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Published at 7th of August 2019 09:20:06 AM

Chapter 66

Noah was in the torture room below the guards' building, tied to the metal table .

A black and smelly liquid came out from his body as he absorbed "Breath" in the point where his acupoints once were .

Noah had already predicted that situation so he was calm during the process even though some scream was still yelled from time to time .

Assea's figure was hidden under the clothes on his lower body and was waiting patiently for the process to be over .

A huge amount of "Breath" was being accumulated in Noah's body, strengthening and refining it .

The process lasted for about ten minutes before he could finally form the new acupoints .

These acupoints were crystalline and seemed incredibly sturdy .

They absorbed "Breath" at an unimaginable speed and Noah felt an immense surge of power coming from his body .

He nodded to William that was at his side and he undid the bindings to set Noah free .

A smile was on William's face as he saw that his disciple was finally released from that dangerous technique .

"You really did it . "

He patted Noah's shoulder uncaring of the filth on it .

Noah nodded again happily, he wanted to test his new power right away but his mental energy was almost completely depleted and he could not sense things accurately .

However, before he managed to bow to his Master, something unexpected happened .

A strange sensation hit his low waist and a small empty ball formed there .

Noah touched the spot but felt no uneasiness in having this new organ .

William noticed his behavior and inspected the spot where he was pointing .

His mouth opened and his eyes widened, he put one hand on his head and exclaimed in a soft voice .

"That is not possible . "

Noah looked at his Master's expression and was confused, then an idea hit his mind and he widened his eyes too .

"Don't tell me?"

William nodded and carefully inspected the spot again .

"Your dantian formed . "

Noah was stunned but then he exulted loudly .

A wave of pain was delivered from his tired head which forced him to calm down .

"But Master, I'm only thirteen and a half years old . Last time you spoke about gaining months not a whole year . "

William mumbled with himself for a little before answering .

"Rank 1 mage, rank 2 body for most of your growth and now rank 3 body . I told you that the centers of power were linked but I never thought they could be influenced this much . "

Noah's thoughts were slow since he had just done the treatment and could not keep up with his Master's reasoning .

He was still inspecting the new organ when he thought of something .

"Does it means that now I can know my element?"

William nodded but then he shook his head and put a stern expression .

"First, go wash and rest, I'll make the needed preparation in the meantime . Meet me here tomorrow morning . "

Noah was a bit unwilling to go and wanted to ask more question but another wave of pain hit him so he decided to follow his Master's order .

He bowed deeply, there was only gratitude toward the man in front of him .

"It's only thanks to you that I am growing this much . So thank you, Master!"

William looked at the young man covered in filth and memories about him emerged .

The first time he received the command to take him as a disciple he thought that he would be some kind of nanny but Noah surpassed every expectation that he had for him .

He had to admit that his disciple made him proud beyond reason .

William ruffled his dirty hair a bit and smiled .

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"Just go now, we will talk more tomorrow . "

Noah left and the happy expression on William's face transformed in a worried one .

'This time I really can't cover you . '

When Noah woke up the next day he could clearly feel the changes in his body .

He felt an incredible vitality coming from it and when he checked the amount of "Breath" he had he was astonished .

'This is enough for more than one hundred attacks!'

Then he remembered the dantian event and his excitement built up .

'I wonder how the training will work and there is even the question about my element . '

He hurriedly went into the guards' building and then in the underground prison .

William was waiting for him with a small book and a transparent stone as big as a fist .

"Read this, it is a rank 1 cultivation technique for the dantian, it has no limitation to the element of the user so it's perfect to determine the cultivator's attitude . Every family uses it . "

Noah took the book and hastily read it .

It was a simple respiration method to be done in a fixed position, with his status as a rank 1 mage he memorized it instantly .

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William asked and Noah nodded in response .

William then gave the stone to Noah and explained .

"This is a Pharos stone . It has the peculiar characteristic of changing color based on the element of the "Breath" that passes through it . Put it on your waist and start meditating in the cultivation technique, your body will naturally absorb the element of your attitude, changing its color . '

Noah didn't waste any time and sat on the ground in the cross-legged position indicated in the technique .

He put the stone on his waist and began to practice .

The "Breath" moved toward his body and entered the small empty dantian, filling it with a gaseous substance .

As the gaseous "Breath" entered the dantian, it pressed on its surface, enlarging it .

The pace was slow but also relaxing, Noah felt a bit more refreshed every time his dantian was charged .

After about one hour, William's voice sounded .

"You can stop . "

Noah looked at his Master's face and saw that he had a worried expression .

Then he lowered his gaze on the stone on his waist .

The Pharos stone was completely black .