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Chapter 700
The Ballor family shared the same kind of secrecy of the Balvans, and the same applied for the nobles strictly connected with the Royals .

The Elbas family usually annexed loyal families in their ranks through marriages and similar events, but some nobles liked to maintain their identity .

The Ballor family wasn't one of them, but June had no intention of marrying a Royal just for the sake of her family .

On the other hand, the Balvan family simply didn't trust the rulers of the country .

Noah had been able to thrive because the Royals wanted to add him in its ranks, and no one believed that they had simply neglected to check his identity .

Yet, they made up for that act with tons of benefits, and they had even helped Thomas in reaching the fifth rank .

Their relationship was strange, but they were allies .

Those details ultimately influenced the transformation that the Utra nation experienced after the raids .

The smaller families slowly gathered near the large-size families, creating vast empty areas that were soon occupied by bold packs of magical beasts .

The population divided itself into three crowded areas that were mostly inhabited by cultivators .

The northern side of the country saw the families loyal to the Royals moving there to stay near the capital . The defenses there were the best in the nation, and gathering there was a clear sign of subservience .

The eastern coast witnessed a similar event near the Udye family . Nobles loyal to the Cause or merely angry at the Elbas family for not handling that dangerous situation before had moved there to create a united front .

The last crowded area appeared in the southern part of the country, where the domain of the Shosti family was . The families that had moved there didn't want to choose a side even if they were inclined to remain loyal to the Royals . Yet, they had chosen the southern territories to remain somewhat independent .

Nobles had their pride, and many of them wouldn't give up on their names to obtain some benefits .

Of course, that relocation wasn't cheap, especially since most activities handled by commoners couldn't just go with them .

The economy of the Utra nation soon took a heavy blow, but the cultivators there didn't feel it like the commoners . They found themselves without any protection against the tides of magical beasts that finally had the chance to explore those territories, which inevitably led to a high number of casualties .

The nobles didn't care about it . They only worried about the invisible threat that was destroying entire families without leaving any clue about its origin .

They didn't care if the economy of the country plummeted as long as they remained safe .

Also, the Elbas family had long since moved its focus on the new continent, so the activities on the old one weren't that remunerative in comparison .

"I don't see us reaching your family without being discovered, and Amos can't find much . It seems that the Balvans didn't reveal anything in their last years of cooperation with the Elbas family . " Flying Demon said as he sat with Dreaming Demon right next to the entrance of Noah's cave .

A few months had passed since their raid on the medium-size family, and the forces of the Hive didn't have an opportunity to attack the nobles in that period .

"Noah, there are two large-size families there, and a total of thirteen weaker families . Also, the records about your family are too cryptic . There might be a lot hidden in those mansions . " Flying Demon explained .

Noah heard those words but remained with his eyes closed inside his cave while the Divine deduction technique consumed mental energy to analyze the situation better .

'The large-size families didn't bring their full power here since they still have to defend their respective cities . The defenses of Mossgrove city are the only real issue . ' Noah thought as his mental energy created a representation of the southern area of the nation inside his mind .

The Demons had given him many pieces of information, but there wasn't anything accurate about the Balvan family in them .

'We can't attack like this… I need to see the mansion with my own eyes before planning a move . ' Noah thought .

He could only accept that as he reviewed the situation from every possible angle .

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According to the Udye family, one of the two large-size families there had a hidden powerhouse in its ranks, which meant that the Demons might encounter some difficulty in taking care of them .

Also, the sheer number of heroic cultivators in that area was a problem .

Noah and the elders would be fine if they avoided the Shosti family's defenses, but someone was bound to notice them when the destruction began .

Noah couldn't reveal the presence of the Hive to obtain his revenge .

Sacrificing his backing and possibly causing a war against the Elbas family wasn't what he wanted .

His revenge was necessary in his mind, but everything would be pointless if he lost part of what was allowing him to cultivate in peace in those years .

It was his power that had brought him so close to his revenge, and he was fully aware that he would just be less than an ant without it .

'I need a distraction to gain the exact layout of my family . I should be able to use the magical beasts now . ' Noah thought as he exited his cave and faced the sitting elders .

They didn't even try to hide their surprise when they saw him suddenly appearing in front of them .

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After all, only a few months had passed since Noah became a rank 5 mage . That period was enough to become used to his new stage, but it was too short to tune his new power to his abilities .

They couldn't understand why he wanted to leave so soon, especially at a point when they didn't have a strategy .

"I believe there are new danger zones in the empty areas, right?" Noah asked .

The two Demons nodded, but they didn't gather specific information about that field . Even the Udye family had limited itself to study the movements of the other nobles and discarded the migration of the magical beasts in that period .

It couldn't be helped, no one would think that a cultivator could use them, especially not while the Hive was in the middle of its raids .

Yet, Noah wasn't a no one, and he didn't even know if he could consider himself as a simple cultivator anymore .

"I'll learn everything that I can from Amos . You stay ready to expand the dimension in the meantime . " Noah said as he flew toward the array that connected the separate dimension with the Udye mansion .

In his mind, he was already set on building his first pack .