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Published at 8th of May 2020 07:15:16 AM

Chapter 658
Each of Thirty-seven's revelations surprised Noah and the elders to no end .

First of all, there was Divine Architect's attempt to represent the Mortal and Immortal Lands through a sculpture .

That attempt had ultimately failed, but she still achieved something spectacular in discovering other Mortal Lands that seemed connected to a single higher plane .

That discovery was useless for most heroic cultivators .

Still, some experts would surely decide to spend centuries to explore further the nature of the other worlds and their connection to the Immortal Lands .

Also, many peak heroic cultivators that were approaching the divine ranks would pay a fortune to learn more about the layout of the universe .

Then, there was the attempt to build a world outside of Heaven and Earth's domain to give birth to a new higher plane .

Noah and the elders couldn't even begin to imagine who had the time and assets to commission such an unrealistic and ambitious work .

They didn't even know if a higher plane could form naturally due to the appearance of a lower one!

In the end, there were the properties of the separate dimension revealed by Thirty-seven's words .

The possibility of creating an exit directly from inside the dimension meant that they could reach enemy lands without revealing their position .

The trio didn't know how exactly that worked, but the thought of building the dimension suddenly became interesting .

What if they could just appear inside one of the deposits of the Royal academy and disappear without leaving any trace?

What if they could appear behind the enemy's defenses and take by surprise an entire camp?

The applications to that feature were endless, especially for a nation built by the fusion of unorthodox sects and underground organizations .

'I wonder if my previous world is somewhere far outside of those Mortal Lands . '

Noah thought as his mind sorted all the new information acquired .

He knew that his previous world couldn't be classified as a Mortal Land, the absence of miraculous energies like the "Breath" put it far below the required standards .

Yet, he couldn't help but imagine it being somewhere far away from Heaven and Earth's domain .

'Maybe, Heaven and Earth will expand and annex my previous world, blessing it with their "Breath" . '

Noah suppressed his thoughts after that .

The "Breath" was a blessing, just like the ability to cultivate .

However, he knew that Heaven and Earth were sentient entities and that their actions had to carry their hidden reasons .

It was clear that they strived for power and control, but heroic cultivators couldn't possibly understand their methods and exact intentions .

"Can we use the exits to return inside the dimension?"

Flying Demon asked at some point .

Noah and Dreaming Demon could understand the meaning behind his question and decided to remain silent .

Flying Demon had spent one thousand years trapped inside the dimension, and he had to know if there was an easier way out of that place .

An affirmative answer would mean that his long sufferings would have been for nothing, but his mind needed to know nonetheless .

He simply needed some sort of closure to put behind him all those years and move onward .

"Their functioning is set during their creation . Each door can work as an entrance, exit, or both . You just have to decide it during their construction . "

"What about those inside this dimension? What are they meant for?"

Flying Demon gave voice to another question as soon as Thirty-seven explanation ended .

"Master knew about Heaven and Earth's possessiveness, so she limited the number of doors as much as she could . The door on the north can only work as an entrance, while that on the south can only function as an exit . "

Dreaming Demon reached for Flying Demon's hand when Thirty-seven's words resounded in the hall .

That explanation cleared the elder's last doubts about his actions .

He now knew that he had done everything he could in those one thousand years .

Thirty-seven didn't even seem to notice the elders had begun to ignore him and were focused on each other .

Noah ignored them too since he didn't want to interrupt those expressions of affection .

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His focus was on the top floor that was slowly being revealed as the group reached the end of the staircase .

Massive bookcases filled with countless tomes and scrolls appeared in his view as he stepped on the last transparent step of the circular staircase .

The top floor of the palace turned out to be a massive library!

Also, Noah was immediately able to notice that a tall item could be seen at the end of the library .

The item resembled a telescope that radiated an eerie aura that reached the sixth rank .

"Master has used the Space-lens to gaze at the worlds outside of these Mortal Lands, but the item was forever damaged when she turned it toward the Immortal Lands . "

Thirty-seven said as he stared at the huge telescope .

Noah and the elders felt some eagerness to test it, but they quickly suppressed those feelings .

A rank 6 inscribed item had been damaged by a single glance at the Immortal Lands .

They couldn't even begin to imagine what that sight would do to their mental spheres .

Thirty-seven waved his ethereal hands, and a series of couches and praying mats materialized between the bookcases .

"Please, feel free to rest and browse through this knowledge as much as you want, I'll quickly transfer food and wine too . This palace can only last for four hundred years though, so be sure to leave before that . "

The automaton disappeared after he said those words, and the cultivators shot smirks at each other now that they were alone again .

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They were safe and had even obtained part of the legacy of a divine being!

Their decisive actions during the crossing had been rewarded by a vast knowledge and a rank 6 spirit automaton specialized in the inscriptions' fields .

Also, they were right in the middle of the territories targeted by the rank 6 Tribulations, which meant that they wouldn't have to face the peak rank 5 lightning bolts when they resumed their crossing .

Flying from that point for a week would make them directly reach the areas with rank 5 lightning bolts that had power in the middle tier .

Their travel toward the exit had just become far more manageable .

"I have no intention of staying here for four hundred years . "

Flying Demon announced with a laugh as he lay on one of the couches .

"It's a pity though . These amazing items would self-destruct after our departure . Divine Architect was really careful . "

Dreaming Demon said as she sat next to her lain lover .

"Let's rest, recover, and enjoy ourselves for a while . I'm too interested in these books to leave so soon . "

Noah said as he neared the bookcases to inspect the scrolls and tomes on them .

The two Demons nodded at his words and used their mental waves to inspect the bookcases too .

It was needless to say that all three of them immediately looked for the knowledge concerning the Immortal Lands .