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Chapter 705
Noah and the Demons had covered their faces only as a form of protection against eventual recording devices hidden inside the Balvan mansion .

That measure was necessary in case something went wrong in the attack, and the Elbas family intervened to blame Hive . There would be no proof without images, and the words of a medium-size noble family couldn't match those of an organization backed by a rank 6 existence .

Also, the Demons had disappeared for one thousand years, and they didn't appear publicly yet .

The noble families around the Balvan mansion wouldn't be able to link those two rank 5 cultivators to the Hive even if they revealed their abilities .

On the other hand, Noah's abilities were quite famous by then, so his hood did very little in hiding his identity .

However, his spells had drastically changed in the last years, which gave him some leverage in the case someone inside the mansion survived the attack .

Adrian trembled when he felt Noah's gaze focusing on him .

He had sensed a similar fear before, but its intensity was utterly different from the past!

Yet, he was still a heroic cultivator, and he didn't hesitate to deploy his defensive spells when he felt threatened .

Adrian's size began to increase, and his skin started to change color, but that process seemed to take minutes in Noah's vision . Their levels were too different now, and each of Adrian's actions couldn't escape Noah's powerful consciousness .

'He couldn't even reach the liquid stage in these years . ' Noah thought before a large amount of his mental energy condensed and came out of his sea of consciousness .

His mental energy transformed when it came out of his eyes and took the shape of an ethereal saber that destroyed the matter in its trajectory . The saber seemed almost material due to the density of the mental energy that made it, and it was incredibly fast too .

Adrian didn't even manage to complete his first transformation before Noah's spell pierced his head and released its destructive properties inside his sea of consciousness .

Adrian could only feel a sharp pain coming from his mind before his consciousness became dark .

Noah's focus stayed on his uncle's mental sphere to analyze the effects of his spell .

The destruction released by the ethereal saber spread through the walls of Adrian's mind after it pierced it, and they could only fall apart under such might .

'The Mental blade works as intended . I can finally use my mental spells again!' Noah thought as he shot toward his dead uncle to seize his dantian before it dispersed the "Breath" inside it .

He had been thorough with his modifications when he was in the separate dimension, and he had further enhanced the power of his spells in the two years spent preparing for the attack . Of course, Noah had chosen to focus on the spells that made use of his mental sphere before the attack .

The Mental tremor spell used to release a condensed beam of mental energy in its original form, but it had become a dense saber after the many modifications .

Noah knew that something in line with his individuality would produce more potent effects, so he had pushed his abilities on that path . Also, its power had been raised to the fifth rank, which made Noah decide to rename the spell "Mental saber" .

Noah quickly ate Adrian's dantian and stored his corpse inside his space-ring . Then, he spread his consciousness to search for a specific presence .

The layout of the inner ring of the mansion appeared inside his mind as his consciousness covered the area .

Noah sensed many soldiers in the second rank, and even a few of them in the third rank . That high number of powerful soldiers was quite peculiar for a medium-size noble family, but Noah couldn't be bothered by them .

They were just ants in his eyes, and even a thousand rank 3 cultivators wouldn't be able to stop his charge .

Yet, his attention focused on an old human cultivator that wore an eye-patch on his left eye .

Noah's aura became violent when he recognized his father, and he directly pounced toward his direction .

The walls of the underground chamber couldn't block his charge, and even the floor of the inner circle crumbled as Noah advanced at full speed toward Rhys' room . The entire central building of the mansion shook as Noah broke anything in his path toward his revenge .

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His movements were fast, but the other heroic cultivators in the area had all been alerted when Noah's consciousness spread .

Their instincts had told them to escape when they felt those dense mental waves, but a voice resounded through the entirety of the mansion when Noah was in the middle of his charge . "Block the invaders . "

Noah heard that voice even if walls and debris fell everywhere around him .

The voice belonged to his grandfather, but the cultivation level that backed it made Noah's eyes sharpen .

'Rank 5 cultivator!' Noah exclaimed in his mind, but he didn't stop his charge . Instead, shockwaves resounded from under his feet as he performed the Shadow sprint martial art .

Noah was set on killing Rhys that day, even it that meant facing Thomas Balvan!

Of course, he had already noticed that Thomas wasn't a complete rank 5 cultivator .

His reaction timing was too low, and he had sensed Noah only when the latter spread his consciousness . Otherwise, Thomas would have detected the appearance of the teleportation matrix in one of the underground rooms .

The Shadow sprint made Noah reach an incredible speed, which brought him right before Rhys' room in less than an instant . However, a mighty gale swept his body and flung him away just as he was about to charge through the last wall before his father .

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Noah felt an immense pressure landing on his body and attempting to reduce him to a pulp as the winds threw him directly in the outer ring of the mansion .

His mental energy focused on keeping his face covered, and both his arms and legs worked to stop his momentum .

Noah managed to stop right before the defensive walls of the mansion, where he straightened his position .

The spell didn't make him bleed, but he felt sore in multiple points . Also, the gale had killed many soldiers on its path as it carried Noah outside of the central building .

Then, Noah sensed three heroic cultivators descending toward him .

One of them was a rank 4 cultivator in the gaseous stage that resembled Adrian, and Noah didn't fail to recognize him as Keith Balvan .

The only woman in the group resembled Lena Balvan, and she was an incomplete heroic cultivator that had a rank 4 dantian .

The third presence belonged to Thomas Balvan, and Noah's coldness reached its peak when he saw that he held a struggling William from his neck .

Thomas revealed a smile when he saw that Noah hesitated to attack, and he lifted William higher in the air before announcing something . "A hood can't deceive me, Noah Balvan! Move, and your Master dies . "