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Chapter 650: 650
Waiting for both elders to return to their peak took some years, and Noah didn't mind it .

He had just reached the liquid stage, and there wouldn't be other breakthroughs anytime soon .

That left him with a lot of free time to dedicate to his abilities .

Noah had many spells in his possession, but only a few of them were suitable to be modified .

The diagram of the Demonic form spread on the Kesier runes that floated over the sea inside his mind, and Noah didn't even try to translate it .

That spell was connected with the Kesier runes, which brought the level of difficulty of the diagram on a higher level and a different inscription field .

Noah didn't know much about runes and formations, his expertise only covered the wills .

The body-inscription spell had the same issue .

It used many teachings belonging to the formations' field to work, which he couldn't modify .

On the other hand, the Ethereal form spell was simply incompatible with his new body .

The amount of energy that it would require to turn his body ethereal would surpass what he was able to provide even if he modified the spell .

That high cost in terms of energies made the diagram unworthy of being translated, its effects didn't match its requirements .

As for the Death area spell, Noah just gave up on it .

That ability didn't suit his fighting style, and its effects were only average, there was no point in wasting time over something that he wouldn't use .

However, he modified the rest of his spells during those years and even added a second form to his Dragon's claw martial art .

He was ready to face the Tribulations after four years spent in the separate dimension .

He was set on starting the crossing as soon as the elders finished their preparations .

Flying Demon had recovered in those years .

His hair had wholly returned to their original black color as his body kept on improving .

His dantian had healed too in that period .

The elder had reached the state in which he was before the exile of the demon sects .

Dreaming Demon was even better off .

Her sea of consciousness had returned to her peak, and her cultivation level had improved as she waited for her lover to recover .

She had even used her ability to discover the location of the exit, which turned out to be right under the mountain chain that divided the areas of influence of the Empire and the Utra nation .

Flying Demon's deductions seemed to be on point .

It was probable that the mountain chain and the mystical fog had been created by Heaven and Earth to invade the separate dimension with their will .

As for the commoners and the rank 1 cultivators, Dreaming Demon decided to kill them after the energy expended for her last divination had been replenished .

The elders and Noah were set on crossing an area that saw Tribulations happening every week .

The power of the barrage of lightning next to their area resembled that of a rank 4 Heaven Tribulation .

Still, its might reached the sixth rank in the central zones .

Those humans couldn't survive the crossing, and the three heroic cultivators didn't have methods to carry them alongside their journey .

Also, they would starve to death without Flying Demon performing the techniques of the Bleeding demon sect on his body or the magical beasts' corpses .

Leaving them there without any form of food would just lead to ugly situations, so Dreaming Demon decided to kill them as soon as they had fulfilled their role .

The only issue at that point was that the elders didn't leave the castles for months after they had completely recovered .

Noah didn't mind it at the beginning, but the environment of the separate dimension could only offer a constant stillness that couldn't benefit his individuality in any way .

He had often pondered about the destructive nature of the Tribulations since his liquid "Breath" radiated similar effects .

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Still, even that majestic sight became annoying to look at after so many years .

Noah wanted to leave, he wanted to travel and immerse himself in some wild environment .

Also, he wanted to forge .

His individuality spread destruction and left behind basic energy similar to that accumulated inside his Liquid dantian .

Noah wanted to make use of that energy to implement a form of creation in his individuality, something that could eventually bring him to forge his own darkness element .

That project was ambitious and was probably impossible to complete at his current level .

However, Noah believed that to be his path, and there could only be benefits in starting to tread it as soon as possible .

Yet, the sound of soft moans reached his ears when he decided to fly to the castles to see what the elders were up to .

'I guess they couldn't catch up properly when they were still injured . Well, I can't blame them after I did the same with June . '

Noah sighed when he thought that, and returned to his spot in the prairie .

He could just fight his boredom by increasing the amount of time spent pondering about his individuality and training, he would have done the same in the outside world after all .

The elders decided to come out of the castles after a few months, and both of them wore stern expressions as they reached for Noah .

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"We have stored the castles and sorted everything . We are ready . "

Noah nodded we he heard Flying Demon's words and ignored the traces of satisfaction hidden behind their expressions as he explained his plan .

The Tribulations happened every week, and they had to cross an area as vast as the area of influence of the Empire .

The elders were rank 5 cultivators, and Noah could rely on the Shadow sprint martial art to somewhat match their speed, which meant that they could reach the other side in less than two months .

Less than two months meant six or seven Tribulations, depending on how fast they actually were .

The lightning bolts in the fourth rank didn't scare the group, and those in the fifth rank could be endured with their power and Noah's stash of protective items .

However, the Tribulations that reached the power of the sixth rank had to be avoided if they wanted to survive .

"It's clear that we have to face some Tribulations, but we can choose which one we have to endure . "

Noah began to explain, and the elders added their opinions to the plan .

The final strategy saw the group facing two rank 4 Tribulations and four rank 5 Tribulations to reach the other side where the exit was .

The journey wouldn't be easy, but it was better than facing the lightning bolts with the power of the sixth rank .

When everything was set, the three of them flew toward the borders of the safe area and waited for the next Tribulation to arrive .

Their sprint would begin as soon as the weekly barrage of lightning bolts ended .