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Chapter 718
Four months passed quickly, and the Mortal Lands witnessed an incredible event in that period, which was bound to be written down in the historical records .

Flying figures filled the sky above both old and new continents, forming powerful groups of heroic cultivators that moved toward the Utra nation .

King Elbas' choice of setting the meeting four months after delivering the golden letters wasn't arbitrary . The heroic assets of the big nations and Hive needed time to organize and move toward that distant country .

As for why the powerhouses had decided to accept King Elbas' invitation, it was something that all the heroic cultivators still ignored .

The sky above the southern coast of the old continent became crowded in the morning after the four months of preparations . Groups of heroic cultivators occupied the area that had seen the destruction of the Balvan family just a few years ago .

Noah and a series of elders from the Hive stood on the western side of that region .

They wore stern expressions when they saw that the other nations had mobilized far more assets . Yet, they were also confident since their leader stood proudly in front of them .

The forces of the Empire occupied the eastern border of that region .

Noah didn't recognize any cultivator in that group, but the two rank 6 existences leading those troops were enough to make him suppress any thought about scanning them .

The troops from the Council occupied the northern border, and Great Elder Diana was in their lead .

Most of the heroic cultivators gathered there kept their eyes on the forces of the Elbas family that were silently floating above the southern border of the region .

However, there were a few exceptions .

Noah felt a few gazes coming in his direction, as well as some pointing at Chasing Demon .

There was a peak rank 5 cultivator among the troops of the Council that stared at the Patriarch of the Hive with a confident smile . He was tall, quite burly, and had long red hair that flowed behind his back .

The elder didn't have any beard, and his facial features were rough . However, his dark eyes radiated an intense ambition when he stared at Chasing Demon from a distance .

Noah sensed his Patriarch's aura flicker for a second before returning to its natural dense state .

'He is Ravaging Demon . ' Noah understood when he noticed that detail . His focus though couldn't go on him since there were a series of stares on him too .

Many heroic cultivators had sensed the level of his centers of power . They were focusing their attention on the monster that had become a rank 5 mage before reaching the fifth rank of the dantian!

The consciousness of those existences passed silent messages that further moved the attention of the many troops on him . Yet, Chasing Demon's presence deterred them from using their minds to investigate the Demon Prince .

Noah decided to ignore those attentions and focus on the real reason behind their presence there .

The group from the Elbas family was crowded, and it had the highest number of heroic cultivators in that area .

Noah saw the same three silver-haired cultivators that had appeared above the academy, watching him with smiling expressions, but his cold, reptilian eyes didn't reveal any anxiety .

Instead, he was more interested in the other troops in that group .

There were two more silver-haired cultivators in the lead of that force, but Noah disregarded them to focus on the entities behind them .

Cecil and Thaddeus were staring at him with ugly expressions .

They handled the secret aspects of the Royal family and supporting the Balvan family had been their decision . Seeing how he continued to grow while also destroying everything that they built gave birth to intense anger and hatred in their minds, but the emotion radiated by their auras didn't faze Noah .

He didn't even spend a second on their figures . His eyes had a different target .

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A woman with wild, silver hair was in the back of the Royal's group, and her pupils trembled when Noah's figure entered her vision .

'It has been too much . ' Noah thought as soon as he found June .

His instincts exploded at that point and fused with his emotions when they reached for his mind .

Human words couldn't describe the intensity of the sensations that filled his body .

Noah felt the need to fly through the crowd of powerful entities and take his lover away with him . He felt a deep craving for her soft skin, and for the sensations that her touch created inside him .

The possessive instincts of a magical beast had turned into intense desires that even surpassed the hunger that accompanied his every breath . His urge to hold June didn't originate only from one aspect of his bloodline, which made that sensation far more prominent than his other feelings .

'I miss her scent even if my body hates it . ' Noah thought while suppressing his urges . 'I need to find a way to see her more often . '

Their gazes met only for a second, but both of them forced themselves to divert their eyes to avoid leaving any clues about their relationship .

Luckily for them, the existence that had organized that event appeared above the four groups and gave them something else to focus on .

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"I see that everyone is here . " King Elbas spoke as he descended from the sky to join the group of his family .

Three massive pillars floated behind him . Their size was similar to the structures in the new continent used to create habitable areas, but their shape and the inscriptions on their surface were utterly different .

The heroic cultivators from the various groups had to focus on enduring King Elbas' words, but their powerhouses expressed their doubts as soon as they saw him .

"Enough with the mystery . " Chasing Demon said . "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't use this chance to kill that traitor . "

Great Elder Diana snorted and replied . "Arrogant but right . Speak, King Elbas . "

God's Right Hand showed interest in the pillars, and God's Left Hand limited herself to pressure the leader of the Royals to explain the contents of the golden letters .

King Elbas showed an arrogant smile at their eagerness and used his mental energy to lay the pillars on the ground . He placed two of them vertically, and he put the third one horizontally above them .

The inscriptions on the surface of those structures shone when King Elbas created some sort of giant door right in the middle of the southern area of the Utra nation .

Then, he turned toward the three forces and spoke while making flashy gestures . "Most of you aren't aware of this, but there are multiple Mortal Lands in the world…"