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Published at 16th of May 2020 06:55:14 AM

Chapter 676
A peculiar event happened in the central areas of the piece of Immortal Lands, while Noah was busy testing himself .

The ground there had been destroyed to its core after the battle of between the rank 6 existences .

Still, it had also absorbed many substances that carried an incredible amount of energy .

There were the various attacks of the cultivators, the pieces of the inscribed horns created by the Royals, and even some remains of the winged beasts .

The terrain of the Immortal Lands hid spectacular properties that couldn't be found in the Mortal Lands, and one of them was its resilience .

The energy coming from various sources had deeply modified the fabric of those areas, and the "Breath" contained inside it accelerated the birth of life forms .

Many experts of the four forces were keeping track of the central lands of the new continent through various methods, and they could only be amazed at the sight of a purple stem quickly growing there .

They didn't expect something to be born so soon, but they could only be excited to learn that their calculations were wrong .

The stem appeared fragile, but it still rose toward the sky until it reached a height of a meter .

Leaves began to grow from the sides of its stem, and a black flower bloomed in a matter of second .

The methods of the experts couldn't send that much information back to their observation points, but they could still register the power that the new lifeform released when it bloomed .

To the surprise of the experts, the flower was a rank 5 lifeform since its birth .

Chaos spread in the quarters of those experts at that point, who immediately notified their organizations and prepared themselves to fly toward the central areas to seize the flower .

However, they saw how the flower withered a few instants after it released its aura .

The rank 5 magical plant became dust that dispersed in the wind in a matter of seconds, and the excitement of the experts could only vanish at that sight .

Yet, it was soon rekindled since another purple stem pierced the rocky ground and began to grow in a nearby spot .

The experts quickly requested for specific inscribed items at that point .

They needed something that could stop the withering process before moving toward the central areas .

Nevertheless, the second flower bloomed and died in the time in which the organizations provided their experts with the requested items .

Those cultivators didn't hesitate anymore .

They directly flew out of their observation points to reach for the zone that was giving birth to that new lifeform .

There was one force though that didn't react as soon as the other three nations .

The Hive had been too busy absorbing the gains retrieved in the separate dimension that it didn't leave many available experts on their observation points .

To be precise, there was only Elder Laurel there .

Her quarters contained crystals that transmitted the images of the central lands, but she was able to notice that fantastic event only during the withering of the second flower .

She immediately sent a series of mental messages at that sight, but the Hive was already late compared to the other organizations .

So, Elder Julia spread the news as soon as Elder Laurel informed her, and every heroic cultivator in the Hive received the order to inspect that event .

Of course, she didn't need to mention that they had to seize the flowers if they had the chance .

Meanwhile, Noah was still fighting against the Brawny ape .

The corrosive smoke released by his abilities had wholly consumed the beast's fur, and the second form of his martial art had filled its skin with bloody cracks .

However, the ape didn't suffer any grave injury even when he resorted to his spells .

'My normal abilities can't hurt a rank 5 beast when I fuel them with liquid "Breath" . Only those that carry my individuality can somewhat cross the limits of the stage . '

Noah judged as he let his cultivation technique refill his dantian .

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He was taking it slow, giving himself time to make an in-depth evaluation of his battle prowess when he didn't use the Liquid dantian .

After all, that magical beast couldn't fly and had no ranged attacks, it couldn't be a threat if he remained in the sky .

It turned out that only the second form of his martial art was able to injure the creature, and that even his modified spells couldn't pierce its thick skin .

'I might be able to face a newly advanced creature, but I can't hurt something at the peak of the lower tier . Well, that was to be expected . It's time to end this . '

Noah lifted his left index while he still wielded his weapon and pointed at the ape on the ground .

Countless saber-shaped runes came out of his finger and spread in the destroyed environment around the ape .

Noah's previous attacks had created a high concentration of primary energy since they were fueled by his liquid "Breath" .

That energy filled the battlefield, and the greed contained in his runes absorbed it in a matter of instants .

The runes also absorbed the "Breath" in the air, but they seemed to prefer the primary energy .

They had been created through the hunger of the magical beasts, so it was only reasonable for them to prefer that nourishment .

The saber-shaped runes began to radiate a threatening sharpness as the power contained inside them increased .

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The rank 5 Brawny ape stared at those small, black dots around it in disdain, but its expression changed as their power kept on increasing .

The runes could only match the weak spell of a liquid stage cultivator when they spread in the environment, but they soon reached the peak of the stage as primary energy entered in their form .

Then, their power continued to grow even when they reached a level that matched solid stage cultivators!

The primary energy in the environment was depleted when the saber-shaped runes began to radiate an aura that only peak rank 4 cultivators could have .

The ape roared and swung its arms on the black dots around it, but Noah quickly controlled them to turn toward the beast .

Controlling so many runes weighed on his mind, but he forced them to launch a relentless assault on the creature nonetheless .

The sea of saber-shaped runes threw itself toward the raging ape and pierced its skin effortlessly .

The attacks of the runes even gave birth to more basic energy that they didn't fail to absorb .

That ensured that they wouldn't expend their power in just one assault and that Noah could use them until he had enough mental energy .

The ape could only cry in pain as every spot of its body was pierced from side to side .

Noah's eyes shone when he saw the might of his spell, but a buzzing sound suddenly resounded inside his mental sphere .

Elder Julia's voice echoed in his mind, and Noah decided to deliver the final blow to the beast when he heard the contents of her message .