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Chapter 720
The powerhouses spoke through their consciousnesses as they gathered at the center of the region . The cultivators around them couldn't hear their mental discussion, but everyone could guess the topic of their conversation .

There was a portal to another world right in front of their eyes . Anyone could understand that there had to be some sort of agreement before engaging in such an invasion .

'Where there is "Breath", there are magical creatures . ' Noah thought in those moments . 'The issue is whether there will be cultivators . '

Noah's knowledge about Heaven and Earth covered topics that most cultivators couldn't hope to learn .

Earth had spoken to him when he became a rank 4 mage, and he was a hybrid . His point of view was vastly different from other humans, and he could sense details that other cultivators couldn't possibly obtain .

He had long since suspected that the magical beasts were some sort of natural enemy of the world . They were creatures that appeared to be necessary for the domain of Heaven and Earth .

The other Mortal Land had "Breath", so it had to have those kinds of beings .

'I need to go there . ' Noah thought after evaluating his possibilities .

He was deepening the understanding of his creation, and having access to an entirely new world could greatly benefit that aspect of his individuality . His aim was still to forge a darkness element that belonged only to him and use it as the foundation for his existence .

Escaping Heaven and Earth's control seemed the natural path that every cultivator had to pursue as they strived toward godhood .

Yet, his journey further deviated from the typical route that powerful entities treaded .

His mind came from another world, and his body was an abomination born from the fusion with a being that fed on the world's energy . Instead, his dantian didn't have any trace of Heaven and Earth's will in its fabric, but it still contained energy that he didn't create .

'I need to sever my ties with the "Breath" if I want all my centers of power to become independent . ' Noah concluded in his mind . 'Only a completely separate entity can match Heaven and Earth's path . '

The powerhouses separated after some time and returned to their respective groups .

Chasing Demon ordered to build some structures worthy of accommodating heroic cultivators on the western border of that region when he reached his underlings .

He didn't explain much, but it seemed that the portal already needed his energy to remain active . The same went for the other powerhouses, which would be forced to stay in that region now that the crack was open .

"It will take some time before the passage becomes stable enough to endure our might . " Chasing Demon said . "But human cultivators are too weak to survive the journey to the other side . "

His words hinted that someone between the fourth and fifth rank had to be in the first exploration team, but there seemed to be more issues linked with that task .

"The god of the Empire won't participate in this matter, so we don't have an oath able to bind us rank 6 existences . " Chasing Demon added . "And using rank 5 oaths to control all the heroic assets in the world is a waste . "

The elders revealed confusion and worry when they heard that .

The invasion could work only if the assets of the four forces worked together, but that wouldn't be possible without oaths . They would have to trust each other as they explored a new world, but how could something like that happen?

The Empire was mostly neutral when it came to matters that involved the entirety of the Mortal Lands, but the Elbas family and the Council were different .

Noah and the Royals carried grudges created through years of escapes and schemes, and the Papral nation was the home of the betrayer of the demon sects .

Working together without the fear of eventual repercussions didn't seem feasible even in front of the riches that an entire world could hold!

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"We can only form mixed teams so that we can keep an eye on each other . " Chasing Demon concluded . "The first force that hurts the others would be immediately sieged by three nations . "

Chasing Demon neared the portal after explaining a few more details, and the other rank 6 cultivators did the same when they finished organizing their troops .

The invasion couldn't start so soon . Each nation needed to take care of many matters before redirecting most of its heroic assets in such an inviting mission .

The Hive wasn't an exception . Actually, it even had far more affairs to set before letting go of its troops .

Different from the other organizations, the Hive was quite young, and it was right in the middle of its growth . Continuing to ride that positive trend would have been the best option if an event so amazing didn't happen, especially now that Thirty-seven had begun holding inscription classes .

However, Chasing Demon couldn't let the other countries alone in a new world . After all, he didn't do that when it came to the piece of Immortal Lands, and the situation was quite similar .

The only difference was in the enemies that they would have to face .

The two Mortal Lands would have similar levels in terms of power, but Noah's world had just significantly increased its number of cultivators due to the fall of the new continent .

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Generally speaking, the population of cultivators would have already started to decline if the piece of Immortal Lands didn't distract the four forces from the conflicts among them .

It could be said that Noah's world was already above the average level of a lower plane, and it was even improving continually!

'My second rune is complete, and it would eventually become the core material for the Elemental forging method . ' Noah thought when he saw the elders around him dispersing to perform the tasks assigned by Elder Julia .

She didn't give any order to Noah . She knew that he had just gone through two crucial breakthroughs, so she wanted to leave him alone as much as he could .

Yet, she didn't expect him to be the one nearing her to discuss something that didn't concern his training .

"Elder Julia," Noah said when he reached her . "When the teams are decided, try to make me and June end up in the same group . "

The elder's eyes felt surprised, but a slight smile appeared on her face when she questioned him . "Isn't it dangerous? You would have many eyes on you . "

"What's the point of becoming stronger if you don't pursue what you want?" Noah said . "There is a chance to be with her, and I won't let it go away . "

Noah's resolve didn't escape Elder Julia's gaze, but he followed his words with a question that she didn't expect . "Right, what do you think will happen to the nobles?"