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Published at 22nd of May 2020 07:20:13 AM

Chapter 692
'They are scared . '

Noah thought when he saw that Amos was willing to use an oath in the fifth rank just to include Daniel in their team .

Flying Demon shot a glance toward his lover, but Dreaming Demon just shook her head .

The Hive couldn't trust such an inscribed item so quickly, and it wasn't ready to reveal the existence of the separate dimension to the world .

The tunnel was the perfect tool to ambush enemies without leaving any trace, and the elders were sure that they could use it to take advantage of certain situations .

Yet, they also needed the information of the Udye family to know the exact layout of the Utra nation .

"We'll need to inspect it . "

Dreaming Demon said after a short moment of silence .

Both Amos and the group from the Hive were hesitant, but the latter didn't strictly need to complete that task .

On the other hand, the Cause would be powerless against the assets of the Elbas family without the help of the fourth force in the Mortal Lands .

One side had to take a leap of faith, but the Hive didn't need to be that side .

In the end, Amos handed the token to Dreaming Demon, and she gave it to her lover, who returned to the garden .

One of the nobles accompanied him, but Flying Demon simply disappeared inside the separate dimension, carrying the token with him .

The other cultivators waited in silence for his return, but Noah and the elder knew that it would take at least half an hour for their companion to contact Thirty-seven and make him analyze the token .

There were ways to break oaths, and the automaton had to make sure that there wasn't a method prepared beforehand .

Noah continued to study the map during that silence, and he completely ignored the curious glances that Daniel, Ian, and Octavia shot toward him .

The fact that Noah had reached the liquid stage in those few years was just one of the many surprises that his figure hid .

His body had reached the fifth rank, and there seemed to be an incredible amount of energy contained in it .

Also, his mental sphere was far more potent than before, and even Amos was surprised to notice that it was nearing the peak of the fourth rank .

All of that while Noah wasn't even sixty .

Daniel didn't even try to probe Noah with his mental energy since the latter was surrounded by a sharp aura that threatened to destroy everything that came near him .

That alone made him realize that Noah had increased the distance between them even further .

'Asking about the Balvan mansion is easy, but how do I learn more about the Ballor family without making them suspect anything?'

Noah thought as he pondered about that issue .

Almost everyone in the world knew about his hatred toward his family, but only the elders were aware of his relationship with June .

Noah wanted to keep it that way for now since they had both agreed on that part, but he still wanted to find a way to see her .

However, the branch of the Ballor family was on the new continent, so he couldn't be sure that the Udye family knew its exact position now .

'I wonder if I can use Daniel for that . '

Noah continued to think in silence until the doors of Amos' training area opened again, and Flying Demon returned to the meeting .

His simple nod was enough to confirm that the token was fine and that they could take Daniel with them .

Of course, the Demons didn't hold back in their conditions .

Daniel would be able to talk about the results obtained, but the oath would force him to keep everything else a secret .

The conditions covered the discussions that he heard during their missions too, meaning that Noah and the elders could even speak freely in his presence .

Amos didn't care about those strict conditions, and Daniel seemed quite eager to join the group .

After all, the Udye family only needed to know that the Hive wasn't planning something behind their backs .

They would never dare to scheme against an organization that had a rank 6 existence in its lead .

Amos revealed the coordinates of the Carner family when Daniel sealed the oath, and the four of them immediately returned to the separate dimension after that .

"How did you obtain something like that?"

Daniel asked when the insides of the tunnel appeared in his view .

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Noah and the Demons didn't answer him and simply turned their gazes toward the ethereal man that was taking form on the brown ground .

Thirty-seven already knew what he had to do .

He flew toward the noble and began to analyze him thoroughly .

Daniel was initially surprised by that sudden event, but the cold gazes of the three heroic cultivators next to him forced him to stay still .

"He's clear, and the oath will cover everything . "

Thirty-seven returned inside the fabric of the dimension after he said that, and Daniel could finally relax at those words .

"I don't understand why did they send you . This is not exactly a training mission . "

Flying Demon complained as soon as the automaton disappeared, but Noah quickly solved his doubt .

"He has a light aptitude . He is the banner of the Cause . "

Daniel wanted to retort, but Dreaming Demon had even sharper comments about that matter .

"I see . Your family hopes that you can start to resemble our Prince . Good luck with that . "

The two Demons were unaware of the details behind the Udye family .

They only knew that it was the most powerful noble family outside of the control of the Royals .

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Yet, now they understood that there had to be some sort of relationship between Noah and Daniel .

"I won't become like him . I just need experience . "

Daniel answered, and Flying Demon could only shake his head at that reply .

Daniel was older than Noah, but he had lived a comfortable life .

His family had trained him well and provided him with everything he needed, but he was aware that he was lacking in many aspects .

"Do what you want . However, you must make yourself useful since you joined our group . You'll help the human assets in clearing the Carner mansion while I take care of the fake heroic cultivator . "

Noah ordered as he moved toward the north of the dimension .

The Hive had the coordinates of the Carner family, but it still had to make the dimension reach the area under it, and Daniel couldn't see them doing that .

The oath prevented him from speaking about what he learnt there, but he could still use that knowledge to plan strategies in the future .

So, he couldn't learn how it worked .

"Wait! I can help you . Why should I fight against human cultivators?"

Daniel complained, but a pair of cold gazes landed on his figure when he questioned Noah's orders .

The Demons instinctively felt angry when they saw Daniel's lack of respect, but Noah's next words made them reveal a smirk and relax the pressure that they were radiating .

"Because I say so . "