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Chapter 689
Many nobles and wealthy cultivators used drugs to strengthen the structure of their seas of consciousness since their lofty lifestyles prevented it from happening naturally .

Enduring and overcoming struggles were the best methods that cultivators had to improve the sturdiness of their mental spheres .

Still, that usually conflicted with their habit of secluding themselves to focus on absorbing "Breath" .

That approach was only natural since the ranks of the mental spheres didn't have stages or tiers, which didn't allow them to express clear signs of their might unless they reached the next level .

The body was usually the easiest to train, and the dantian would boost one's battle prowess by a lot with every breakthrough .

Cultivators would obviously focus them .

Noah had always been different in that field due to the advantage provided by his transmigration .

Yet, that advantage was bound to wear off as his rank increased, and discovering the new ability of his mental energy had made him reach that point .

He had a method that allowed him to train his sea of consciousness extremely fast, but he would need to sacrifice its sturdiness to obtain the best out of it .

Of course, Noah wasn't willing to do that .

The foundation of a center of power was more important than its level because it was part of its potential .

Noah would only sacrifice it if his life depended on it, but there was no reason to do so in such a peaceful period .

However, that didn't mean that he was giving up on absorbing the wills of powerful magical beasts .

Noah contacted the elders as soon as he finished his tests and requested a large number of drugs that strengthened mental spheres .

The elders didn't hesitate to accept his request, but he still had to wait a couple of weeks before they delivered the goods to him .

The Hive had accepted to help the Udye family with the Cause, meaning that it could request for the best drugs that the Utra nation had to offer .

Also, the Udye family would be forced to set a favorable price to the trade since it was in its best interest to help its ally .

'I wonder what Daniel would think if he knew that all these pills are for me . '

Noah revealed a smirk when he saw the massive pile of drugs amassed at the bottom of his underground quarters .

The elders didn't hesitate to purchase a large stash since they were used by then to Noah's unrestrained behavior when it came to cultivation .

That, coupled with the fact that he was the Demon Prince and with his achievements in the separate dimension, made the elder go all out with that purchase .

After all, they knew that Noah would just give back the drugs that he didn't need to the Hive, and those kinds of pills were always useful in the nurturing of both human and heroic cultivators .

Noah didn't hesitate to immerse himself again in his training when the drugs arrived .

They were Inner-fire pills, and most of them were in the third rank, with only a few dozens in the fourth rank .

Pills and potions in the third rank didn't have much effect on centers of power in the heroic ranks, but Noah could obtain some small results making up with their quantity .

Also, obtaining so many resources in the fourth rank wasn't exactly easy, only so many noble families could have access to them .

Noah began his cycle of reinforcement and enlargement of his sea of consciousness when everything arrived .

The Inner-fire pills would create a burning sensation that increased the firmness of the walls of his sphere while devouring the wills of the magical beasts enlarged it .

Repeating that cycle so often would eventually hurt his mind, but Noah didn't go overboard at that time .

He felt that the peak of the fourth rank was nearing far faster than before already, and he had a lot to work on with his two inscription methods .

The cycle benefitted his body too since he hunted for the available rank 5 creatures in the lower tier whenever he found one .

Of course, most of his focus was on his two inscription methods .

He wanted to increase his expertise as much as he could in case the breakthrough provided him with some enlightenment .

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Ideas on how to forge runes appeared and vanished in his mind during that period of training, but they were just too vague for him to test anything .

Then, the message that he had waited for almost two years after seeing the dimension arrived in his inscribed notebook .

"We reached the western coast of the old continent . "

Flying Demon's voice resounded in his mental sphere as he listened to the message .

Noah couldn't help but feel excited about that .

The cooperation with the Cause was finally starting, and it was time to attack the nobles in their own home!

Noah flew out of his quarters and reached for the desert at that point .

Entering the separate dimension required a specific key, and Elder Julia didn't hesitate to provide it to him .

Then, it was only a matter of landing on the precise spot of the entrance .

Noah could immediately notice how bigger the dimension was when he entered inside it for the first time in two years .

Its width didn't increase by much, but it stretched so far in the distance that Noah wasn't able to see its end even in the stillness of that environment .

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Reaching the other side of that tunnel took some time, and Noah simply spent that period flying alone toward the Demons .

Divine Architect created the dimension with the intent of copying the Mortal Lands, so space wasn't stretched nor compressed inside there .

The tunnel stretched from the western coast of the new continent to the west side of the old one, so Noah had to fly for months to reach its end .

The figures of the two Demons appeared in the distance at some point, and Noah was pleasantly surprised to discover that they both seemed to have improved .

Dreaming Demon's aura emanated an innate pressure that affected the area around her, but it was Flying Demon the one who showed the most evident changes .

The man's aura seeped in the stillness around him and spread a chilling sensation that further enhanced the motionlessness of the dimension .

"Noah, we almost are under the Udye mansion . You can start enlarging on that side to reach the Coral archipelago . Everything should be set in a few months!"

Flying Demon exclaimed when he sensed Noah's presence, and the latter turned toward the north when he heard his words .

The Hive would create checkpoints inside the dimension to facilitate the transport of assets before starting with the assault on the noble families .

However, all the preparations were almost complete .