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Published at 16th of May 2020 07:00:16 AM

Chapter 678
"These territories don't belong to anyone . You can't put a price over something that you don't own . "

"I'd rather fight you again than pay for resources that have yet to have an owner . "

Lady Edna and Elder Doyle immediately complained, but they didn't dare to unleash their aura .

Instead, the slender cultivator from the Empire and the rank 5 cultivator in front of Thaddeus didn't speak .

Lady Edna and Elder Doyle had both been defeated by Elder Austin in the past, so their reactions were somewhat understandable .

However, the other two rank 5 existences didn't have any emotion affecting their judgment and could evaluate the situation clearly .

The priority of the four forces was to obtain the new lifeform, and all of them knew that the Hive was the only nation that could have some claims there .

It was merely a geographical matter .

The Hive was closer, so it would have obtained that land if the nations had divided the continent according to the current domain .

Yet, there was a chance to exploit the lack of set borders, and the three big nations couldn't just miss it .

'We can't obtain the flower, but we can make something out of it due to the proximity to our domain . We can just set a training area nearby and indirectly disrupt the equilibrium of this spot . We can safely affect this land even if we don't control it . '

Noah couldn't help but approve Elder Austin's actions when he summarized the situation in his mind .

The Hive could just build something near there and influence that terrain while remaining inside its domain .

That would be entirely in its rights, and the other nations couldn't even contest it since the central territories didn't have an owner .

'We are far away, but a couple of rank 5 elders could do the trick if they put some effort . This is a lucky event that we can't exploit in its fullest due to our weakness . '

Some annoyance appeared inside Noah when he thought that, but he quickly suppressed it .

The matter would be easily solved if the Empire was in the Hive's place, and even the Royals or the Council would find some excuses to keep that terrain .

However, the Hive was weak and could be bullied if the three big nations were set on working together .

Another flower bloomed and withered during the long silence that had dawned on the group .

More heroic cultivators from each faction could be seen arriving in the distance .

It was clear that the sky was about to become crowded .

Nevertheless, no one answered to Elder Austin's offer .

'They want to see the stable specimen before deciding how far they are willing to go . '

Noah quickly understood what was in the minds of the other entities and shot a glance toward the elder next to him .

The duo from the Hive exchanged a few mental messages before agreeing on their next move .

"Well, no one seems to like these flowers . "

Noah exclaimed at some point, and Elder Austin didn't fail to follow his act .

"Indeed! Hear my words of wisdom, Prince . These plants are definitely a threat! I mean, black flowers? They surely are something bad . "

Noah repeatedly nodded at his words as he wielded one of his sabers and prepared himself to slash toward the ground .

Panic appeared on the faces of the heroic cultivators, except for the Empire's envoy, who kept his calm .

"Wait! You have no right to affect the flora!"

"The Council agrees with the Elbas family . This is a clear threat!"

Noah stopped the descent of his weapon and heaved a helpless sigh at Lady Edna and Elder Doyle's words .

"Elder, they are right . I guess we can only return and watch the Patriarch's demonstration for the time being . We should be close enough to see how this situation unfolds too . "

Elder Austin showed a broad smile when Noah spoke and warmly patted his shoulder as he turned to leave .

Noah followed him and ignored the angry gazes that Thaddeus was shooting at him .

It was at that point that the rank 5 cultivator of the Empire spoke .

"Elders, are you really set on destroy this marvelous discovery?"

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The duo from the Hive turned at his words, and Elder Austin gave him a serious answer .

"The Hive doesn't need it, but it won't simply ignore this matter . We are demons, and we'd rather destroy it than gaining nothing from something that should belong to us . "

Noah's expression became cold when Elder Austin signaled the end of the act with his answer .

The core of the matter was to set an agreement before the lifeform found a balance .

Otherwise, the three forces would get an idea of its actual value .

Instead, forcing their hands now would give birth to an auction and prevent everyone from doing something reckless .

Noah replied to Thaddeus' stare with one of his own at that point .

The latter was a rank 4 cultivator in the solid stage, but Noah clearly remembered him being at the peak of the liquid stage when he interrupted his battle .

'He isn't a useless noble then . '

Noah thought as he moved his gaze toward the rank 5 cultivator in front of him .

That Royal was moving his gaze between Noah and Elder Austin, but Noah could sense that he suppressed some emotions whenever it went on him .

Noah's mind played the images of the battle near Vondhur when a heroic cultivator descended from the sky to stop him from seizing the resources contained in Samuel's ring .

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Noah's mental energy wasn't able to sense him back then, but he knew from their conversation that he was Thaddeus' father!

Cecil was only a rank 4 cultivator when Noah escaped from the Utra nation, but he had managed to reach the fifth rank in those years .

Of course, he was weaker than Lady Edna, but that feat already spoke for his talent .

Lady Edna, Elder Doyle, and the man from the Empire began to send a few mental messages back to their organizations after a few seconds of silence .

Meanwhile, the figures in the distance reached their respective groups .

They were mostly rank 4 cultivators, and Noah could even recognize Faith among the group from the Papral nation .

She was still in the gaseous stage, but her cultivation had improved since she was nearing the peak of that stage .

Faith shot a curious glance at Noah when she noticed him, but she quickly suppressed her eagerness to talk with him .

The situation was too troublesome to question Noah about how his relationship with June had evolved in the months spent underground .

Then, the man from the Empire gave voice to a question directed toward Elder Austin .

"What is the Hive proposing?"

The elder had already decided how to handle the situation and didn't hesitate to announce it .

"Auction with three contenders . "