placed by Heaven and Earth to seep their "Breath" and cause the Tribulations . The energy passes through the moons every week and only when they are precisely under those danger zones . The moons might be Heaven and Earth's creations too . "

'It would make sense . Heaven and Earth have tried to stop my fusion, and the same would apply to this place . '

Noah thought when he heard those words .

He felt that there was something more about that dimension, but Flying Demon's explanation seemed to cover most of its nature .

"I've tried to create an exit, but all my efforts only pushed the limits of the dimension backward, stretching it in the process . I've tried to contact the outside world by flying toward the moons during the gathering of "Breath", but nothing manages to reach the other side . Yet, this dimension has almost reached its limits, it would only take a few more centuries before Heaven and Earth manage to destroy it . "

Noah shot a cold gaze toward Flying Demon at that point .

He wasn't willing to wait centuries in that wasteland, the stillness of that world would hinder his progress .

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'Chasing Demon has surpassed Flying Demon because he was outside, gathering experiences . I can't remain here . Also, waiting for Heaven and Earth to save me is something that I refuse to do with every fiber of my being . '

Those thoughts rose inside Noah's mind and awakened his anger toward those mighty entities .

'Heaven and Earth have punished me for not following their script and have cursed my species, how could I even wait for their help?'

The Divine deduction technique activated, and Noah quickly evaluated all his possibilities .

He didn't care that there was a safe way out, he wanted to cross the hindrance created by Heaven and Earth!

After all, that drive was part of his individuality, submitting to their help would just break his ambition .

"Bring me back in front of Dreaming Demon . "

Noah said while suppressing a growl .

His words carried a weight that Flying Demon didn't fail to notice .

They were orders .

The elder was a bit hesitant, but he agreed to his request when he saw the sheer resolution radiated by the Demon Prince .

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The violent halo seemed to have stabilized a bit, it was as if it had found a specific focus .

The duo returned inside the castle where Dreaming Demon slept, and Noah poured "Breath" inside his space-ring to materialize the spirit automaton in the outside world .

"What are you trying to do?"

Flying Demon exclaimed when he saw that Noah wanted to do something to his sleeping lover, but Noah's answer gave birth to an unstoppable wave of hope inside him .

"Let me be clear, whatever happens from now on, you owe me . "

Flying Demon couldn't understand how a rank 4 cultivator in the gaseous stage could generate so much pressure, but he nodded nonetheless .

Noah let the spirit automaton scan Dreaming Demon's condition at that point and listened to its analysis inside his mind .

"You'd better pay me back . "

Noah said with a sigh as he took out something from his space-ring .

A simple-looking transparent bottle that seemed to have nothing in its insides appeared in his grasp .

However, the aura of a rank 5 drug spread in the hall as soon as it appeared in the open .