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Chapter 662
"The inscription's field has made a lot of progress in the past six thousand years . It's such a pity that the same can't be said for the inscription masters . "

Thirty-seven kept on evaluating Drew's robe as the group flew toward the Coral archipelago .

He wouldn't remain silent nor return inside the pendant on Dreaming Demon's neck even when she asked him nicely, so the group had to hear his endless comments for the whole duration of their travel .

"Look! That animal has wasted such an amazing use of Zave's teachings! How can they even sell such a failure!"

Thirty-seven exclaimed while trying to find some common ground with the members of his group .

However, Noah and the elders had no idea what he was talking about .

Noah's inscription method was atypical and very personal .

It could be considered a branch of the inscriptions, but it also worked in a completely different way .

Flying Demon had only a general understanding of the various schools and could use simple methods of all of them .

Yet, he wasn't an expert in any of them .

He had just learnt how they worked since some of the techniques of the demon sects required them .

Dreaming Demon also trained in a very personal method .

She wasn't able to perform inscriptions, but her peculiar mental waves worked in a similar way to the meanings contained in the runes .

Her methods were exceptional in their uniqueness, and she could only be labeled as a pioneer of a school since she was already able to create spells .

The flight became a bit awkward because of that .

Noah simply ignored Thirty-seven, while Flying Demon limited himself to nod every time the automaton turned toward him .

Only Dreaming Demon showed gentle smiles when Thirty-seven mentioned her .

Still, the twitches on the corners of her mouth revealed how even her patience was reaching its limits .

Thirty-seven didn't seem to mind their reactions and continued to complain as if it was completely normal .

His theses used arguments of experts that had lived even ten thousand years in the past!

'He can't speak about Divine Architect, but he doesn't have the same limitations when it comes to other cultivators and schools . I wonder if he is stable enough to hold classes for both heroic and human cultivators . '

Noah thought as he listened to the vast knowledge of the automaton .

The Hive lacked experts in the inscriptions' fields .

Even the purchase of books and scrolls that contained some teachings could only give birth to a limited number of new inscription masters .

The type of instruction that the Hive could provide was below the average of the three big nations, which was something that couldn't be solved in a short amount of time .

The Utra nation was the most advanced country in the inscriptions' fields because the Royal academy instructed human cultivators since they were still in the first rank .

However, the Elbas family had invested a lot in the academy .

The Royals had even accepted that their enemies could benefit from the subjects taught there to increase their experts .

The other big nations used less capable methods to provide that kind of instruction to promising cultivators, but they still needed to invest a lot in that field to reach that point .

Instead, the Hive had just begun to pave its path toward the level of power of the three big nations .

Its human assets were steadily increasing, and the training grounds gave them real combat experience .

That training was bound to show its results in the future, especially if it gave birth to more heroic cultivators .

Yet, inscriptions were critical too .

Heroic cultivators would need them at some point to create personal techniques or spells, and it would be almost impossible for them to reach the sixth rank otherwise .

The beings in the sixth rank were the expression of the real power of an organization, so it was normal for each country to create favorable conditions for their birth .

The lack of proper teachers in the Hive could be solved if Thirty-seven proved himself able to educate both human and heroic cultivators .

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The first classes could give birth to a series of inscription masters that could consequently hold courses of their own .

The Hive would need to purchase a large number of precious materials required by the students in those fields, but there wasn't a better period to do so .

The prices for the cultivation resources were at their lowest since the appearance of the new continent, and they were still struggling to stabilize .

Flying Demon and Dreaming Demon ultimately accelerated since Thirty-seven's presence was becoming unbearable, and the group managed to reach the Coral archipelago in less than three weeks .

Elder Roy welcomed them when they reached the islands, but he couldn't recognize the two rank 5 cultivators next to the Demon Prince .

He limited himself to follow Noah's orders and allow them to reach the teleportation matrix leading to the new continent .

The group reappeared under the white crowns of the forest of White Woods, where the central array had been built .

Noah and the elders had finally reached the headquarters of the Hive!

The elders showed amazed expressions when they sensed the high density of "Breath" in the area, but they didn't leave the perimeter of the formation .

There were many defensive layers around them, and only Noah was authorized to cross them without causing any adverse reactions .

However, there was someone in their group that couldn't help but complain when he saw the shining lines on the ground .

"What is this atrocity!?"

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Thirty-seven shouted those words as he came out of the pendant on Dreaming Demon's neck to take a better look at the formations around them .

"What is this level of ineptitude!? The power output is completely off the scale for the tasks executed by this array . These animals have just piled one formation over another without even caring to restore some harmony!"

Thirty-seven shouted as he floated from one core of the formation toward another .

Elder Julia saw the entire scene since she had decided to greet Noah when the cultivators in the archipelago informed her that he was with two rank 5 entities .

She was standing outside of the formations, and her eyes would follow the automaton as she evaluated every mistake that he pointed out .

She had helped to set the defenses in that area, and she had even linked the energy gathered in the shining lakes to those lines .

So, those comments seemed directed toward her .

Noah noticed her furrowed brows and was about to explain the situation, but an oppressing aura suddenly covered the area and forced the automaton to stay still .

Elder Julia and Noah were immediately able to recognize that aura .

Still, Flying Demon and Dreaming Demon took a while before linking those sensations to their memories from one thousand years ago .

However, they showed broad smiles when they realized who was the owner of that aura .

Their gazes then went for the white crowns where they saw an amazed Chasing Demon flying toward them .