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Published at 2nd of June 2020 06:50:11 AM

Chapter 713
The Royal academy of the Utra country used to be the place where countless studies and experts gathered to research on every aspect of the cultivation field . That facility and the Capital used to hold the highest number of inscribed items, techniques, and spells, but everything had changed after the fall of the piece of Immortal Lands .

The terrain of the new continent contained so much "Breath" that most formations didn't need Obsidian Credits to work, and that was just the most basic benefit!

The decision of the Royals to move was wholly justified, as well as that of using the southeastern coast of the new continent as their new headquarters .

Yet, the Capital and the academy were still essential structures in the Utra nation, and they were bound to contain riches that the nobles couldn't hope to match .

The Demons would obviously decide to target them once the political environment of the nation allowed it .

'I didn't manage to achieve much in this period, but learning more about that area of the country might eventually lead me to June . ' Noah thought when he listened to the elder's message . 'Also, it's the perfect period to raid those facilities . '

The Elbas family didn't intervene in those years, and the forces of the Hive were sure that it was up to something . Yet, they didn't care about the eventual repercussions that could hit the nobles once the Royals stepped in .

The Hive was there to weaken one of the three big nations and to seize as many resources as it could . The well-being of the nobles didn't even cross its mind .

The elders had simply decided to exploit an opportunity that could only benefit them as long as the raids weren't connected to the Hive .

"I'm in," Noah replied through his inscribed notebook . "I just need to make some preparations and remove the oath . "

Every student of the academy had to swear an oath before joining its facilities, and Noah still carried that declared in the past .

He knew the exact position of the Royal academy, but he couldn't reveal it before removing the pact that he had sealed when he became a student .

'The Royals might have moved those facilities too, but we can just go there and see for ourselves . As long as they keep on ignoring us, we can keep on raiding . ' Noah thought before focusing his dense mental waves on his body .

The oath sealed a long time ago had been unaffected by his fusion due to its ethereal properties, which meant that it was still somewhere inside his body .

Oaths were usually sneaky and difficult to find, but the marble tablet in the academy was only a rank 4 item . Noah's rank 5 mind could see it as long as it focused on any external presence .

Mental waves spread through his skin, muscles, bones, and internal organs, and they vibrated according to his unique aura . His body began to vibrate together with his mental waves, but a couple of spots didn't react .

Those spots soon released two small runes that struggled to remain attached to the organs around his dantian .

Those runes represented the oaths that he had taken in the past, and one of them linked him to the Hive, or rather, to the old Chasing demon sect . Instead, the other represented his oath with the academy, and it had to be removed if he wanted to reveal its position .

Noah's mental waves encircled the rune and began to release his destructive individuality .

The rune struggled and tried to self-destruct while shooting toward his dantian, but a wave of sharp "Breath" came out of his center of power and aided his mental energy . Noah's methods weren't able to prevent the explosion, but most of the energy contained in the rune had been depleted before the blast .

Small cuts and tremors spread in Noah's low-waist, but his healing capabilities quickly kicked in to fix and contain the damage .

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'Oaths are indeed annoying to deal with . ' Noah thought as he witnessed the wounds caused by the rune .

His body was sturdy beyond any common sense, but its defensive properties didn't activate during the blast . It was as if it had willingly accepted to be injured by that energy .

That was one of the troubles of dealing with oaths . The acceptance of the cultivator when sealing a pact would prevent most defensive methods once the vow was broken, which was the threatening aspect of those inscribed items .

Noah waited for his body to heal before sending a message to the elders with the exact coordinates of the Royal academy . Then, he turned his focus on his abilities again .

The two years of seclusion had allowed him to improve his spells, but most of his old skills couldn't express his individuality fully .

The Dark blast spell could carry the destructive aspect of his existence, and the Black hole spell could contain his greed, but they didn't reflect him even when fused into one attack . The same went for the Dark ray, the Dark cover, and the Warp spells, which were simply unsuitable for Noah's sharp individuality .

Only his mental attacks had been able to express some aspects of his existence due to their strict relation with his mental energy, but even they weren't entirely his .

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'The Dragon's claw martial art and my rune are originals that reflect myself, and their power is far above my other abilities . ' Noah thought as he focused . 'This is the right path, but I need to deepen my creation to make full use of my individuality . '

Noah knew that the answer to his current issues was in his two inscription methods . The years spent in seclusion had allowed him to improve all his abilities, but he needed to make use of both inscription methods if he wanted to push his training to the next level .

There was his cultivation technique to improve, and he had yet to find a way to fill the gaps left by the absence of the sixth Kesier rune . It would take years before his turn arrived, so he had to create a viable alternative training method .

His weapons were also nearing their limits, and they wouldn't keep up with him once he began to rely on his martial art again .

However, his inscription methods appeared somewhat limited now that he had reached a higher level of understanding .

Material items and condensed wills were powerful and useful tools, but Noah wanted only the best for his centers of power . That was the reason why he didn't focus on his training methods as soon as the wounds suffered in the Balvan mansion healed .

He had decided to tune his battle prowess to his new power before redirecting all his concentration in inventing the tool that would push all his creations to a new level .

'I need to fuse my inscription methods!' Noah thought before activating the Divine deduction technique in the silence of his cave .