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Published at 13th of May 2020 07:35:16 AM

Chapter 670
The title "Divine Demon" carried a distinct meaning, but Noah had never questioned himself about that of the other twelve Demons .

Every organization had its customs, and the unorthodox sects of the Papral nation took pride in being labeled as "demons" .

Noah had never given much importance to the matter since their titles didn't seem to mean anything .

Only Dreaming Demon acted somewhat in line with her name .

Yet, her question stated that there was something else .

The Demons didn't speak anymore after that question, and Noah simply followed them as he waited for an explanation .

There was some expectation inside him though .

The heroic assets of the Hive were all busy during that period, and they wouldn't waste time on something that wasn't important .

Of course, Noah had immediately thought about possible rewards .

The four of them walked through the azure corridors to reach another large underground area .

There were many shining lines on the surface of that rocky terrain, and Noah was able to notice some similarities with those seen during his first encounter with Chasing Demon .

That was the personal training area of the Patriarch of the Hive!

Noah saw the refined figure of the automaton inside that area .

Thirty-seven seemed focused entirely on analyzing the vast array while his long, ethereal hair remained fixed on his back .

He didn't notice the arrival of the four heroic cultivators, his whole being seemed immersed in the study of those shining lines .

"I've tasked him to improve all the formations of the Hive, starting from my training area . He will have access to one page of Master's technique with each possible improvement or flaws that he finds . "

Chasing Demon said as he led the group toward one side of the room .

The Demons showed traces of worry in their expression, and confusion appeared on Noah's face when those words resounded in the hall .

They didn't care about the well-being of the automaton, but they didn't understand how Chasing Demon could let someone modify his cultivation technique so easily .

The Patriarch didn't fail to notice those expressions and quickly explained further .

"I'll just make him point out flaws and describe possible approaches on how to solve them . Yet, I will use my methods to improve it . Don't worry . My individuality has always been open to the teachings of divine beings . "

The two Demons could only nod at his explanation, but a strange light appeared in Noah's eyes when he understood that he might have a use for the automaton too .

'I'm still not sure if I can achieve what I want with my methods, I've yet to begin the testing phase for the next step of my individuality . However, Thirty-seven could help in pointing out paths that my limited knowledge ignores . '

Noah thought as he sat on the ground, forming a circle with the elders around him .

His original plan was to create a darkness element that was only his, but that idea was still in the early stages .

He had discovered that his individuality created primary energy that he could absorb or use, meaning that he had the core material for that project .

However, he had yet to seclude himself to begin his experiments .

He didn't have any free time between the crossing through the lightning storm, the knowledge of the palace, and the social events of the Hive .

However, now he was sure that Thirty-seven might help him .

"Master gave us our titles after we became heroic cultivators . These titles reflect our battle style, techniques, or behavior, and they aren't just random names . "

Dreaming Demon began to speak when the four of them were all seated in a circle .

"Master didn't fail to notice the peculiar properties of my mental energy back then, nor its drawbacks . My name is self-explaining, and I'm sorry to say that I can't teach this ability . It's something that only belongs to me . "

The elder turned toward her lover after her words, and Flying Demon continued quickly continued her story .

"My name comes from my ability to fly even when I was in the human ranks, which is quite peculiar for someone with a water aptitude . "

Noah listened to the elder and turned toward Chasing Demon when he saw that his story was over .

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He still believed that there was a real reason behind that discussion, such powerful entities wouldn't have called him just to reveal funny anecdotes .

Chasing Demon though didn't speak, and the two Demons smirked at that sight .

"Master named him in that way because he chased after Charming Demon . "

Flying Demon whispered that as he bent toward Noah and Chasing Demon limited himself to snort when his story was revealed .

Noah couldn't help but reveal a slight smile when he learnt that .

The powerhouse of the Hive, a mighty rank 6 existence, was called Chasing Demon due to his love for a fellow disciple .

Chasing Demon let the trio smile for a while before coughing a few times to restore some seriousness .

Then, his expression turned stern before beginning to speak .

"Noah, your execution of the mission has been spectacular . You've retrieved the rests of both Charming and Enduring demon sect, while also bringing back my lost friends . There is nothing that the Hive won't do for you at this point . "

Chasing Demon's tone was solemn as he officially listed his feats .

"Yet, there isn't much that the Hive can do at your stage . The world knows that you're a rare talent, and the three big nations won't sell any darkness spell to us . We can only give you part of the sect's knowledge, hoping that it can inspire you in creating your methods . "

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The Patriarch took a few scrolls from his space-ring at that point .

"These are some of the techniques of the demon sects . We have worked in the last period to transcribe them, and I've even had to contact an external inscription master to put into lines those that we had memorized . "

Noah quickly took the scrolls and began to analyze them .

The descriptions on the sides explained the origin and the usage of those spells and techniques .

They even mentioned the pieces of information lost during their transcription .

There was the body-nourishing method of the Enduring demon sect retrieved from the corpse of the slave, the techniques of the Charming demon sect, and even the runes of the Bleeding demon sect .

However, what caught Noah's attention the most was a spell created by the traitor .

"Are you sure you want me to have this?"

Noah asked when he saw that the spell came from the Ravaging demon sect .

"Spells and techniques are tools, and I can't deny that one from you . Also, your individuality should match it . "

Chasing Demon answered without showing any trace of anger, and that was enough for Noah, who read the basic description of the spell again .

'Devastation that generates power . '