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Chapter 701
Noah decided not to reveal his new power to the Udye family, but Daniel learnt about it when he saw him near the door right under his family mansion . The human troops of the Hive were with him, but their only orders were to remain still until Noah or the Demons decided otherwise .

It was needless to say that Daniel couldn't contain his amazement when he saw Noah, but the latter was too focused on his task to mind him .

Noah ordered Daniel to gather as much information as he could about the changes in the environment happening in that period .

The noble couldn't warn his family about Noah's breakthrough since he had learnt about it inside the dimension, and that would be a breach in his oath . So, Noah could obtain a clear idea of the fauna of the Utra nation without exposing himself .

He knew that he couldn't hide his center of power for long, but attacking his family while it was in the middle of two large-size noble families was dangerous . He had to take all the precautions that he could, especially since the Royals were helping the Balvans in many ways .

Daniel continuously brought reports and pieces of information in the dimension, and Noah instructed the Demons to control the expansion of the tunnels .

The Udye family had accepted that Daniel couldn't join the raids since only rank 5 cultivators could affect the situation at that point . Also, Daniel didn't really like killing human cultivators, so he didn't mind being left with the human troops .

Noah simply left that area when the elders reached his desired destination .

"Why do you want to place a door in a danger zone, Noah? Are you sure about this?" Flying Demon asked when he sensed Noah's arrival, and Dreaming Demon showed a confused expression as she turned toward him .

They didn't understand Noah's intentions, but they had executed his orders nonetheless .

"I have a way to observe the southern areas without revealing our position . Dreaming Demon, I'll need your help when I'm done with my preparations . " Noah answered while revealing a confident smile .

Some experts in the magical beasts' field could use the behavior of those creatures to their advantage, and Noah could take that action ever further .

The understanding of his pride had brought the oppressive properties of his aura to a new level that gave him full confidence in controlling a large number of creatures . He just needed to lure them in a safe area and prepare .

Finding the perfect spot where to gather a large pack of magical beasts wasn't a problem for him .

His expertise, coupled with the information provided by the Udye family, was enough to make him choose a territory that saw different faunas mixed .

The elders didn't question him anymore after his answer and Noah simply entered in the array that Flying Demon had just completed .

Noah found himself at the base of a mountain when he resurfaced .

The flora of the mountain fused with the short trees in the environment right after it . There was a small swamp in the woodland, and Noah could sense that a series of underground passages spread from under his position .

That was the territory with the most varied environments in the Utra nation that didn't feature human settlements anymore after the recent events .

There was the big city of Mistcall nearby, which was ruled by the large-size Hambot family only a few months ago . The Hambot family though was loyal to the Cause and had moved near the Udye family since it was aware that it had something to do with the raids .

Noah had calculated that detail in his decision . He could act as he wanted since there were no enemies in the area .

Also, the remaining cultivators in the city took direct orders from the Hambot family, so he could be sure that they wouldn't even investigate eventual strange events .

Of course, the other families of the Cause weren't aware that the Hive was helping them . They only knew that the Udye family had found a secret backer .

They would suspect the Hive since they knew that the Udye family sealed favorable trades with it, but they would obviously remain silent on the matter .

Noah closed his eyes and spread his powerful consciousness to gather the information that concerned the fauna in that area .

His natural awareness had further improved when he became a rank 5 mage, and the lifeforms both underground and on the surface couldn't escape it .

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'Mostly rank 2 magical beasts, but there are some rank 4 specimens . ' Noah thought when his mind processed the pieces of information, and he quickly flew toward the most crowded zone that he found .

The old continent had less powerful magical beast compared to the piece of Immortal Lands .

Rank 5 creatures could be considered overlords, but they were scarce since most of the continent had been colonized for countless years . Only peculiar territories like the mystical fog and the depths of the sea could hide creatures in the sixth rank .

When Noah reached the crowded area, he roared .

His voice made the trees around him shake, and the terrain under him crack . His pride spread along with the mental waves released with his cry and reached the magical beasts in the various lairs around him .

The weaker creatures directly fainted when the mental waves reached them, but the beasts that managed to remain conscious felt overwhelmed by his pride .

Noah's cry carried a simple order that every different species there could understand . "Come here!"

Low growls resounded in the area as the beasts came out of their hidings and slowly gathered under him .

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Noah saw packs of wolf-type magical beasts coming out from the east, a series of ant-type creatures from the ground, and various species of monkeys from the west . Each of those creatures had their heads lowered as they neared Noah's flying figure and waited to learn their fate .

'Do they really think that they can escape?' Noah thought when he sensed that the two rank 4 creatures had begun to run away when they felt the roar of a rank 5 existence .

"Stay here!" Noah ordered with another roar as he shot toward one of the escaping rank 4 beasts .

His flying speed was far superior to the creature, and he simply landed in front of it when he reached it .

The beast was a wolf-type creature that could only tremble in fear when Noah cracked the terrain during his landing . The wolf lowered its head and waited for its fate to be decided, but Noah simply grabbed it from its neck and carried it back to the other beasts .

Then, he shot toward the escaping rank 4 Toxic monkey and did the same, throwing it back in the middle of the gathered creatures .

Noah hovered above the tide of beasts of various species at that point and moved his gaze through the specimens that kept their heads lowered .

'They are too weak . ' Noah thought before taking one of the rank 4 corpses inside his ring and throwing it in the middle of the tide .