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Chapter 646: 646
Divine Demon's inheritance had given Noah a large stash of potions and pills that targeted the three centers of power .

However, Divine Demon had kept everything in the sixth rank and above with him when he ascended, leaving only the resources up to the fifth rank in his inheritance .

Yet, the resources in the heroic ranks were limited, Noah only had a few pills and potions in the fourth rank .

As for those in the fifth rank, he only had three of them, one for each center of power .

Noah treasured them, they could act as lifesavers in situations that would inevitably lead to his death .

Nevertheless, he had decided to take one of them out in the separate dimension hidden under the mystical fog .

Noah didn't accept to remain trapped for centuries in that poor environment, but he didn't delude himself into thinking that he could survive the Tribulations by himself .

He needed the help of the two rank 5 existences that had once been the leaders of the unorthodox sects of the Papral nation .

His space-ring was a rank 6 inscribed item, and its spirit automaton could evaluate a countless number of resources, as well as how effective they could be in certain situations .

Noah had summoned it to analyze Dreaming Demon's condition, and its diagnosis dictated that only a rank 5 medicine that targeted the sea of consciousness could fix her issue .

'This could save my life one day, but I would be forced to stay in this place for centuries if I don't use it . It's just a matter of staying true to my individuality . Resources are just a tool on the path toward power . '

Noah suppressed the remaining traces of hesitation inside him and opened the bottle while turning it upside down .

The bottle seemed empty, but both Noah and Flying Demon could sense that a warm and invisible substance fell on Dreaming Demon and enveloped her sea of consciousness .

Flying Demon gasped at that sight but forced himself to remain silent .

It was as if he was worried that the slight sound might affect the process .

On the other side, Noah completely focused .

Awakening Dreaming Demon was a risk, he didn't know her personality nor her actual power .

He didn't even know if her abilities worked in that place!

However, the separate dimension was too large, and searching for the exit through the barrage of lightning wasn't possible .

He needed her skills to discover the location of the exit .

Dreaming Demon's eyelids twitched as the invisible substance healed her anthropized mental sphere, and a soft moan resounded in the hall .

Flying Demon's tired eyes had widened when he heard her voice again after such a long time, and his whole body trembled when he saw his lover opening her eyes .

Tears fell from his eyes and cracked the skin under them as they traced wet lines across his face .

His body was so weak that even pure tears of joy wounded it, but he didn't seem to care .

His gaze was fixed on the woman that was slowly straightening herself and analyzing her surroundings with a confused gaze .

Dreaming Demon's eyes first noticed Noah staring at her with a cold gaze, but they then landed on the skeletal elder seated on the floating throne .

Her confusion seemed to increase when she saw Flying Demon, but she didn't move her gaze from him .

Clarity slowly returned to her expression, but it was soon replaced by sorrow .

"Arthur, what have you done?"

Dreaming Demon spoke, and her broken voice anticipated the arrival of her tears .

Yet, Flying Demon's mouth formed an ugly smile as he gave an honest answer .

"Everything I needed to do to keep you alive . "

The sides of Flying Demon's mouth cracked when he smiled, his body wasn't even able to endure such a natural expression of happiness .

Dreaming Demon stretched her hand toward her lover, but she quickly retracted it .

She was too worried that her simple touch would be enough to make Flying Demon's body crumble .

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The duo stared at each other in silence, and their expressions radiated countless emotions .

Noah closed his eyes for a moment when he saw the scene of their reunion, and two pills had appeared in his hands when he reopened them .

"Heal, catch up, make up for the time lost . We'll face the Tribulations when you are ready . "

The two pills were rank 4 drugs that targeted the body and dantian, and Noah threw them on the large bed as he said those words .

Then, he flew away from the castle and left the two lovers alone .

He had given the two rank 5 elders everything they needed to recover, but he couldn't do anything about their individuality .

Dreaming Demon had only slept for that period, but Flying Demon had sacrificed his body for a thousand years .

That process was bound to leave lasting cracks in his personality, and it would be up to him to face and solve them .

'They'll heal faster in each other's arms . I can't do anything else for them . Also, I need to focus on myself . '

Noah thought as he flew toward a random area in the prairie at some distance from the castles and landed on its fake terrain .

Giving orders to rank 5 existences, using his stash of potions to heal them, and his resolution to face the Tribulations instead of waiting weren't only decisions taken due to that situation .

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They were expressions of his individuality and his growth as a cultivator .

He would have never given up on such precious drugs when he was only a lone cultivator, and he would have never chosen to take the dangerous path when a safe one was available .

Those decisions showed what he was slowly becoming as he explored his depths, and as he absorbed the laws of the darkness element .

His bloodline gave him the pride of a leader, which allowed him to see benefits that empowering his organization could bring .

His unwillingness to be suppressed and his anger toward Heaven and Earth led him to challenge the Tribulations, even if his power didn't seem able to defeat them .

Those decisions ultimately affected his mindset that reflected its insights on his dantian .

Noah had instinctively flown in that empty area since his body had noticed the changes inside his dantian before his mind could .

Gaseous "Breath" kept on accumulating inside his dantian, and a large amount of the laws that the darkness element carried began to fuse with its walls .

Noah felt the absorption speed of his cultivation technique increase before stopping all of a sudden .

The muscles on his low waist churned and squeezed his dantian, which began to contract .

The gaseous "Breath" inside his center of power condensed and started to transform .

Little by little, the black shining cloud inside Noah's dantian became a slim black drop that radiated a sharp pressure .