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Chapter 704
The strategy to use the magical beasts as a diversion worked perfectly .

Noah had been able to take a good look at the layout of the mansions around Mossgrove city while the heroic assets of the families were busy paying attention to the unusual event that he created .

He had to add other beasts as he advanced toward that area, but that long process helped in honing his ability to use his pride .

Also, Dreaming Demon had been able to learn about the defenses of those buildings!

Noah knew that Dreaming Demon's abilities were perfect to study one environment when inscriptions were involved, and she had even helped the tide of magical beasts during their charge . Her subtle mental waves couldn't be noticed in that messy battlefield, and they forced the nobles to activate the defenses of their buildings, revealing everything to her consciousness .

Noah and the Demons now had all the pieces of information required to plan the attack on the Balvan family .

Yet, there was still one thing that held Noah back from attacking as soon as the elders stretched the separate dimension right under the Balvan mansion .

'I might ask the elders to go there, kill Rhys, and end this matter . ' Noah thought as he sat in one of his caves while holding his inscribed notebook .

A few weeks had passed since he used the magical beasts to attack Mossgrove city, and the Demons had just notified him that the tunnel had been completed . He could choose to enter the Balvan mansion whenever he wanted . Flying Demon simply needed to create the entrance .

'I might let Flying Demon and Dreaming Demon destroy everything in their path and kill everyone in a matter of minutes . ' Noah thought . 'Any eventual defense provided by the Elbas family would fall in front of them . '

The images of his life inside the Balvan mansion appeared in his mind at that point .

Noah knew that the situation inside his family couldn't be simple . Information about the Balvans had stopped leaking for a while, and the support of the Royals only made the case more mysterious .

There was bound to be something that he didn't calculate inside the mansion, and Noah would need a bit of time to make the required preparations .

Waiting when he had the chance to deliver the final blow wasn't his style, but that matter concerned his family .

'No, it has to be me . It must be my blade that severs the fate chosen by Heaven and Earth . I can't let anyone do this for me . ' Noah set his mind and proceeded to convey his decision to the elders .

Then, he focused on improving his abilities, especially his offensive .

He had to be fast and precise with his attack, and his real target was Rhys . The other members of his family could wait a bit longer, but he had to be sure that he killed his father before he died of old age .

Modifying his Dark cover spell had taken seven months even with the new power of the Divine deduction technique, which meant that the time required for each improvement had increased again . That was normal since his level had risen again, but there was the lifespan of his father to consider .

More than forty years had passed since he escaped from his family, and Rhys was already a middle-aged man back then .

Human cultivators could live for a long time, but his father had never really trained . So, he had to kill him now if he wanted to be sure of obtaining his revenge .

He wouldn't mind it too much if something inside the mansion suddenly forced him to retreat as long as Rhys died in the process .

However, he still spent almost two years in seclusion, even if he had decided to attack as soon as possible .

He needed that time to improve the offensive methods that made use of his mental sphere, and he didn't apply that enhancements to all his abilities .

What he had achieved in those two years was the least amount of preparation that Noah found acceptable before charging toward his family .

The layout of the Utra nation didn't change much in that period, and the Demons made sure to attack any family that left one of the two crowded areas loyal to the Elbas family . That forced the nobles to maintain their current position, even if their anger toward the uncaring Royals grew since they kept on ignoring the matters of the old continent .

The Udye family received many secret messages too, which opened the path to new potential allies inside the country .

It could be said that the Hive had already completed his task of destabilizing the political power there, and that had only taken three years!

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"I'm ready . " Noah conveyed those words through his inscribed notebook when he exited his cave for the first time in two years .

Daniel had long returned to his family in that period, and even the human troops had gone back to the new continent a few months ago .

Only Noah and the two Demons were left in that part of the separate dimension .

Noah flew toward the end of the tunnel only to find Flying Demon carefully laying lines on the ceiling of the dimension with a black, inscribed stick .

"The door is almost ready, Prince . " Dreaming Demon said as she turned toward the incoming Noah .

Her eyebrows arched when she sensed the cold sharpness that he radiated as he took slow steps toward them .

She had never seen him like this . It was as if Noah's entire being had become a blade focused only on his target .

Dreaming Demon didn't say anything, and she just prepared herself to provide as much assistance as possible once they reached the other side .

Flying Demon soon finished the door, and he set his mind on the same state when he noticed the seriousness of Noah and his lover .

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"You focus on isolating the mansion and containing any external threat . I'll call you if I need your help . " Noah ordered before stepping on the array, and the elders nodded before covering their faces and following him .

Noah covered his face too as the light of the teleportation enveloped their figures .

Shining lines began to appear in one of the underground training areas that had been built in the last period .

Adrian Balvan was silently training when the appearance of those inscriptions awakened him from his meditation . He stared at the lines in amazement for less than a second before spreading his consciousness to warn the other members of his family .

Yet, his mind suddenly lost focus as three hooded figures materialized on top of the array .

"I can give you half of a time . " Dreaming Demon said through her consciousness . "The effects of my mental waves will begin to disperse afterward . "

The two Demons shot in the air at that point and reached for the upper parts of the mansion .

Adrian regained his focus at that moment only to sense a primordial fear filling his entire being .