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Chapter 707
The ability used by Noah at that moment was the modified version of the Ghostly claws spell .

The diagram of that spell was able to reach a power in the fifth rank, so the modifications applied during his years inside the separate dimension were enough to make it suitable for his individuality . Noah had only reviewed it a bit during the period before the attack, but the spell was perfected already .

The claws had become sabers at that point, which made Noah change its name into Ghostly sabers spell .

The spell worked in the same way of its previous version, with the difference that its destructive power had wholly increased .

Keith and the other fake heroic cultivator retreated at high speed when they saw the ethereal sabers reaching for them, but they were too slow . Cultivators at the bottom of the heroic ranks couldn't match the speed and power of a spell in the fifth rank, especially one so hard to defend against .

The inscriptions on their robes shone only to flicker when the tide of sabers seeped in their bodies and pierced their internal organs .

Also, the saber released a spreading destruction when they reached their target .

Keith and the woman paled as blood came out of their mouths . Their insides were a mess, and they couldn't stop the spreading destruction even with their complete focus . They could only see how their consciousness began to fade before they lost control of their footholds and fell on the ground .

Noah didn't know if they had died, but the situation didn't allow him to check it . His eyes were on the rank 5 cultivator that was using one of his defensive spells to fend off the incoming sabers .

Thomas had directly used one of his most potent defensive spells when he sensed the amount of danger radiated by the ethereal sabers . Dense gales engulfed his figure and destroyed Noah's attacks with their raging motion .

Noah was backing the spell with the energy contained in his Liquid dantian, so he wasn't holding back his offensive in the slightest .

However, Thomas had access to the dense gaseous "Breath" of the fifth rank, which pushed the power of his spell to the peak of the fourth rank . Also, he was aware of Noah's abilities, so he had chosen the method that countered them better .

The gales were dense and contained a large amount of his mental energy, which managed to stop the advance of the sabers . Yet, that was still a spell with the power of the fourth rank, and there was a limit to how much it could resist against Noah's attack .

Thomas was soon forced to let go of William's corpse to focus on defending himself .

The wind began to rotate around Thomas as he wielded a big fan and started to wave it . An invisible whirlpool formed around him as he kept on condensing air with his fan, but Noah's attention had moved on William's falling corpse .

His Master was smiling even after he died, but the destruction released by Noah's spell was still consuming his body . A rank 4 body could only crumble in front of a rank 5 spell, and William didn't even have much "Breath" left inside it .

Noah saw how his Master turned into bloody dust during the fall, before becoming a simple red stain on the ground of the outer circle .

His gaze lingered on the stain for a few seconds, and he didn't even care that Thomas had completed his attack .

He just wanted to fix those images in his mind .

Of course, Thomas didn't wait for his opponent to be ready and unleashed the winds that he had condensed around him .

Those winds became a thick current that threatened to destroy everything in its path as it moved toward the hooded figure on the ground .

Noah saw that scene in slow motion .

His consciousness was too powerful, and he couldn't be distracted even if he focused on something else . Yet, he didn't move, and he let the thick current crash on his figure .

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Noah felt pain when the dense winds slammed him on the ground and pushed him downward, creating a deep hole in the terrain of the outer circle . Earthquakes spread from that point, and even the inscribed defensive walls nearby threatened to crumble under the might of a rank 5 cultivator's attack .

The entirety of the Balvan mansion began to shake, but Thomas didn't fail to notice that the tremors seemed to stop right after the defensive walls abruptly . Some sort of energy was isolating the mansion and prevented the energy released inside it from spreading outside .

Thomas' eyes sharpened at that sight .

He didn't lack experience nor wits . He had only lacked wealth in his life .

He had never been able to obtain a rank 5 cultivation technique before, which led him to stop his training at the peak of the solid stage . His dantian had stagnated for decades in that stage, and it had been able to survive the breakthrough only thanks to the expensive drugs provided by the Royal family .

So, he knew that his grandson had some helpers that were managing the situation around the mansion .

Nevertheless, he suddenly felt a stabbing pain coming from his heart .

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Thomas spit blood as his consciousness quickly focused on his internal organs . His mind noticed how a couple of ethereal sabers were running freely inside his body and tearing apart anything in their path .

Anger rose inside him when he understood that Noah had used his dense winds as a pathway for his ethereal sabers!

Thomas' defense was good, and it even countered the ethereal properties of Noah's spell . However, he had been defenseless when he used the winds around him to attack .

Noah had used that chance to send a large number of sabers through the current, and only two of them survived the journey to land inside Thomas' body .

Thomas began to use his "Breath" to restrain the movements of the sabers inside him, but he could only make them deplete their power more quickly . Meanwhile, they continued to tear his internal organs apart and spread their destruction through his body .

Also, Thomas knew that Noah was still alive!

He had used the full power a rank 5 martial art, coupled with a rank 4 item and his rank 5 "Breath", but Noah was still able to control his spell after that blow! That attack was one of Thomas' most potent offensives, and even a direct hit wasn't able to take care of someone with a rank 4 dantian .

Thomas began to feel fear, but the appearance of more than a hundred black sabers forced him to suppress that feeling to focus on the battle .