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Chapter 697
The best way to push his mind over the boundary of the fourth rank was the fifth Kesier rune .

The Kesier runes were the best training method for the sea of consciousness, as well as the safest .

Noah simply made sure that his mental sphere was stable before taking the sheet containing the fifth rune and starting his training session .

The internal pressure inside his mind intensified as the details of the rune became more material, and the walls of the sphere struggled to cross the invisible barrier that blocked their expansion .

Then, the fifth Kesier rune wholly materialized inside Noah's sea of consciousness, and a stabbing pain forced him to close his consciousness to endure the tremors that its materialization caused .

A humming sound echoed inside his mind and spread in the outside world through the mental waves that he unconsciously leaked during the process .

The sound was soft and subtle, but there were two existences in the separate dimension that didn't fail to hear it .

Dreaming Demon and Flying Demon were casually enjoying their well-deserved moments of intimacy in one of the caves built under the brown ground when they sensed that sound .

They recognized that noise since it was something that their minds had experienced too in the past .

It wasn't hard to guess who had caused that echo, but they weren't able to suppress their surprise anyway .

Some eagerness rose inside them and forced them to interrupt their intercourse to move toward the source of that sound .

They wanted to see the birth of the youngest rank 5 mage in history!

The two Demons quickly wore some clothes and flew in the direction of Noah's cave .

The sound became more intense as they neared its source, and even the air around them started to be affected by the energy that Noah was unconsciously releasing .

Small pieces of matter began to crumble and release a basic form of energy whenever his mental waves turned violent .

Those events weren't able to hinder the advance of the two Demons, but even Daniel would have to struggle to near Noah's cave in that situation .

The elders reached Noah's cave in a matter of minutes, but the humming suddenly stopped when they arrived right above it .

Then, they saw the ground around it crumbling as Noah's standing figure rose in the air .

Noah had still his eyes closed as he immersed himself in the sensations that his new state was able to feel .

His consciousness seeped inside the fabric of the separate dimension and sent information back to his mind .

He sensed the two rank 5 cultivators, and he could also recognize the emotions carried by their mental waves .

He felt part of the meanings of their auras, as well as the power behind the existences causing them .

Dreaming Demon's aura was thin but also impenetrable since Noah lost control of his mental waves when they tried to reach for her figure .

Instead, they froze and fell apart when they reached for Flying Demon's figure .

Also, part of that coldness spread toward Noah's consciousness, which forced him to cut away those tainted mental waves .

Those were the innate defensive measures of the Demon's minds, which prevented any weaker being from investigating the nature of their centers of power .

Noah stopped focusing on the world around him at that point and redirected his mental energy toward the inscriptions on his sea of consciousness .

What he felt at that moment couldn't be expressed by simple words .

The inscriptions shone with a blinding light that enveloped the insides of Noah's sphere with their halo .

Countless ideas filled Noah's thoughts, and most of them concerned his two inscription methods .

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Some thoughts concerned his cultivation technique and individuality too, and even new concepts on how to improve his spells appeared seemingly out of nowhere .

Nevertheless, the most crucial feature of his new state was that his mental energy now carried characteristics of his individuality!

Noah sensed how his mental waves could affect the matter around him and unleash destructive effects identical to those created with his liquid "Breath" .

Of course, the amount of destruction that his mental energy was capable of unleashing was inferior to that of his "Breath" since it was a weaker form of energy .

Yet, the fact that even his other center of power had begun to radiate his individuality made him feel as if he was slowly becoming a different kind of existence .

"Understanding the individuality, expressing the individuality, wielding the laws, and becoming a law . " Dreaming Demon spoke while Noah was still focused on becoming used to his new state .

Her words though claimed his attention and made him open his eyes for the first time after the breakthrough .

Noah's vertical pupils radiated a sharp pressure as they moved toward the elder, and the blue color of his irises shone due to the power wielded by his mind .

The two elders weren't affected by the pressure exuded by his gaze, but it was evident that Noah wasn't in the condition to stay near human cultivators .

"These are the four phases that cultivators have to cross as they strive for the divinity . Congratulations, Prince, you have just stepped in the second phase . " Dreaming Demon explained, and Noah nodded at her words .

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He already had a vague understanding of the matters that concerned the heroic ranks, but he also knew that his path was somewhat different .

His cultivation technique had allowed him to become aware of his individuality far sooner compared to other heroic cultivators, and his body carried properties that his new mind was still analyzing .

Noah felt the pride hidden inside his figure and the ability to rule over weaker beings buried inside his bloodline .

'I have so much to do . ' Noah thought as he tried to condense his consciousness to prevent his natural pressure from leaking .

"Let's observe the reactions of the nobles for a while . I'm almost ready to make my move on the Balvan family, but I need to prepare for eventual countermeasures provided by the Royals . Also, I would need your help in the assault . " Noah said as he landed on the reforming terrain .

He sensed for the first time the trail of the "Breath" used to power the functioning of the separate dimension .

Still, he didn't linger too much on that detail since he needed to instruct the Demons before secluding himself to focus on his new power .

"Ask Amos to investigate the current state of my family while I'm busy . We need to be ready for everything . " Noah ordered, but he suddenly remembered something that concerned his training . "Right . Do you have the sixth Kesier rune at hand? I don't want to wait for the Hive to send it here . "

The elders' eyes widened when they heard that question, and they exchanged a confused glance at that point .

Noah didn't understand the reason behind that action, but Dreaming Demon quickly hinted something with her question . "Prince, how many sixth Kesier runes do you think there are in the Mortal Lands?"