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Published at 16th of May 2020 06:55:13 AM

Chapter 677
"A new lifeform has appeared in the central territories of the continent . All the heroic assets must make it their priority!"

Elder Julia's order kept on echoing inside Noah's sphere as he controlled the tide of saber-shaped runes to pierce the vital organs of the Brawny ape .

It was needless to say that the news surprised him too .

Noah was an expert in the magical beasts' field, but he didn't know much about magical plants .

However, he knew that it would typically take decades, if not more, before a terrain swept by such a calamity could give birth to lifeforms again .

Of course, he immediately linked that unusual event to the spectacular properties of the terrain coming from a higher plane .

'We still know so little . Dammit!'

Noah cursed in his mind as he shot toward the corpse of the ape .

His last spell had consumed a lot of his mental energy, and his dantian didn't have much "Breath" left .

However, his Liquid dantian was still full, which meant that his real battle prowess hadn't been affected .

'Don't tell me that they plan to start a war over a flower . '

Worry mounted inside Noah as he stored the corpse of the ape after tearing a few pieces of it .

He could benefit from battles due to his hybrid status, but the Hive wasn't ready to face the three big nations .

'I can only fly there and hope that the situation wouldn't reach a critical point . '

Noah shot toward the central areas when he thought that and without forgetting to activate the Dark cover spell .

There were bound to be cultivators from the other nations directed toward his same destination, so he would use all his methods to prepare for unexpected situations .

Elder Julia continued to send mental messages with the specifics about the new species of magical plant as well as its position .

The black flowers kept on growing and withering at specific intervals, and Elder Laurel had already seen seven of them dying through her crystal by the time everyone was warned .

Also, it seemed that every new specimen was more potent than the previous one!

"The flowers are reaching the peak of the lower tier . Elder Laurel suggests that the structure of their species is still stabilizing . "

Elder Julia passed down information whenever Elder Laurel discovered something new .

Noah limited himself to fly at full speed toward the appointed spot while keeping a low altitude .

The elder had warned all the heroic assets that the Hive had been late in notifying them, so Noah knew that he wouldn't be the first to arrive .

He was closer than the other elders because he had ventured through the central areas to hunt, but that couldn't give him an advantage over the enemy forces .

After all, he knew that Elder Austin was already flying toward the location of the flowers too!

The matter had already escalated to a point where rank 5 cultivators had been deployed, so Noah had no confidence in arriving before anyone else .

A tense air filled the sky above the central territories, and Noah could feel that stiffness increasing as days passed, and he neared his destination .

Also, his body soon became able to sense the energy released by the blooming of the black flowers once he neared them .

Yet, he could feel that there were other presences too .

'Four rank 5 cultivators in front of me and another one behind . '

Noah thought as he stopped his flight to wait for the incoming elder .

Elder Austin managed to sense Noah's faint presence when he flew above him, and he lowered his altitude to join him .

Both Noah and the elder wore their robes in an untidy manner, a sign that they had both hurried when Elder Julia informed them .

However, the elder couldn't help but sigh in relief when he saw that Noah's clothes were intact, at least .

"Let's go . This matter is troublesome . "

Elder Austin said before adding something at the sight of Noah's questioning gaze .

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"The flowers are growing in our territories . Well, in what is supposed to be our domain . "

Noah's eyes widened at that point, but he didn't stop following the elder .

The central areas hadn't been divided in the one versus one battle because the deal saw the powerhouses exploring them before everything else .

However, the winged beasts' crisis happened, and the division of those territories was neglected since the battle had made them useless .

Yet, that issue had become a priority now that a powerful lifeform had started to grow on its own .

Elder Austin and Noah quickly flew until they saw a series of figures hovering in the air and staring at the ground under them .

Noah recognized some of the figures .

He saw Thaddeus Elbas floating behind Lady Edna and another rank 5 cultivator wearing the golden robes of the Royal family .

He saw Elder Doyle, the rank 5 cultivator from the Council that Elder Austin had defeated in the battle for the azure plain .

Then, he saw a rank 5 slender man wearing robes with the emblem of the Empire .

The cultivators on the scene limited themselves to glance at the new arrivals before focusing back on the terrain .

Another purple stem was growing from the cracked ground, and the heroic cultivators showed expectant gazes as they waited to see the level of power that the species had reached .

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The black flower bloomed in a few seconds and released an aura that matched the middle tier of the fifth rank .

The magical plant had crossed the boundaries of the lower tier!

However, even that new level of power didn't seem stable enough for the specimen, which withered in a few instants .

Lady Edna's finger instinctively trembled at that sight, but the gazes of the cultivators around her didn't fail to notice that slight movement and focused on her .

Lady Edna saw three heroic cultivators, and Noah patiently waiting to see if she was going to act .

Of course, she didn't move and simply waited for the flower to wither .

The first one to act would receive the focus of the other three nations, that was the natural consequence of that stalemate .

Yet, a sudden battle would just create another wave of chaos in that area, which would most likely disrupt the fragile equilibrium reached by that terrain .

A modification in that equilibrium could stop the growth of those flowers, which was the outcome that everyone was trying to avoid .

So, their focus went on Elder Austin when it became clear that Lady Edna wasn't going to act .

Elder Austin understood the meaning behind their stares, and he backed his voice with his pride as he announced something .

"This land can only be assigned to the Hive, you all know that . Nevertheless, the Patriarch is benevolent and is willing to share this resource for the right compensation . "