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Chapter 684
The two Demons began to reveal cold expressions after those words .

They were grateful to Noah, and the latter was even starting to consider them as a friend .

However, they were also demons .

Their coldness was proper of entities that had advanced through the blood of their enemies .

Noah had never underestimated them, but he had also never seen that side of them before .

That discovery didn't scare him though .

Instead, he was relieved to see that they were somewhat similar to him .

Cultivators would face struggles and harsh battles throughout their lives, but only a few of them would develop a similar attitude .

"I'll surely notify you . "

Noah said while showing a cold expression of his own .

Divine Demon had personally trained the Demons .

They reflected what Noah had learnt on his own during his life before the archipelago .

Chasing Demon was powerful and couldn't bond with someone at the bottom of the heroic ranks, but Flying Demon and Dreaming Demon were different .

Noah might not have realized it, but the three of them were past the relationship that simple companions could have .

"Don't laze around too much . It has been too long since I battled against a cultivator . "

Noah said before gesturing that he wanted to leave .

The two Demons revealed smirks at his words, and Dreaming Demon tapped her pendant .

A shining array appeared on the black ceiling of the separate dimension, and Noah returned in the desert as soon as he touched it .

Elder Austin was still waiting for him on the yellow sand, but his focus seemed to be elsewhere .

"The Royals might complete studying the black flower before the tunnel is set . "

Noah claimed the attention of the elder with those words, but the latter shook his head when he returned to reality .

"That's even better . The Elbas family would be forced to recognize that the old continent has exhausted its potential at that point . We want them not to care about the Utra nation, Prince . "

Noah could only agree with the explanation of the elder .

The three big nations had managed to create wonders during the thousands of years of their rule, but the old continent had its limits .

He had seen how the territories deep inside the area of influence of the Empire had a scarce density of "Breath", and he knew that lands with similar features could be found inside the other nations .

The Mortal Lands were full of "Breath", but there was a limit to how many powerful beings they could sustain .

Environments would be drained and reduced to wastelands as powerful organizations enlarged .

That would limit the number of valuable lands and cause wars .

The wars would kill cultivators and release the "Breath" back in the environment, bringing back the cycle to its starting point .

Yet, the arrival of the new continent had pushed that cycle further and had momentarily delayed the unavoidable war for precious resources .

'What if the Royals abandon the old continent and our help gives birth to a fifth force?'

Noah thought at that point .

The Hive had been able to claim its independence because the three nations didn't care about the archipelago .

The same could happen if the Royals were to migrate completely, and the Cause was left free to conquer the Utra nation .

A land was useless on its own, and names even more so .

'The Elbas family might even gain the friendship of nobles loyal to the Cause . Winning to obtain a barren land isn't that enticing . '

Noah reviewed the possible outcomes in his mind, but the influence of the Hive in the political situation there only lead to beneficial results .

The Hive could hinder the Royals from gaining support by destroying the weaker families loyal to them .

That would both weaken their power on the old continent and impede the enlargement of the Elbas family during its migration .

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'Helping a weak country to hurt a strong one, I wonder if we'll ever regret it . '

That doubt didn't bother Noah too much .

It would be impossible to be feared in the Mortal Lands without an existence at the peak of the heroic ranks, and the Cause lacked it .

Those nobles would be harmless for more than centuries and would most likely be exploited by other bigger forces .

However, the Hive couldn't care less since it was only interested in benefitting from the situation .

Instead, there was another doubt that Noah didn't manage to suppress since he discovered that the Hive was building a separate dimension .

"Notify me when we are ready . I want to join the raids . "

Noah said as he set off to return to his quarters .

There were still a lot of available improvements with both his inscription methods, and the prospect of a battle made him choose to hone his current abilities as much as he could .

Nevertheless, his mind wasn't on his skills as he flew back to his dome .

There was something that he had chosen not to think about when he discovered the information about the god of the Empire .

That something concerned the relationship between the Odrea nation and the most powerful organization of the Mortal Lands!

'The Empire rises and falls, but what happens to the Odrea nation when its enemy vanishes? There are so many inaccuracies in the historical records . '

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Noah didn't spend time pondering about that issue back then because he didn't have a way to reach the Mausoleum without alerting the forces of the Empire .

There was no point in thinking about something that he couldn't obtain, especially when he was busy with so many projects .

However, those thoughts forced their way through his mind when he learnt about the separate dimension .

'A rank 6 cultivator shouldn't be able to create a formation able to fend off a god even by sacrificing his life . There is something off here, and I'm starting to believe that the Mausoleum hides far more than I thought . '

Noah could only find uncertainties when he pondered about the matter .

The history of the Odrea nation was passed down by human cultivators who couldn't completely understand the higher ranks .

There was the possibility that all their pride was built on a lie .

'The Mausoleum has six layers, or that's what Lisa said . I must be a rank 6 cultivator if I want to explore it completely and if her words reflect the truth . I should just prepare for the raids in the Utra nation for now . '

Noah put the matter in the back of his mind again at that point .

The events of the Empire and the Odrea nation involved rank 6 existences and gods, and he only had information gathered by human cultivators .

He was set on exploring the Mausoleum one day, but the project that concerned the Utra nation was too appealing for him at the moment .

The benefits interested him, but he was more focused on the fact that his vengeance was nearing .