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Published at 3rd of June 2020 07:10:11 AM

Chapter 715
"Second Prince is usually on point when it comes to thieves . " One of the silver-haired cultivators said before spreading his aura too .

The only woman in the group floating in the sky added something . "Second Prince and First Princess will be disappointed to know that their forces only amount to this much . "

Her aura spread too, and the group from the Hive was amazed to see that all of them were at the peak of the fifth rank .

Three peak rank 5 cultivators had appeared after destroying the upper part of the hill hiding the academy!

Their auras fell on the ground and enveloped the assailants, applying their pressure on them .

Noah condensed his consciousness inside his mental sphere and relied on the intrinsic properties of his mental waves to defend against that pressure . Daniel and the elders did the same as the three peak rank 5 auras enveloped them .

Dense mental waves filled with an intense feeling tried to seep through the walls of the cultivator's seas of consciousness, but it was hard to affect mages on the same level with just thoughts and at that distance .

Still, Daniel fainted in a few seconds, and the human cultivators spread through the area directly collapsed when they came in contact with that energy .

They were rank 3 mages, so their minds could only collapse under the pressure released by the three silver-haired cultivators .

'We have to retreat!' Noah thought as he focused on fending off the pressure .

The destructive force released by his mental waves prevented the auras of the three Royals from touching his mind, but they were bound to understand his identity if they kept that up . Only one whiff of the darkness element would be enough to uncover him, and the Hive couldn't deal with the consequences that such discovery would create .

Dreaming Demon and Flying Demon shared his same thoughts . There was nothing that they could do against such power .

Dreaming Demon was the first to become used to the pressure, and she quickly used her key to reactivate the teleportation matrix .

"Not so fast . " The woman in the air said as she waved her hand to create a series of fiery boulders that started to fall toward the four invaders .

Dreaming Demon was forced to interrupt her action to defend against the spell of the Royal .

Flying Demon managed to focus when the boulders began to fall, and he quickly helped his lover when he sensed that threat .

The air between the two groups became cold and white flowers started to bloom in the trajectory of the boulders . Dense mental waves also hindered the advance of the Royal's spell, which lost a lot of power before reaching the flowers .

Flying Demon's spell fell apart and melted when the fiery boulders released their might on them, but another wave of Dreaming Demon's mental energy managed to deplete their remaining power .

The woman showed a surprised expression at that sight, but the words of her companions forced her to focus .

"Second Princess, you went too easy on them!" One of the Royals said .

"You'll taint Father's pride in this way . I'll step in . " The other cultivator added to the previous complaint .

Second Princess snorted and was about to refuse their help when she noticed that Noah had managed to focus too and was trying to activate the matrix with his key .

"Third Prince, First Prince, let's end them together . " She said at that point . "We'll learn their identity through their corpses . "

The other two cultivators tore one of their silver hairs at her words and cast spells together with her . The group from the Hive saw the fiery boulders reappearing together with a giant snake made of fire and a series of flaming branches that spread downward .

The spells were too fast, and even Noah could understand that the teleportation wouldn't be quick enough to save them from the incoming attacks . His evaluation also considered the possibility in which the three of them used their most potent offense to slow down the spells of the Royals, but the outcome wouldn't change .

The attacks would reach them, and they would die under the might of those three peak rank 5 cultivators .

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Noah didn't hesitate to grab and break Chasing Demon's talisman when he realized that he had no other available option to survive .

A wave of dense "Breath" spread in the environment as soon as he activated the talisman, and the terrain around the group began to move at high speed under its influence .

The ground of the academy cracked, and large boulders started to gather in the air to form a huge shape . The spells of the Royals crashed on the floating terrain, but a quasi-rank 6 aura spread from that seemingly harmless earth at that moment and deflected the three attacks .

Noah had to close his consciousness to focus on fending off the vibrations created by the clash above him, and Flying Demon was forced to do the same . Dreaming Demon wasn't an exception, but she managed to recover faster than her companions to activate the key .

The teleportation matrix shone and illuminated the dark area created by the shadow of the form that kept on gathering terrain above them .

The Royals didn't want to let go of the invaders and answered to the new threat with a series of spells, but the brown shape kept on growing in size and protecting the teleporting heroic cultivators under it .

Even the terrain of the Arolyac forest was affected by the spell contained in Chasing Demon's talisman and flew toward the colossal figure .

The brown shape became more detailed as more materials gathered on it, and the Royals in the air could soon realize that they were against a giant golem with a quasi-rank 6 power .

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Their pride exploded at that point, and the three of them bit their fingers to use a few drops of their blood to cast their next abilities .

The scene became messy when their flames fed on their blood to create wonders .

The few buildings of the academy that had managed to survive to the appearance of the golem fell apart when the new spells crashed on the giant opponent . The shockwaves of that battle spread through Arolyac forest and reduced most of its trees to dust .

The ground never stopped shaking when those three peak rank 5 cultivators fought the quasi-rank 6 being born from a talisman .

The golem roared and waved its massive arms, but the Princes and Princess were high in the air and used that advantage to exhaust it slowly .

Chasing Demon's talisman didn't have an endless source of energy, and the golem quickly depleted that fueling it to face the relentless assault .

When its reserves of energy vanished, it fell apart .

Giant boulders rained on the ruins of the Royal academy, but the three peak rank 5 cultivators were only interested in the area that the golem had protected with its life .

They could only feel disappointed when they saw that there was no trace of the invaders there .