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Chapter 647: 647
Rank 4 dantian in the liquid stage!

Noah had finally reached the next stage after almost ten years of continuous cultivation!

'The time required for each breakthrough can only increase as my rank rises . I can only accept the fact that I'm moving forward as fast as I can . '

Noah thought as he analyzed the drop of liquid "Breath" inside his dantian .

His center of power had condensed the "Breath" on its own .

The pressure generated by the muscles in his low waist had been enough to imitate the effects of a reagent .

Noah's mental energy had changed, so it was understandable that his dantian had gone through some modifications too .

The sturdiness of its walls was just one of its new features, and the lack of hindrances during a breakthrough seemed to be another one of them .

However, Noah was too interested in the nature of his new "Breath" to ponder about those features .

The black drop inside his center of power shone with a constant dark light, but its shape and the aura that it radiated made it appear different from the usual "Breath" .

The drop was slim and sharp, and it could be easily mistaken for a metal shard if it wasn't for its liquid features .

Noah calmly waited for his cultivation technique to absorb more "Breath" so that he could inspect its nature better .

His dantian didn't try to stabilize, it directly began to enlarge after the breakthrough .

Noah didn't stop that process since his organ didn't show any signs of instability, he was actually interested in seeing if there even were limits to how much stress it could endure .

"Breath" accumulated inside his center of power, but it didn't follow the usual behavior that the energy on that stage should have .

Generally speaking, the liquid "Breath" would form some sort of lake that filled the entirety of the dantian and pushed its walls to expand .

Yet, Noah could only see how the drop didn't take a spherical form and only grew in size .

'A metal shard is slowly turning into a saber . '

That conclusion didn't surprise him .

Noah had wielded sabers since the early stages of the childhood of his second life .

Also, he didn't abandon the martial arts due to a series of events, leading him to be one of the few heroic cultivators that still fought while wielding weapons .

After all, heroic cultivators would need inscribed weapons able to endure their might if they wanted to use martial arts that matched their level .

Rank 4 inscribed weapons could still be found quite easily if those existences had good backing, but those in the fifth rank were on a completely different level .

It took a rank 5 cultivator to handle rank 5 materials, and there weren't many beings on that level and with the required skill that would create weapons for others .

Only the Utra nation was somewhat advanced in that field due to its consistent investments in the inscriptions' fields, but even that big nation would have to face the expenses of such precious materials .

However, Noah's inscription method was peculiar, and his core material was his body .

The losses linked to a failure in the creation of an inscribed weapon would be more limited compared to those of other inscription masters .

Noah had wielded sabers for most of his life even if he added his previous life to the sum, and it wasn't a surprise that his individuality would take a similar form .

'I wonder what other effects does it have . '

Noah thought as he controlled his liquid "Breath" move at the center of his palm .

The sharp drop appeared on his open hand and began to radiate its innate aura when it came in contact with the outside world .

Violent and slim waves spread from the floating drop and affected the fabric of the separate dimension .

Noah saw how the air around the drop began to destabilize under that aura .

The destabilization continued until the air fell apart and turned into primary energy similar to that in his Liquid dantian .

Noah continued to watch that process and activated the Divine deduction technique to analyze the details that his normal awareness might miss .

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'The separate dimension is made of "Breath", and the destruction of its structure would obviously release that energy . However, the aura radiated by the drop acts as the absorption process of my body, it directly turns everything in its most basic form . '

The analysis led Noah to that conclusion .

His liquid "Breath" had taken the shape of a saber and radiated a spreading sharpness .

Still, it seemed that the violence of the magical beasts had affected the natural behavior that a blade was supposed to have .

Noah inhaled and forcefully absorbed the primary energy created by the drop .

Most of that energy seeped in his body and fused with it, but some of it even entered the dark whirlpool in his dantian .

The energy didn't increase its size though, it fused with its walls and disappeared without leaving any trace .

It was at that point that understanding dawned upon Noah .

'I'm a sword that cuts through the world of Heaven and Earth . My very existence radiates their flaws, which I naturally spread as I keep on living . Also, what I affect can become mine if I want!'

The breakthrough to the liquid stage gave Noah a clear view of his existence .

'My first meaning in the Elemental forging method was a sword, that is my shape . A sword that destroys to obtain the basic energy to create, and that, one day, would be strong enough to exude its own basic energy . '

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Noah stood up at that point .

He felt as if his mind had just been able to fuse the two worlds that his hybrid status represented .

'A sword for the humans and voracity for the magical beasts . Together, they make a weapon that innately destabilizes the world to open a path for creations outside of Heaven and Earth's grasp . '

Noah looked at his right arm, but he quickly suppressed the idea of forging a rank 5 Demonic sword .

His breakthrough gave him a more abundant energy pool, but it didn't raise his battle prowess since the latter originated from his Liquid dantian .

Yet, it showed him where all his accumulated experiences had led him, the form that he had taken after all his adventures .

There was a newfound clarity in his mind, and Noah enjoyed it for a few instants before deciding to begin his preparations .

The Tribulation at the center of the separate dimension was extremely dangerous, and he would have to face many of them before reaching the opposite area .

Noah had initially planned to focus on his offensive spells since his body provided an exceptional form of defense already .

Still, the situation required him to further improve in that aspect .

So, he decided to begin the modifications to the Black hole spell's translated diagram .