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Published at 21st of May 2020 06:50:12 AM

Chapter 690
The mansion of the Udye family was one of the most massive structures in the entirety of the Utra nation .

The mansion could be found at the center of Knightborn city, on the eastern areas of the nation, and many paved roads stretched from it .

Those paths connected the Udye family to the other noble families under its domain, but they also led to specific strategic spots .

The Elbas family left the large-size noble families in charge of cities inside their respective regions, but it exacted taxes every year .

Those families would produce the necessities that kept the commoners and weak human cultivators alive while the Royals focused on the matters concerning the cultivation world .

Of course, the large-size families would just task the weaker families under their domain to take care of those matters .

They couldn't just leave the Elbas family becoming stronger without trying to do the same, but the control of the Royals was among the strictest in the entirety of the Mortal Lands .

They had spies everywhere, and they even offered beneficial agreements to anyone willing to serve them .

However, ambitious underlings would always appear in every organization, especially when some of them had spectacular talent .

The Udye family was the most powerful noble family, and it had one of the most promising talents in its ranks .

Also, that talent was a cultivator with a light aptitude, which further enhanced his importance .

That talent, his father, and the other heroic cultivators in the family were eagerly waiting in the garden of their mansion at that time .

"We have been through this once already . "

"Octavia, please . This time is different . He will definitely come . "

A masked heroic cultivator and Daniel exchanged words as they took glances at the terrain of the garden .

They had received a communication that day in which the Hive asked for the precise location of their mansion .

Of course, the Udye family gave them the instructions and even offered to prepare a formation in a safe area inside Knightborn city .

Yet, the elders of the Hive were set on arriving directly inside its mansion .

The Udye family could only accept their terms at that point, which led to the current situation where its heroic assets were waiting for the arrival of their allies .

"Daniel, I'm happy that he helped you, even if only indirectly . Yet, remember that we are just tools in their eyes . They aren't helping us out of goodwill . "

Octavia warned Daniel again .

"Octavia, I'm not a kid anymore . They'll use us to weaken the Elbas family and raid some mansion, while we'll use them to leave the Utra nation to the Cause . We'll just submit to the Royals if the Hive tries to take this land from us . "

Daniel exuded a firm resolution when he said those words, and Octavia couldn't help but accept that he had grown .

She knew that Daniel had always been inclined to see the good in people, but that attitude was too naïve, especially for someone in the heroic ranks .

However, that aspect of him changed after meeting Noah in the new continent .

Daniel had finally begun to focus on himself and stopped thinking like the leader of a revolution .

His Earth Tribulation had gone smoothly thanks to his new mindset, and even his cultivation level had steadily improved at that point .

Daniel was a complete heroic cultivator near the peak of the gaseous stage now, which was something worthy of respect for someone who didn't create a cultivation technique .

Yet, Octavia was still worried about the strange relationship that he had with Noah .

The latter was a demon who kept on breaking records whenever he took a step forward, and she knew that Daniel respected that side of him .

That respect could quickly become an inferiority complex able to affect his potential, and Octavia didn't want to see that happen .

Shining lines suddenly appeared on the surface of the garden while she had those thoughts .

The heroic assets of the Udye family immediately focused on the array that was slowly appearing right inside their mansion!

The elders of the Hive didn't reveal anything except for the fact that they would appear there, and the nobles could only accept that they had some secret teleportation method .

Yet, they still felt surprised when they saw that powerful figures came out from the ground without alerting the defensive measures placed all around their mansion and city .

Ian Udye stepped on to greet the guests when the light of the teleportation disappeared, but he soon stopped his track when he noticed their power .

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There were four figures, and only three of them were cultivators .

However, two of them were in the fifth rank, and the last one was Noah Balvan!

The fourth lifeform was an ethereal middle-aged man that looked like a scholar .

"I see! They really are far above the standards of this era!"

"Shut up . We brought you along just for a quick look . You must return to the Hive when you are done . "

"Greetings . We will briefly discuss the strategy with the rank 5 existence and then be on our way . Please, don't touch this formation, or we will end this cooperation . "

Thirty-seven, Flying Demon, and Dreaming Demon spoke as soon as they appeared in the open .

Instead, Noah remained silent as he lifted his head to gaze at the sky .

Countless emotions appeared inside him as he closed his eyes to immerse his senses in the environment .

'Almost forty years have passed . '

Noah thought as images of his life inside the Utra nation appeared in his mind, only to disperse due to the noise that his companions were creating .

Thirty-seven had begun to fly around, uncaring that his form kept on losing energy due to his distance from the pendant .

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Flying Demon shouted at him as he tried to bring the automaton back inside the separate dimension .

Dreaming Demon was completely ignoring the two of them as she tried to greet the incredulous nobles .

The great allies coming from oversea were just a chaotic group .

Of course, Ian quickly recovered from that sight .

After all, their cultivation level didn't lie .

Those two rank 5 cultivators alone were more potent than the entirety of the heroic assets of the Udye family .

It couldn't be helped, the fragmented political system of the Utra nation didn't allow the nobles to accumulate that much power on themselves .

Having one rank 5 cultivator in their ranks was already the best that those organizations under the rule of the Royals could do .

"Esteemed guests, we were waiting for you . Please, come to my chambers . "

An aged voice echoed through the mansion at some point, and the group from the Hive could immediately understand that it came from the rank 5 existence of the Udye family .

Their expressions turned severe since it wasn't wise underestimating someone so strong when in the middle of his territory .

Yet, that voice also signaled the beginning of their invasion .