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Chapter 673
Noah already knew that, but learning that the issue wasn't with his inscription method only led him to ask another question .

"Isn't there some way to modify this energy?"

Noah was already making use of it through his Liquid dantian, and his body naturally absorbed it .

There had to be ways that didn't only treat it as a source of power, a way to use it as the material to build something outside of Heaven and Earth's domain .

However, Thirty-seven didn't give Noah any hope .

"No . You would have to reconstruct the matter and force it to work in a certain pattern . Only laws can set those rules, and that's not something that you can do with your current level . "

Noah fell silent when he heard those words .

He wasn't so delusional to believe that he could prove the automaton wrong .

The latter was pure knowledge, and he could only accept his opinion .

Nevertheless, Noah wasn't ready to give up yet .

'Creation has many forms . I'll simply take another path until I'm able to forge my darkness . '

Noah thought as Ravaging Demon's spell appeared in his mind .

That ability was too in line with his individuality to neglect it due to the differences in the element .

Noah could already spread destruction and release energy with it, and he only needed a method to turn that power in an attack .

The Elemental forging method had already proven itself unsuitable in that aspect, and his wills couldn't cover a vast area .

He needed something else, and the automaton was the only one who could give him a broad explanation of his possibilities .

"Let's say that I would like to use this energy before it disperses in the environment . What are my options?"

Noah asked, and Thirty-seven closed his eyes for a second before reopening them and giving an answer .

"There are more than eleven thousand approaches that cover inscriptions, runes, and formations . Do you want to hear more about them?"

Noah immediately shook his head and decided to be more specific with his next question .

"I need something that allows me to use it during a battle, without long casting periods . Also, it would be ideal if it was similar to my current inscription method . "

Thirty-seven took a bit more to answer at that time, but it didn't fail to provide some options .

"I know two inscription methods and a school of runes that might please you . Would you like to hear more about them?"

Noah nodded, and the automaton began his explanation, describing in great detail the features of the three schools .

The two inscription methods didn't interest Noah that much .

The first one used small formations fueled with strong wills that could be quickly deployed if a cultivator had previously prepared them .

Yet, Noah knew the difficulty of becoming a formation master thanks to June, and the thought of spending decades in expanding his knowledge of the needed materials didn't interest him .

Also, he would need to prepare the formations before every battle, expending a large number of precious materials every time .

That didn't suit his combat style at all since Noah mainly pursued sheer power that had no limitations .

The second method applied the theories behind the Attunement method, which forced part of the world around him to affect the energy inside a set area .

However, Noah couldn't understand Heaven and Earth's words even if he wanted to, so he quickly discarded that option too .

Instead, the school of runes was quite interesting .

The cultivator would have to create runes with a specific form and a set meaning, which could be fueled with "Breath" to unleash their effects .

The issue with that school was that its runes were far bigger than those used in the current era .

"Back then, inscriptions were something that only exceptional cultivators could learn . There were plenty of methods that made use of their powerful wills, which created elites among them . Yet, that approach has been abandoned in the last millennia . Anyone with some Credits can receive a decent education now . "

Thirty-seven complained as he began to write on a large and blank tome the teachings of the school of runes that Noah had chosen .

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Noah eagerly waited for the automaton to finish and left as soon as he handed the tome .

Learning a new inscription method would take years, but Noah wasn't in a hurry, and he already had an exceptional foundation when it came to wills .

Also, he had the Divine deduction technique, which would further shorten the time required to learn that old method .

Noah's schedule changed when he returned to his underground quarters .

The training of his centers of power continued as usual, but he replaced his experiments with the study of the new inscription method .

The method was called "Will-consuming runes", and, as its name suggested, required the consumption of small parts of a cultivator's will to function .

Of course, Noah couldn't directly approach that step .

He had to learn the basics first .

The automaton had been exemplary in his transcription .

He had divided the teachings between the various steps that a student had to master before reaching the level of an expert .

Noah had first to learn to create simple runes that executed basic tasks like slightly raising the temperature in a small area, or gathering cold air .

Then, he had to create runes that could reinforce small objects or increase some of their other properties .

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The difficulty of the tasks steadily increased, and Noah could only approach the next step when he could succeed in the previous one while respecting its minimum standards .

Giving a set form to his mental energy and imbuing it with meanings was easy for Noah, but the Will-consuming runes were strict in their requirements .

Noah had to strive for purity rather than intensity when it came to his meanings and then sever them from his mind to mold them in the form of runes .

That act wasn't painful, but Noah felt emptied every time he proceeded to sever those parts from his mind .

He felt as if he was forever losing part of him, which was a sensation that weighed on his determination to improve .

That made him understand why cultivators had eventually opted for more general inscription methods .

The void that he felt every time he created a rune could be enough to destroy the ambition of ordinary cultivators .

'No wonder there were elites in the past . Only elites could persevere in these paths . '

Noah thought as his ambition filled his entire being and dispersed the void that had spread inside him after the creation of his last rune .

Almost three years had passed since his meeting with Thirty-seven, and Noah had spent that time to master the basics of the Will-consuming runes .

That inscription method turned out to be far harder than the Elemental forging method, but Noah managed to reach that level of expertise far quickly nonetheless .

Wills were something that he had trained for years, and that method only required a different application and a lot of practice .

'Now, I can create my runes and set the foundation for my first spell!'