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Published at 2nd of June 2020 06:50:10 AM

Chapter 714
Noah's plan was ambitious, but he needed to pursue it if he wanted to keep striving toward the higher ranks .

The Elemental forging method had already shown its limitations in the past, and the studies of the Will-consuming runes reported similar issues .

Even the most prominent inscription methods would have limits to its teachings since most cultivators would begin to focus solely on themselves after reaching a certain level .

Mighty experts would lose interest in creating a school that others could study at some point . The path toward the divine ranks didn't allow many deviations and required long periods of seclusion that cultivators couldn't spend thinking about others .

Only those who needed to stop their advance to deepen their understanding would spend time among other cultivators that had similar issues .

Also, experts usually weren't willing to share the discoveries that they had spent decades researching . It was up to the many organizations controlling and transcribing such schools because it was in their interest to nurture promising cultivators that could further improve their knowledge .

Of course, every organization would just follow the will and needs of their leaders .

The Elbas family strived to be unmatched when it came to the cultivation fields while also maintaining control over the talents of its nation .

The Royal academy was the organization that the Royals had set for that task, and the world knew that it had already been a successful organization .

As time passed, every organization would see a change in its layout or position, and the Royal academy wasn't an exception .

The new facility built on the new continent was far better than its previous version, but its requirements were far stricter . The Elbas family held complete control over the southeastern side of the piece of Immortal Lands, which allowed it to set any rule that it wanted .

Defeating the previous Royal family had left it in control of a vast nation with a fragmented political system and full of different forces . The Elbas had made use of that environment to become stronger . Still, there was a limit to how much it could be achieved with so many traitors lying in wait .

The Royals had to find compromises in their rule, but that hadn't been necessary on the new continent .

That land was empty, and they could grant access only to nobles that sealed pacts that benefitted them . It only made sense that they would move their focus away from the Utra nation at that point .

Total control was better than ruling with compromises .

The Royal academy in the Utra nation lost a lot of its former importance as the events concerning the new continent unfolded . The raids suffered by the country even affected its image in the nobles' eyes since the Elbas family didn't feel like a real ruler anymore .

However, that didn't affect the intention of the Hive to investigate its facilities .

"Do you think there still is something inside it?" Flying Demon asked as it looked above him .

The two Demons, Noah, Daniel, and the human troops of the Hive, had gathered right under the spot inside Arolyac forest where the academy was supposed to be .

Daniel had a stricter oath compared to Noah since he had worked as an alchemist inside those facilities after his graduation . Amos couldn't break it so he couldn't provide his information to his group . Yet, he had decided to join the attack after listening to Noah's plan, which meant that what he knew was on point .

The oaths of the academy covered only the aspects concerning the spreading of its researches and secrets, but they didn't consider the possibility of an outside force attacking it .

After all, there was a rank 6 existence backing the organization ruling it .

The Elbas family would rather leave that possibility open to bait out some rebels than creating harsher oaths that could scare away possible students . Also, the academy had some of the most advanced defensive methods in the entirety of the nation, which scared away any ill-intentioned force .

Of course, such measures didn't consider the separate dimension designed by Divine Architect .

"Our silent noble is here, so there must be something valuable . " Dreaming Demon said as she shot a glance at Daniel .

"It doesn't matter . " Noah intervened in the discussion at that point . "We had to come here at some point anyway . "

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The elders focused again at his words and covered their faces .

The formation had already been set, and the group simply waited for Noah's order before starting the operation .

Only a month had passed since he revealed the coordinates of the academy, but the elders had managed to prepare everything in that short period .

It was needless to say that Noah didn't manage to achieve much in that time, but his battle prowess was at its peak nonetheless . He would need better methods to improve further, so he didn't mind coming out of his seclusion to join the raid .

Actually, he had requested to be informed about that matter . The noble families didn't have techniques and spells of the darkness element useful to his level, but the deposit of the academy could still contain something valuable to him .

"Let's go," Noah said, and the group stepped on the teleportation matrix on the brown ground .

The light of the array filled their vision for a second, and the polished buildings of the academy became visible when the halo disappeared .

The insides of the academy didn't change much in those years . There was still a long river that divided the facilities from the habitations of the students . Some new buildings had appeared, but Noah couldn't notice any significant difference .

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Yet, everyone sensed something strange as soon as their mental waves spread in that environment .

"There is no one here . " Dreaming Demon transmitted through her consciousness to Noah and her lover .

Noah immediately turned toward Daniel and noticed that his expression was as confused as theirs .

Daniel couldn't say much in that situation, but everyone could understand that something was off by just glancing at him .

The human assets though didn't have the same thinking speed and were set on following the orders of the Demon Prince without hesitating for even an instant . They left the array as soon as their minds stabilized, spreading toward the many buildings in the area .

The heroic cultivators in the group limited themselves to observe to see if they triggered some defensive measure, and even Daniel stared at those human troops without taking a step further . His mind had become more experienced for what concerned those situations, and he had also accepted that he could use rank 3 cultivators as cannon fodder at his level .

Nothing happened at the beginning, but a tremor filled the academy as soon as one of the human cultivators reached a building .

The ceiling of the academy crumbled together with those tremors, and three silver-haired figures appeared in the sky when the outside world was revealed .

"Haha, Second Prince was right . You rats had to attack this abandoned place soon . " One of the figures said just before releasing a peak rank 5 aura .