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Chapter 649
The injuries of the two rank 5 cultivators were severe .

They couldn't heal in a matter of weeks .

Dreaming Demon had been asleep for a thousand years, and her sea of consciousness had become extremely fragile in that period .

Noah's rank 5 potion had been able to awaken her and restore some of her abilities, but she still needed some time .

On the other hand, Flying Demon's situation was far worse .

He had used his body to feed the commoners and rank 1 cultivators to accumulate the energy needed for Dreaming Demon's awakening, reaching a point where even his tears could break his skin .

Also, his dantian had been wounded during his exploration of the central areas of the dimension .

Most of the assets of the demon sects had been lost during the exile, and he didn't have drugs that could solve his injury .

He would have been healed by now if he had just rested, but he needed to keep on weakening his body for Dreaming Demon's sake .

That constant weakening had stopped the natural healing of his dantian and further worsened his situation .

That would have ultimately led to his death, but Flying Demon didn't care about it as long as he managed to keep his lover alive .

The rank 4 pills that Noah had given him weren't enough to fix his center of power, but they would be enough to make the healing process start again .

Noah learnt about the details concerning their state since Dreaming Demon kept on visiting him every few weeks .

She seemed set on keeping him updated about their conditions, and Noah took those chances to inform her about the events that had happened while their sects were trapped inside the separate dimension .

Dreaming Demon did the same and shared specific details about the exile from the Papral nation that only someone who had seen it with its own eyes could know .

It turned out that the twelve demon sects were quite close before the exile and shared most of their discoveries .

That behavior was to be expected since their leaders were all disciples of Divine Demon, which was also why Ravaging Demon's betrayal managed to produce such a drastic outcome .

Yet, that was the reason why Flying Demon knew the techniques of the Bleeding demon sect and could turn his body into nourishment for the commoners and rank 1 cultivators .

The technique to gather the special energy to make Dreaming Demon's recover was included in that too .

Their conversations even uncovered the reasons why Noah owned such powerful drugs .

"So, Master's inheritance is what ultimately led to the independence of the Coral archipelago . No wonder Chasing Demon gave you the title of Demon Prince when you were only a human cultivator . He was the most respectful of us toward Master . "

Dreaming Demon commented when Noah told her about the events under the Great Whirlpool .

Of course, Noah kept the matter concerning the Divine deduction technique a secret, not even June knew about it .

It couldn't be helped, the presence of a divine technique in the Mortal Lands was something that could turn the entire world against him .

Noah believed that even his incredible body-nourishing technique wouldn't cause the same chaos as the inscriptions on the walls of his mental sphere .

After all, the creations and modifications of his techniques, methods, and spells went smoothly because of the Divine deduction technique!

No other cultivator could match his number of successes in such a short time and with his same cultivation level .

One technique made him able to develop his current battle prowess, every heroic cultivator in the world would kill to obtain it .

Then, during his fourth month inside the separate dimension, Noah saw that Dreaming Demon had come to visit him with her lover .

Noah had become used to the sight of the Tribulations by then, and he had seen how they happened exactly every week just as Flying Demon had explained .

However, he was still surprised when he saw how the drugs and the period of rest had benefitted the rank 5 elder .

Flying Demon was standing on his own feet as he walked on the prairie .

Dreaming Demon was next to him, ready to help if a complication or a sudden worsening of his condition was to happen .

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Flying Demon's body still appeared skinny and fragile, but a rosy color had begun to fill his pale skin .

A few strands of muscles had grown back, and he had cut his long beard .

His long hair showed some tinge of blackness, and he managed to keep his eyelids open without looking drowsy .

He was clearly recovering at a fast pace .

"I must say, you hide wonders in that space-ring . Master's drugs are one thing, but the magical beasts' corpses… How many of them do you even have? Do they all come from that new continent?"

Flying Demon asked with a smile on his face .

Noah had provided some of the corpses inside his space-ring to feed the elders and replace the source of blood for the commoners .

The fact that Flying Demon had managed to survive without eating anything for one thousand years didn't mean that he didn't need to do it .

He had simply pushed himself over his limits for his lover, which was probably the reason why he had managed to remain sane despite the helpless situation .

"Yes, you will see it once we come out of this place . The Hive has moved its headquarters there since the old continent doesn't have room for a fourth force . How much until you both return to your peak?"

Noah said when the two elders arrived behind him .

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He had been lost in his training and tests during those months, and he used his stash of rank 4 magical beasts to appease his hunger .

The few months spent in that way had passed in less than an instant in his mind .

He barely noticed them .

Yet, he still wanted to have a clear idea about that situation .

Waiting even a few years wasn't an issue, but a clear schedule might make him decide to focus on certain spells rather than on others .

Also, the nature of his "Breath" had given him ideas for a second form of his Dragon's claw martial art .

So, he wanted to understand how much it would take to begin the crossing .

"Dreaming Demon is almost back to her peak . She just needs to gather the energy from the sleeping commoners and cultivators for a few more weeks . I might need a few years though . "

Flying Demon answered, and Noah simply nodded at the duo .

The elder had just confirmed his suspects, and Noah didn't hesitate to decide that he would improve all his skills in that period .