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Published at 6th of May 2020 07:25:14 AM

Chapter 654
The vast prairie spread in front of the flying trio, and no trace of the mighty palace could be seen anywhere .

However, Noah and the elders didn't diminish their flying speed for even an instant .

They were going all out to reach the spot where it had disappeared .

Time was the key to their survival, and that detour was bound to waste a bit of it .

Yet, risks were usually accompanied by benefits, and anything that could survive a rank 6 Tribulation would obviously be valuable .

The group took three days to reach the spot where the palace had appeared, but both their eyes and mental energy couldn't see anything in the area .

There wasn't even the slight detail on the prairie that suggested that a vast structure was hidden somewhere in that fake land .

Nothing happened even when they flew right over the exact area that the palace was occupying during the Tribulation .

The group couldn't slow down, or they would risk being still in the zone targeted by the rank 6 lighting bolts when four more days passed .

Greed could lead men to their destruction, and those three heroic cultivators were aware of that .

Nevertheless, they were also experienced warriors that had survived through many unexpected situations .

Noah had the honed instincts of a lone cultivator, and Divine Demon had personally trained the elders .

Their minds ran through every possibility, and Noah even activated the Divine deduction technique to evaluate the little information gathered during the lightning storm .

The trio had only seen a palace appearing and defending against the Tribulation before disappearing without leaving any trace .

There wasn't much to work with, and many different events could trigger that scene .

Of course, Noah and the others didn't have time to test all their hypotheses, so they went for the most direct approach .

Their eyes suddenly focused when they were about to fly past the area previously occupied by the palace .

Noah launched a wave of white flames that shattered the fake terrain and spread cracks through the prairie .

Flying Demon summoned thirty-three blue spheres that floated behind his back and released water bullets on both ground and sky .

Dreaming Demon closed her eyes, and her consciousness sent soft mental waves that seeped inside the structure of the dimension .

Her mental waves destabilized the ground and air of the dimension, and some of them even took the shape of lightning bolts as they unleashed their destructive power .

They had all reached the same conclusion in those short instants: Attack!

That was the action that would waste less time, and that would test one of the options in their minds .

The building became visible and material during the Tribulations, which meant that a threat could trigger its appearance .

That spot of the prairie completely fell apart under the assault of the group .

Cracks spread even in the air above it due to the shockwaves released by the attacks of the trio .

Noah and the elders didn't know which of their attacks triggered the wanted effects, but their eyes shone when the palace began to reappear!

Its figure though started to disappear as soon as the dimension began to reconstruct .

The trio immediately launched another series of attacks, but it didn't care about their nature at that time .

Dreaming Demon waved her hands, and four massive tornados formed, destroying vast areas with their incredible suction force .

Flying Demon created clouds that released sharp white blades that froze the environment in their trajectory before exploding when they reached the ground .

The ice then spread through the shattered prairie and gave birth to shining blue flowers that fed on the "Breath" contained inside the separate dimension .

Noah slashed with his Demonic swords and continued to launch flames .

The three of them were launching some of their most potent attacks since it was clear that the destruction unleashed previously wasn't enough to materialize the palace completely .

They had silently decided to go all out when they saw a glimpse of the mighty structure .

The second offensive made the palace reappear, and its shape seemed about to become entirely material, but it eventually started to fade again .

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It was needless to say that Noah and the elders attacked again at that sight .

Even the third offensive wasn't enough to make the structure materialize, but the trio had chained a series of spells and martial arts at that time .

That created lasting destructive effects that continued to shatter the fabric of the dimension even while the palace formed .

Then, they suddenly felt that the density of "Breath" around them had risen to levels that surpassed even those found in the new continent!

Their consciousnesses could sense that the world around them had drastically changed .

After all, they had launched attacks while hovering in the air right over the palace .

They were already inside its perimeter .

Some wariness appeared on their expressions when the building began to fade again, and they prepared themselves to sprint toward the south in case even that last attempt turned out to be a failure .

Their series of attacks made them lose more than ten minutes, which was almost over the limits that their strategy had set .

However, a strange sensation surrounded their bodies and began to make them disappear alongside the palace!

A pressure similar to that caused by a teleportation matrix weighed on their minds and forced them to close their senses .

The palace was around them when their consciousnesses spread again in the world, but the environment around the structure had changed .

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They were still inside the separate dimension, the prairie, the moons, and the starless sky were there .

Yet, their colors were different .

The fake grass had turned yellow, and the sky shone with a bright azure light .

The two moons had lost their red shades and were completely black, and it was as if their light couldn't reach the insides of the palace .

Noah and the elders released sighs of relief at the sight of that scene .

It was clear that they had managed to enter another layer of the separate dimension .

Nevertheless, their entrance inside that place triggered reactions that they couldn't hope to predict .

The statues of the four magical beasts standing top of the corners of the defensive wall took life and descended from their pedestals .

Then, they shot in the direction of Noah's group and surrounded it .

Noah was immediately able to notice that those beasts weren't real living beings, but the danger that they radiated made him instinctively grab Chasing Demon's talisman .

Those creatures were constructs with power that matched the sixth rank!