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Published at 23rd of October 2020 10:37:00 AM

Chapter 681: 681. Tool
The new magical plant had crossed the boundaries of the fifth rank and had bloomed with the power of the sixth rank!

The heroic cultivators of the Hive could only show ugly expressions at that sight, while those from the Utra nation could barely contain their excitement.

The cost of the monopoly over that resource was already affordable for the Elbas family when the flowers were in the fifth rank, but that became incomparably low when something in the sixth rank was concerned.

Everyone stared at the black flower on the terrain with expectant gazes.

They wanted to see if the plant was going to wither again and repeat the cycle of life and death.

However, the magical plant didn't show any sign of withering, and it even began to feed on the "Breath" contained in the terrain.

The new species had found its stable form.

The plant still looked frail and harmless, but the space around it bent as it absorbed the nutrients from the environment.

The species was beginning to reveal its features after it found its stability, and that could only give birth to another wave of marvel inside the minds of the heroic assets on the scene.

Cecil and Lady Edna exchanged a glance before moving toward the flower.

The oath bound rank 5 heroic cultivators, but the matter would be different if the powerhouses of the other organizations were to interfere.

The Elbas family knew that it had to act fast if it wanted to secure that precious material.

Cecil didn't even look at the cultivators around him after he found a silent understanding with Lady Edna.

He directly plucked the flower from the base of its stem and stored it inside the transparent box in his grasp.

Elder Austin and the rank 5 cultivators from the other forces notified their headquarters about the situation, but there wasn't much that they could do at the moment.

Their rank 6 powerhouses would have to reach the scene and forcefully break the oath before the situation could be affected.

That would require time, and the Elbas family was already in possession of the material!

Of course, the matter would be different if that terrain turned out to be an endless source of rank 6 plants.

The groups from the four nations stared at the terrain while revealing mixed emotions.

The birth of a second rank 6 flower could force the powerhouses to intervene, which would most likely cause a war or some sort of organized battle.

Cecil gave his space-ring to Lady Edna, who immediately left the area to return to the Utra nation, but no one else flew away from there.

The eyes of some cultivators followed the departing rank 5 existence, but they didn't move for fear of triggering the backlash of the oath.

Everyone stood still, waiting to see if the ground gave birth to another magical plant.

However, no more purple stems came out of the terrain.

The heroic cultivators waited in silence, but they began to leave when nothing happened even after a few days passed.

The crowd began to disperse, and the assets from the Empire and Papral nation didn't fail to shoot a few glances at the groups from the Hive and Utra nation.

The Council and the Empire didn't lose nor gain anything, which was more than fine considering that the Royals had won only one small flower.

On the other hand, the Hive had sold a precious resource at an incredibly low price.

"The Elbas family wishes to analyze the terrain without interruption."

Cecil said when a week had passed, but no more flowers had grown from the ground.

"The Hive refuses. You have rights over the magical plant, but the owner of the terrain has yet to be decided."

Elder Justin promptly answered.

That outcome wasn't ideal, but he could only rejoice when he saw that the species had probably gone extinct after its sudden appearance.

Also, he couldn't let the Elbas family study the terrain.

There was a chance that the Royals could restore the previous equilibrium with their advanced methods and force the flowers to grow again.

The Hive couldn't risk that, not for the previous price at least.

"One billion Credits."

Cecil announced, but Elder Justin snorted before refusing his offer.

"Credits are useless. The Hive will accept only something that can match the value of a rank 6 material."

The tables had turned in the central areas of the continent.

The Royals didn't know if the ground could be forced to give birth to more black flowers, but the Hive was now sure that it had the potential to create something in the sixth rank.

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Elder Justin had to force the auction to an end before for fear that the species couldn't find a stable form, but everything was different now.

He would gladly hold another auction and continue it endlessly.

Nevertheless, none of the envoys on the scene had the authority to offer resources that could match something with the power of the sixth rank.

Cecil quickly gave up on the idea of securing that terrain, and he limited himself to wait for the possible birth of another plant.

Elder Justin, Elder Doyle, and Sharp Trunk did the same and remained still as the heroic cultivators behind them returned to their respective nations.

Elder Austin began to move back to the territories of the Hive too, and Noah followed him while shooting one last glance toward the departing Thaddeus.

"What happens now?"

Noah asked when he and Elder Austin were at some distance from the other heroic cultivators.

The situation seemed helpless in his eyes.

The Hive had simply suffered a loss even if it gained a large number of resources.

"Our methods are still rusty, and we would have sold the plant anyway. It's a pity though. We could have pushed the biddings far farther."

Elder Austin sighed after saying those words.

The Hive had yet to groom inscription masters.

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It had barely reinforced its existing formations after all.

"For how long would we have to take these unfavorable trades due to our weakness?"

Noah asked, but his question wasn't directed toward the elder.

He kept on becoming stronger, and the Hive did the same.

However, no amount of improvement seemed to be enough to match the power of the big nations.

Noah knew that their achievements were already incredible, especially since not even thirty years had passed from the battle for the independence of the archipelago.

Yet, he still felt eager to do more, and that immovable political environment was almost suffocating for him.

"Prince, you are still young. Commoners might see their world changing in a matter of months, but the matters on our level can last for centuries."

Elder Austin answered, and he didn't fail to notice the traces of annoyance exuded by Noah's expression.


Noah's attention went on the elder when he heard that word.

Elder Austin revealed a smirk when he saw his reaction and didn't hesitate to explain more.

"We are demons, and you have retrieved the perfect tool for thieves."

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