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Chapter 651
The weekly Tribulation was on time, just like all the previous ones before it .

Noah, Flying Demon, and Dreaming Demon stood one the last available safe spot of the prairie as they stared at the incoming barrage of lightning .

"Breath" came out from the two red moons and black clouds formed in the dark-blue sky between them .

Then, lightning bolts began to fall on the ground .

The surface of the separate dimension was frail, the Tribulation destroyed the fake terrain and created deep holes whenever a bolt of lightning crashed on the prairie .

The separate dimension immediately provided "Breath" to reconstruct the destroyed parts, and further exhausted its reserves of energy .

The cycle of destruction and reconstruction continued for the entirety of the Tribulation .

The three heroic cultivators wore stern expressions as they stared at the devastation that Heaven and Earth were able to unleash in a world that was supposed to be outside of their domain .

They knew that they would have to sprint as soon as the black clouds dispersed, the strategy to reach the other side of the dimension alive was clear in their minds .

Yet, they couldn't help but admire the organized offensive that Heaven and Earth were capable of launching .

Such precise but wild lightning bolts could inspire anyone with an individuality linked to destructive effects .

However, their sole sight made Flying Demon sick, and Noah had an innate disdain toward those lightning bolts .

The scene was too similar to that during his breakthrough when he saw the defeat of the Cursed dragon species .

As for Dreaming Demon, her individuality simply didn't match that violent force .

The black clouds began to disperse after half an hour, and the Tribulation slowly ended, revealing the destroyed environment that was quickly reforming .

The gazes of the three heroic cultivators didn't linger on the scene but focused as soon as the last cloud vanished .

Then, they sprinted .

Shockwaves spread from Noah's feet whenever he kicked the ground under him, and cracks appeared on the prairie on the trail of the two flying elders .

The three of them had decided to fly as close as the ground as possible so that they would have more time to react to the Tribulation when they would be forced to face it .

That wasn't their highest speed, but that pace was also part of their strategy .

They didn't want to risk reaching the areas where the lightning bolts reached a power that matched the fifth rank, and they wouldn't purposely raise the difficulty of the crossing .

That pace would allow them to reach the spot where the Tribulation had a power similar to the peak of the fourth rank in precisely one week .

The precision of Heaven and Earth's attack could be used to their advantage, and it would be stupid to charge in without a plan .

Luckily for them, Flying Demon had explored the central parts of the dimension in the past thousand years and could provide precise details that greatly helped in the planning of their strategy .

One week passed quickly, and the group never stopped their flight in those days .

Noah was using his liquid "Breath" to fuel the Shadow sprint martial art, which made that speed somewhat sustainable .

He knew that he would have to rely on his Liquid dantian once they reached the deeper parts of the dimension, and he had already prepared the pills needed to refill his body with nourishments for that moment .

The elders would still be faster than him even when he used the full power of his Shadow sprint, but they had already decided that they would stick together .

The elders would take care of the first and fourth rank 5 Tribulation, while Noah would use his defensive items to defend against the second and third ones .

According to their calculations, they would be able to cross the area with rank 6 lightning bolts between the second and third rank 5 Tribulations in a bit less than one week, meaning that they could wholly avoid it .

Yet, that also meant that they had to face two Tribulations near the peak of the fifth rank .

Not even the joint power of the elders and Noah could defend against them, which is why they decided to rely on the defensive items that Elder Julia had given to him before the exchange meeting .

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The moons aligned with the danger zones that divided the areas of influence of the three big nations and "Breath" began to seep inside the separate dimension .

The black clouds gathered as usual, and lightning bolts began to fall on the terrain, filling the entirety of the central territories of the dimension .

Noah and the elders landed on the terrain at that point and began to walk .

They were mighty existences in the heroic ranks, but they wouldn't have any chance to rest when the Tribulations' power reached the fifth rank .

So, they decided to make the best out of the lightning bolts with power in the middle tier of the fourth rank falling over them .

Orange flashes enveloped their figures and filled the scenery .

Noah and the elders were almost blinded by the countless flashes that occupied their view .

The Tribulation didn't give any space to the darkness, it continuously released lightning bolts on the prairie .

Noah felt hammers crashing on his head and shoulders every time a flash of lightning hit him .

However, his skin alone was enough to block them, and he didn't need to deploy any defensive measure .

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His dantian began to refill its stash of liquid "Breath" as he walked through the lightning storm .

That would be the last rest before entering the area with the rank 5 Tribulations according to their plan, and he didn't dare to waste even one second of it .

Flying Demon and Dreaming Demon walked next to him, and they both showed surprised expressions when they saw Noah enduring the might of the lightning bolts with his bare body as if they were nothing .

His robe had shattered in that situation, which gave the elders the chance to see that he wasn't suffering the slight injury .

The Tribulation wasn't even enough to leave white marks on his skin!

The elders were using part of their powerful mental energy to create a barrier that fended off the lightning bolts coming for them, something below the fifth rank couldn't force them to focus .

However, Noah had taken that lack of concern to the next level .

Both elders were curious about his body-nourishing method, but they saw how focused he was in refilling his centers of power and decided to leave their questions for when they resurfaced .

Half an hour passed in which the rank 4 Tribulation didn't even manage to scratch the trio .

Then, Noah and the elders sprinted again when the black clouds dispersed .

Their next challenge would be a rank 5 Tribulation with power in the lower tier .