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Chapter 702
Noah knew that he could rule over weaker beings, but he had no experience in that field .

So, he had to see how thoroughly he could control those beasts .

There was a considerable difference between what he could say compared to what those creatures could understand . After all, magical beasts had limited thinking skills, especially those in the human ranks .

'They have gathered here because they fear my power, but I don't know if they will die for me . ' Noah thought as he watched the tide of creatures under him fighting for the rank 4 corpse that he had thrown among them . 'Also, the rank 4 beings had tried to escape, and I can't let that happen again . '

There were too many different species there, and the two rank 4 specimens weren't enough to subdue all of them .

It was needless to say that a fierce battle exploded as soon as the corpse reached the ground .

The beasts launched themselves in a selfless assault as they tried to seize a piece of the nourishing material . They didn't even consider the fact that most of them couldn't tear apart the skin of the corpse since their hunger had completely taken over their minds .

'That won't do . I won't be able to cross Mossgrove city like this . ' Noah evaluated as the battle unfolded under him and decided to begin the honing of his leadership skills .

Months passed, and the rank 4 danger zone near Mystcall city saw earthquakes and roars often spreading in its insides in that period .

Noah needed time to learn what kind of orders the beasts under him would follow, and he even had to understand how well they would perform his task . Those skills would obviously take a while to master, but Noah didn't mind it since he was busy tuning his abilities to his new power .

His martial arts weren't a problem since the sea of consciousness didn't affect them, but he needed to improve his spells .

His last translations and modifications could only make them reach the power of the fourth rank, which would waste the new mental energy that he could produce .

Of course, he didn't need to upgrade all of them now .

Noah focused on the will of the Dark cover spell in that period since he needed it to discover the actual position of the Balvan mansion .

Bringing its power on the fifth rank wasn't an issue, but Noah still had to perfect it to reduce the consumption of "Breath" to the minimum .

Even the energy contained inside his Liquid Dantian vanished quickly when he used it to fuel a spell with the power of the fifth rank, so he had to make sure that he could activate it at least five times before moving to the next step .

Yet, there were some problems when it came to the actual effects that the will was able to produce after its improvements .

Noah's mental waves now carried traces of his individuality, which meant that they would conflict with abilities that didn't reflect it . Covering his presence didn't match his violent and sharp will, which ultimately affected the power of the improved spell .

'It still reaches the fifth rank in power, but I feel that it should be far more potent due to the amount of energy depleted in its activation . ' Noah thought as he stared at the dark silhouette hovering above the sea inside his mental sphere .

The will radiated a subtle destruction that even its properties weren't able to hide . That destruction wasn't enough to make the spell useless, but it was bound to leave some sort of faint trace that stronger beings could notice during an investigation .

'My whole being strives toward specific abilities as my individuality starts to manifest . It's a bit annoying to see the appearance of limitations . Still, the abilities that make use of my individuality are far stronger now . ' Noah could only give up on that matter as he thought that .

He had spent a little more than seven months on that will, and he had realized by then that there was nothing that he could do to avoid that issue .

After all, he was treading the path to become a law that didn't exist in Heaven and Earth's world .

That required a certain level of specialization that had to match the kind of existence that he was .

Noah believed that he would be able to solve that issue once he became able to create with the primary energy, but he could only accept that outcome for now .

'The spell is ready, and my leadership skills have reached the required standard . It's time to call Dreaming Demon . ' Noah decided at that point, and his inscribed notebook suddenly appeared in his grasp .


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The seven months without raids didn't affect the new layout of the Utra nation .

The noble families were still scared that something would happen to them if they left the crowded areas too soon .

Also, that situation had finally forced them to pick a side, so the families on the southern side of the country were simply waiting for the Elbas family to intervene .

The nobles in that area had gathered around the city of Mossgrove, which was ruled by the Shosti family . There were families there that Noah had met or heard of during his life in the Utra nation .

There was the Voydol family that had moved there from Ebonrest city to join the Shosti family in the protection of the weaker nobles .

There were the Merger family, the Lansay family, the Sawler family, and the Noorge family for what concerned the medium-size noble powers .

Then, there was the Wilford family, together with other small-size noble forces that Noah didn't know .

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Of course, there was also the Balvan family in that area, which had a far bigger mansion compared to the other medium-size families there .

That detail didn't escape the other nobles, but its relationship with the Royals wasn't a secret .

Everyone in the nation knew that the Balvans had let the youngest heroic cultivator in history escape . Noah was their greatest shame, but also the reason why the Elbas family provided so many resources to them .

Even some large-size families would envy that favorable treatment, but there wasn't much that they could do about that .

The nobles spent a quiet life in that territory, and most of them used that strange period to lose themselves in the many attractions that Mossgrove city offered . However, that peace was suddenly broken one night since a series of cries resounded from the northern side of the Evergreen forest .

The soldiers patrolling the areas near the city were surprised to hear that there seemed to be various species of beasts together in the same forest, but that was only the beginning .

Hundreds of beasts of different ranks came out from the border of the forest and charged toward the city, and the series of mansions placed next to it .

The soldiers could only give the alarm at that point .

Their strength wasn't even remotely enough to handle that catastrophe .