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Published at 4th of June 2020 06:40:14 AM

Chapter 717
The golden letters radiated a soft aura that surpassed the power of rank 5 cultivators .

The forces of the other nations didn't trust those silver-haired cultivators so easily, but their powerhouses soon intervened when they sensed King Elbas' imprint in those letters .

Chasing Demon, Great Elder Diana, and God's Left Hand appeared in their respective areas and seized the folded sheets from the Royals' hands .

To their surprise, King Elbas' aura came out from each word written on those sheets .

The powerhouses could hear the rank 6 cultivator of the Utra nation speaking inside their minds as they browsed through the contents of the letters . Their expressions remained stern during the first part of his speech, but their seriousness could only fall apart when they heard his plan .

The silver-haired cultivators had already left by the time the powerhouses' gazes left the sheets, but they had never been interested in those rank 5 cultivators in the first place .

Instead, the matter announced by King Elbas was so appealing that they directly returned to their training areas to ponder about the situation! Of course, God's Left Hand passed the message to her superiors before discussing the contents of the letter with them .

Confusion spread among the rank 5 cultivators that had witnessed that scene, but they could only wait for their leaders to notify them at that point .

They had sensed an aura that surpassed their power when their powerhouses unfolded the letters, so they knew that the matter didn't belong to their level .

Noah and the Demons had spent the period during that event in their caves inside the separate dimension .

They were still unclear about their next move, and the Hive was late in suggesting different strategies .

The three of them though received an ambiguous message from Elder Julia, who briefly explained what had happened above the forest of White Woods .

The trio could only feel surprised when they learnt about that, especially since those same silver-haired cultivators had appeared to stop their raid in the academy .

The Elbas family was revealing its hidden assets, but only the powerhouses of the big nations could know more about the situation .

The heroic assets of each major force eagerly waited for their leaders to reveal something, but nothing happened even after weeks passed .

Yet, a message soon spread through the inscribed notebooks of the heroic assets of those three forces .

"Four months from now, gather on the southern coast of the old continent . " Chasing Demon's voice resounded inside Noah's mind when he listened to his message .

Noah quickly contacted the Demons that were with him in the dimension, but they didn't know anything either .

They were worried that the impromptu gathering was a consequence of their raids, but Elder Julia soon sent another message that reassured them .

"So, this isn't limited to the Hive . " Dreaming Demon said as she sipped from her cup .

"Why are rank 4 cultivators involved in matters that concern existences at the peak of the heroic ranks?" Noah asked as he enjoyed some of the wine retrieved in the Mortal Palace .

"I don't know . " Flying Demon replied . "The Elbas family hides too much for us to understand their plans . "

The three of them had gathered in Noah's cave to discuss Elder Julia's message, and to decide about their next move .

The sudden order from Chasing Demon ended up making them decide to put an end to the raids since there seemed to be something going on inside the Elbas family . Also, the meeting was in the Utra nation, which meant that there would be more Royals inside its borders from now on .

Yet, they had taken that chance to enjoy a break from their cultivation .

Those last years had been tense, and the previous defeat was still weighing on their mind .

"The Cause has no chance . " Flying Demon said as he refilled his cup . "Those golden robes have at least three peak rank five cultivators . The nobles would lose even if King Elbas didn't exist . "

"It's about destabilizing," Noah replied . "The archipelago was the same in the past, and now the Hive strives to match the big nations . Even grains of sand pile up to form a mountain . "

The Demons noticed from his words that Noah was in an unusual mood . He would usually reply with sharp words that radiated a destructive aura, but his mind seemed to be elsewhere in that moment .

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They couldn't possibly know it, but Noah was using the entirety of his focus to explore the aspects of his individuality that concerned his ability to create .

Such a sudden change of focus was bound to modify his aura, but Noah needed to dig deeper into those parts of him to complete his understanding .

His destruction became complete when he decided to kill William to sever his shackles, but he needed to explore a completely different part of himself at that point .

His creation had always been behind his destruction in terms of insights . Yet, Noah needed it to step on the next stage of the heroic cultivators .

The Demons didn't understand his mindset and thought that his mood was linked to his revenge .

The Elbas family had decided to use the southern part of the nation as the gathering point, and that area had witnessed Noah's revenge just a few years ago .

No matter how firm his mindset was, fulfilling his hatred after forty years was bound to affect him .

"Did you feel it?" Flying Demon asked . "Is the void eating you from the inside?"

Noah's eyebrows arched when he heard that question, but he soon showed a slight smile when he understood what the Demon meant .

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"My ambition is boundless, and there is no void that it can't fill," Noah answered .

"And so is our anger against Ravaging Demon . " Dreaming Demon said . "It's a pity that we won't see him at the gathering . "

Noah knew that Elder Julia had told the elders not to join the meeting in the Utra nation .

The only person outside of the Hive that had seen the two Demons was Drew, and his position wasn't so high . The Hive was confident that the big nations were unaware of the arrival of two new rank 5 cultivators, and it wanted to keep it that way .

Also, the meeting mainly involved the powerhouses of the Mortal Lands . Gathering the heroic assets in one area was just a show of power that the other nations wouldn't fail to execute .

Noah knew that he would have to participate since his position was too crucial inside the Hive, but there was some worry inside him .

There was a chance that the silver-haired cultivators had noticed the level of his centers of power when they stopped the raid .

Noah was basically the only rank 5 mage with a rank 4 dantian in the Mortal Lands, so linking him to the secret assailants wouldn't take much at that point .

'Well, the elders will just vouch for me . ' Noah thought as he put that issue in the back of his mind . 'Instead, I should focus on creating a new rune before the gathering . '