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Published at 23rd of May 2020 06:55:11 AM

Chapter 693
Daniel could only obey Noah's orders in that situation .

His role was simply to report the Hive's achievement to the Cause so that the latter's forces would know that the Utra nation wouldn't be taken away from them .

As for the strategies and the methods, they were in the Hive's hands .

Flying Demon led Daniel through one of the branches of the tunnel, where he found a series of hooded human cultivators camping on the barren ground .

They were the forces previously prepared by the Hive and teleported through the entrance placed in the Coral archipelago .

Moving from the southwestern coast of the new continent to the old one would simply take too long, so the entrance on the islands was a strategic checkpoint .

The Hive could just teleport its human assets in the archipelago and deploy them inside the separate dimension from there to shorten their travel .

Yet, some elders were already building specific formations inside the dimension to solve that issue .

They just didn't have time to do it until then .

Thirty-seven's teachings were too valuable, especially for heroic cultivators that had never gained access to inscription methods .

The Hive had chosen to prioritize its power rather than the layout of the dimension .

Meanwhile, Noah and Dreaming demon focused on stretching the tunnel toward the coordinates provided by the Udye family .

The process was slow, but they had become used to it by then .

Also, Dreaming Demon had tuned some of her peculiar mental waves to exploit the weaknesses of the dimension in that period, which considerably quickened its enlargement .

Daniel felt tremors spreading through the structure of the dimension while he was with the human assets, but he couldn't understand what Noah and the elder were up to from his position .

Two weeks had to pass before the group managed to reach their destination, and Noah directly contacted Flying Demon at that point .

"Today's mission is simple: Kill every cultivator, and seize every resource . Don't leave anything behind, or you'll be in the frontline in the next war . "

Noah gave voice to those orders when the human assets gathered in the spot right under the Carner family .

Flying Demon was busy placing the door to the outside world, and Noah was using that time to instruct the troops about the task .

The key was to kill anyone witnessing their arrival and to take care of the higher-ups of the family .

The human assents under him showed resolute auras after his words .

The Demon Prince would personally lead them into a mission .

There wasn't a higher honor in the minds of those rank 3 cultivators .

Also, they were elites chosen due to their achievements in the training grounds in the new continent, so they had always known that a chance to show their prowess would come .

"We are ready . "

Flying Demon said, and Noah nodded at him while landing on the newly built array .

Daniel and the human assets followed him, and the light of the teleportation soon enveloped their figures .

The coordinates provided by the Udye family were so accurate that Flying Demon managed to place the door right at the center of the Carner mansion .

Nobles had a fair number of traditions that could be exploited, and one of them saw them placing their training rooms or halls right at the center of their mansions .

The Patriarch of the Carner family was lazily training with the fourth Kesier rune inside his quarters when he saw shining lines appearing on the reinforced floor of the room .

His surprise quickly turned into fear when he saw a group of twenty or so hooded figures appearing right above the array .

Yet, he didn't even have the time to muster his strength since a hand suddenly filled his field of view .

Noah's alertness was at its peak since he entered the formation, and Lord Carner's presence didn't escape his senses when he resurfaced .

Instants were vital in a battle between heroic cultivators, but Lord Carner only had a rank 4 dantian in the gaseous stage .

Also, his mind was in the third rank, which put him far behind Noah's reaction time .

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Lord Carner didn't even feel pain when the hand reached him, his vision simply went dark in less than an instant .

He didn't even feel that his head had been turned into a pulp .

Daniel stared at Noah's hooded figure with wide eyes .

He hadn't been able to follow Noah's movements, but the latter had killed the strongest cultivator of a small-size noble family in the time that he took him to notice his action .

However, the human cultivators around him began to move, and that forced him to suppress his amazement to join them in the raid .

Screams and shouts echoed through the mansion as the troops from the Hive spread through its corridors and rooms .

Noah didn't move from the training area, but simply seized the dantian and the rings of the dead Patriarch and waited for everyone to regroup .

He didn't believe that the Elbas family would be able to blame the Hive since there wasn't any proof of its movements, but Noah still wanted to avoid leaving traces of the darkness element when he could .

'I obtain the same amount of nourishment from peak rank 4 magical beasts . These nobles…'

Noah sighed when he felt the amount of energy absorbed by his body after he ate Lord Carner's dantian .

Small-size families were way too weak for his level, and the less powerful of them could even lack complete heroic cultivators .

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'Taking them down with these preparations is simply too easy . However, things might become troublesome once we move to medium-size families . '

Noah thought as he stored the corpse of the Patriarch when he sensed that his troops were already regrouping in his position .

There were exceptions in the political system of the Utra nation, and the Ballor family was an example of that .

June's family had two heroic cultivators even if it was considered a small-size family .

That amount of power came from the fact that the Ballors had declined over time .

They didn't have the wealth to be considered a medium-size family, but they were still far more potent than the Carner family .

The same was true for large-size families that had declined .

The Hive would have to face nobles without enough wealth to reach a higher social status, but with enough assets that matched it .

'The Ballors live near the Capital, so I can't discover their position from the outside world . Still, I might be able to do something for the Balvans . The only issue is that I don't know how powerful the Shosti family is . '

Plans and schemes surged in Noah's mind as the human assets and Daniel returned to the central area .

Their black, hooded robes were covered in blood, and Noah was even able to notice that Daniel was wearing a sour expression under his hood .

However, Noah ignored the matter and activated the array that brought them back inside the separate dimension .