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Chapter 648: 648
The effects radiated by his liquid "Breath" would spread to his techniques and spells when Noah used it as its fuel .

He noticed that when he began to test the modifications that he made on the will representing the diagram of the Black hole spell .

The dark sphere would autonomously absorb part of the "Breath" in the air around it since the sharpness radiated by its form destroyed it .

Of course, those effects were still barely noticeable .

Noah's individuality had just begun to affect his centers of power, that was only his second step toward the higher levels of the heroic ranks .

However, it was enough to set a direction .

The effects of his liquid "Breath" weren't carried by the energy stored inside his Liquid dantian, but Noah could guess how they would become a core aspect of his battle prowess in the future .

Tuning his abilities to his individuality was necessary if he wanted to wield the full power that his entity was able to express .

Yet, that was something that could only happen when his dantian reached the solid stage and matched the energy stored inside the Liquid dantian .

Noah spent weeks alone in that empty spot of the separate dimension to test the modifications on the Black hole spell .

He intended to fuse its diagram with that of the Dark blast spell to create an attack that could use the energy absorbed while defending to fuel a powerful offensive .

He was even trying to add a lasting effect to that attack to suit the dangerous situation that he chose to face better .

Flying through a barrage of powerful lightning bolts would surely exhaust his reserves of energy .

Still, that issue could be somewhat mitigated if he managed to use the power of the Tribulation to his advantage .

Nevertheless, the diagram of the Black hole spell could express a power up to the fifth rank .

Modifying and perfecting it wasn't something that could be done in a matter of weeks .

The two rank 5 elders didn't show themselves in that period, but Noah wasn't worried that they wouldn't agree to his decision .

He had seen how fond Flying Demon was of Dreaming Demon, and Noah had managed to give her back to him .

Dreaming Demon seemed to share the same deep feeling, so Noah was sure that they would feel compelled to follow his lead .

They were rank 5 cultivators, their individuality was formed, and they couldn't just forsake it .

Their feelings were real, so they had to follow them, or the foundation on which their power was built would shake .

A few more weeks had to pass before Noah had a visitor .

Dreaming Demon left the castle and flew toward the young-looking heroic cultivator that was creating dark spheres in the air around him .

There was some respect in her expression when she reached for Noah, and also evident traces of gratitude .

"Demon Prince of the Chasing demon sect, words can't express how grateful Flying Demon and I are for your help . "

Dreaming Demon said as she performed a deep bow when she landed behind Noah .

She didn't straighten her posture even after a few minutes had passed, and she seemed willing to maintain her bow until he said otherwise .

On the other hand, Noah didn't give much importance to those formalities .

The feelings conveyed through her words were enough for him, what mattered next was her skill .

"It's Hive now, the Chasing demon sect doesn't exist anymore . The sect has fused with the other underground organizations of the Coral archipelago after claiming its independence and became the fourth force in the Mortal Lands . "

Noah said as he turned and gestured to the elder to abandon that polite bow .

"Chasing Demon, the Patriarch, ordered me to look for the remains of the demon sects, which ultimately led me here . The power of the Hive would increase by a lot if you elders were to join it . "

Noah briefly explained while hinting that he wanted to recruit the two Demons .

Adding two rank 5 cultivators to the Hive would make its power skyrocket, especially if those two entities were the Demons that had once ruled half of the Papral nation .

Generally speaking, their potential was similar to Chasing Demon's, they could very well strive for the sixth rank if they managed to recover from their injuries .

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"No need to worry . Chasing Demon is a friend, and we own our lives to the Hive . I've already discussed the matter with Flying Demon . We'll follow you through the lightning storm and pay you back if we survive . "

Noah nodded when he heard Dreaming Demon's words, that was precisely what he wanted to hear .

"Flying Demon said that you divined this place with your abilities . I need you to discover the location of the exit, and I need you to be as precise as possible . Can you do it?"

Dreaming Demon closed her eyes after Noah's question and spread her consciousness on the area around her .

Her mental waves stretched far beyond the capabilities of Noah's mind, the power of a rank 5 mage was on a completely different level .

Her mental waves though seemed different from the normal ones .

They were thin and almost imperceptible, they gently seeped into the structure of the separate dimension and disappeared inside its matter .

Even Dreaming Demon's consciousness became thinner during the process, Noah couldn't help but think that her mind was leaving her body .

Then, she suddenly retracted all her mental waves inside her sea of consciousness and reopened her eyes .

Her gaze slowly regained some focus, but some drowsiness could be seen in her expression when she returned completely conscious .

"This dimension is frail . I can easily investigate it . "

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Dreaming Demon said when she analyzed the information carried by the retracted mental waves, but she felt the need to explain further when she saw that Noah's expression remained stern .

"I can fuse my consciousness with the world around me for a brief period . Heaven and Earth are nigh-omniscient, I can see through their eyes when I fuse with the outside world and take glances at the future . However, this dimension is outside of their domain . I can only look into it when I'm inside it . "

Her explanation was quite detailed, and Noah had to suppress his amazement when he heard it .

Dreaming Demon didn't have the ability to divine future events, that feature was a consequence of the fusion of her consciousness with Heaven and Earth!

'No wonder she kept on sleeping even after one thousand years, I can't imagine the kind of drawbacks that such an ability has . '

Noah thought as he gave voice to another question .

"Did you find the exit?"

Dreaming Demon shook her head while giving a simple answer .

"My mental sphere has yet to recover completely . I will only risk falling asleep again if I investigate further . I need some time, and Flying Demon needs it too . "

"There is no hurry, and time is all we have right now . Focus on returning to your peak . We can prepare later . "

Noah said after her reply, and she performed a bow before leaving to return to the castles .