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Published at 20th of May 2020 07:10:14 AM

Chapter 687
Noah prepared the blood and the heart of the dragon for the procedure .

A Cursed dragon wasn't ideal to be a Blood companion, but Noah was mostly interested in increasing the pressure inside his sea of consciousness .

He could just change companion later on, but his priority was his center of power now .

Becoming a rank 5 mage would push his battle prowess further in the fifth rank, and it would give him access to more powerful tools to analyze his individuality .

Also, it would indirectly improve the Divine deduction technique, which was his most vital asset in the creation of methods and spells .

Sacrificing two peak rank 4 companions for that boost was worth it in his mind .

Finding the perfect meaning for the blood and heart was easy since Noah could benefit only from one aspect of the Cursed dragon .

It couldn't fly, and its defense was average among the other species of dragons .

Yet, its flames were powerful, and Noah still remembered the images of the battle against the immense Heaven Tribulation .

'Light disappears when I spread my maws . My flames are so blinding that they can appear only in the complete darkness . '

Noah thought as he immersed his "Breath" inside his mental energy to imbue that meaning .

His sharp "Breath" transformed into blinding tongues of black flames when it resurfaced, and Noah didn't hesitate to mix it with the materials needed for the spell .

'My "Breath" still carries a sharp and destructive force even after I imbued it with another meaning . These features aren't rejecting each other, but the result is somewhat impure nonetheless . '

Noah analyzed as he evaluated the effects that his individuality had on the forging process .

Creating pure meanings hadn't been easy in the past, but he had always managed to isolate the specific aspect that he wanted to enhance .

However, he didn't manage to cut away his individuality at that time .

'This impurity doesn't affect its actual power, but I wonder if there would be some conflict with other meanings . I should try to forge some defensive items just to test this aspect . '

Noah appointed that note in his mind as he proceeded with the procedure .

The blood and heart of the dragon accepted Noah's energy without any problem, so he only had to draw the dragon on his skin now .

Noah's expression became cold as he proceeded on destroying Zac and Havok's figures while releasing a series of his saber-shaped runes .

His mind wasn't affected by the loss of his Blood companion in the slightest, so Noah could immediately approach the final stages of the spell .

The runes in the air formed a peculiar picture under his control .

The shape of a wingless dragon took form, and Noah began to release part of his "Breath" to accelerate the absorption of energy .

The runes remained still in that layout as they absorbed the "Breath" and primary energy around them .

Noah waited until their power reached the peak of the solid stage before undressing the upper part of his robe and placing his bare chest in front of the dragon's drawing .

He knew that his body would heal quickly and that his inscribed sabers would probably struggle to stab him deep enough .

So, he had to use one of his most potent spells to create precise wounds where he could insert the dragon's blood .

Noah controlled the runes to crash on his chest when they reached the required power to hurt him .

The spell stabbed his skin and pierced his muscles before being stopped by his bones .

Noah ignored the pain and immersed one of his non-inscribed sabers inside the barrel that contained the dragon's blood .

Then, he retracted the array of runes and used the weapon to trace the wound that they had left on his body .

Noah's chest was a mess, but his muscles and skin soon began to heal as he traced his wounds with the bloody weapon .

His calculations turned out to be correct since he managed to finish the drawing before his body healed .

Noah ate the heart of the rank 5 Cursed dragon after that success, and he directly focused on his sea of consciousness at that point .

The ethereal figure of the wingless dragon appeared inside his mind, and Noah could only reveal a smile when he felt the pressure that it generated .

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'This is perfect . I might gain weeks of training with it . '

Noah thought as his complete focus went on taming the will of the dragon .

The creature had an incredible pride, and Noah's meanings couldn't wholly restrain it .

However, he was far too used to that kind of battles, and he had new assets inside his mental sphere that could help him defeat the struggling beast .

His mental energy created wills that carried the effects of his translated spells, and his saber-shaped rune flew at high speed over the sea in his mind while piercing the ethereal dragon .

The Kesier runes hummed, and Noah's half-transparent figure used ethereal sabers to weaken the will of the beast further .

Shockwaves spread through the walls of the sea of consciousness as the battle unfolded, and Noah felt barely able to remain conscious at specific points .

That was the most potent enemy that his mental sphere had ever faced, and Noah was going all out to defeat it!

The territorial advantage ultimately tilted the scales of the battle on Noah's side .

The dragon continued to lose energy while Noah could use all his methods to contain it and slowly wear it out .

The beast didn't even manage to touch the walls of his mind before Noah forced it to fall in the sea .

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He felt tired when the battle was over, but there was some satisfaction in inside him .

The outcome of that battle proved that he could subdue rank 5 magical beasts, even if the lower tier were his current limit .

'The differences between the tiers tend to enlarge as the rank increases . I wonder when I'll be able to hunt a rank 5 beast in the middle tier . '

Noah began to evaluate his battle prowess and the future ranks, but he was soon forced to suppress those thoughts since he noticed that something was off .

The ethereal dragon had fallen in the sea, and Noah had sensed its destruction .

Yet, no half-transparent figure appeared at the center of his sea of consciousness .

Noah did a quick scan through his mental energy .

He didn't believe that something could escape his view in his personal world .

However, a sudden tremor swept the entirety of his mental sphere and forced him to focus on its walls .

Noah's mind trembled, and it took a while before he was able to regain his focus .

He immediately analyzed the state of his walls to see if something had happened to them, but surprise replaced his worry when he looked at them .

The walls were perfectly fine, but he noticed that the size of his mental sphere had increased by a lot in those short seconds .